Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A no show snow day

Here are the 4 "finished"-- except for the backs-- wall hangings made of teeny pieces of paper glued into strips. Browns and green and bark in the middle. 23" x 17"

I don't know why the colors come out faded. The camera front says it's "Face priority" which notation I hadn't seen before so I wonder if I should have a camera with a different priority?? I can't afford a second camera, but my priority would be for getting good shots of my craftworks. In reality the colors are quite lovely and subtle. 12"x20"
19 1/2" x 12" I like the arched top of this with a piece of fused glass glued on (from an earring to which the glass just would not stay glued.) Hopefully its fate on this wall hanging will be more secure.
After. Probably my favorite of the 4. 22"x 20.

Five inches of snow was predicted for today. My guy's kids were all excited about missing a day of school. Alas, dry as a bone out there. Sunny even. Oh well.

Today I got an idea for a large kimono shaped wall hanging made by the teeny bits of paper method, however if I begin that project I will continue to avoid my writing.

I'm also cleaning my workroom, tidying piles of papers and so forth, all avoidance. 'Course it does leave me with some order. Two of the three people who have read my novel in manuscript think exactly the opposite about what is memorable in the novel. So I guess it's up to me to decide what to keep and what to chuck, however even after two years away from it, I am uncertain. I don't know if I can do this.

Meanwhile, am read Zadie Smith's On Beauty and Zoe Heller's What was she thinking: notes on a scandal which is much more in depth than the movie, of course and quite well written. As is Smith's novel.

Well off to buy cat food in case we do get snowed in in the near future, I want to be prepared.

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