Thursday, February 01, 2007

Revising your novel I

I cleaned my desk-- the same space I use to do craft work. It has blobs of wax on it, but it will do. Plus I want to vacuum the red carpet which still has bits of paper on it from the craft work.

I got out my Mss. My notebooks from 2 years ago. And a blank pad of paper. I am ready to begin. I made a few notes y'day. And later when I was sitting around I had an idea for a revision on the first chapter. Ideas in the head don't always work out on the page, but it is a place to begin.

I also logged on to my Mss first chapter in the "Word whatever" program and revised a bit there.

What I hope is that all these little beginnings will stimulate my desire to work and get my writer's mind focused and churning. I haven't been using my writer's mind for awhile except for this blog.

Last night I burned my left hand with boiling water. I held it under the cold water faucet for awhile and doused it in Aloe Vera but it was still painful when I went to bed. I feared this was some message to me about writing, as I am left-handed. But this morning the hand is okay, quite useable. Though still a bit red. Whew!!!

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