Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why am I so slow??

Yesterday was an "out" day. Out to the laundry mat, which takes two hours. While the wash is washing I drove to the dump. While it was drying I did my groceries. Then home to fold and put away two weeks worth of laundry. Then I puttered with my 4 wallhangings. I have a bit more gluing on of stuff to do, then need to reinforce the backs, then want to set them aside so I can begin revising my novel.

Pre-sixty, I used to be up at 6 or so, eat my breakfast, and be working on whatever by 7:30. What happened?? Now, I get up at 7 or on occasion 8, take two hours or more to eat breakfast, have a quick read in a novel or other bk, take a shower and answer emails and do my blog. Right now it's ten and I got up at 8 so that's about right. But ten feels late to me and this morning I haven't yet showered.

I need to do 45 minutes of yoga still, and as I eat my larger meal at noon, I often need to prepare it which can take half and hour to an hour. That means the entire morning is SHOT!

Morning used to be my favorite time for getting things done too.

Now, I seem to putter with my creative projects throughout the day. But you don't get anywhere FAST when you putter.

On the other hand, I DO believe that consistent work on a project is as important as speed and getting it all done at once.

Still, I definitely feel s l o w e r....nowadays, and I hate to blame it on age but .......

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