Saturday, December 30, 2006

Resolutions? #1 Walk

I'd rather think in terms of "focus." One focus is to walk. I've had this focus for a couple months and have not walked very much. No excuse. There is a nearby bike path. Plus I've got these great hand painted walking shoes.

The idea to paint my black sneakers with acrylics came from a DVD documentary about sneakers--Just for Kicks. According to the DVD, there are people out there who collect sneakers, who own hundreds. It all started with the B-boys (break dancers) and then later the Hip Hop stars who created a booming market for Addidas and Puma and Nike among others.

I have one pair, the above. I find them uncomfortable. My foot, used to Birkenstocks, sandals and the like, can't breathe when encased in plastic or whatever they are made of. Still, in damp weather and for a longish walk, they suffice. Until my foot swells.

These boots are made for walkin'.....................................

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