Sunday, December 31, 2006

Resolutions? #2 Yoga

My yoga blanket setup. I never take it down. Now resolving to practice yoga is not NEW for me. I practice for an hour almost evey day. Rather, I want to stretch, no pun intended, myself further with my yoga. Open even more.

In Svaroopa Yoga we talk about opening the spine. At first I thought it was ridiculous. Now, I am brainwashed. I can actually feel when my spine has tightened. As Rama says (the creator of Svaroopa) our thoughts alone can tighten our spines. Man, I should be on the yoga mat 15 hours a day.

After I took a weeklong Svaroopa workshop with Rama in 2004, I returned home brave and sans my 30 year long driving phobia. Now, I'd like to shed some other fears that have been holding me back.

So, I resolve to take--at the least--a local weekend workshop. In fact, I've already signed up and paid for one in February.

I resolve to have more embodiment sessions. I have had 3 or 4 and returned home either relaxed or energized, whichever my body needs at the time.

I resolve to continue my at home yoga practice and indeed increase the time spent curled up, stretched out and opening.

PS I WALKED yesterday. Hurrah. Only for 1/2 hour but I did it.

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