Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the little cabin

 Several times I have written about the little cabin out in the field.  My brother and his first wife built it intending to live in it for awhile until they could build a larger place.  However, they never lived there.  The new owners have opened the door and found this shelf.  Photo taken on wrong setting but I kinda like it, gives it a blurred antique look

The new owners of the land will keep the cabin to use as a workshop.  They replaced one wall.  Interesting the cabin comes to new life just as my brother fades from the earth.


Mystic Meandering said...

I love the "old"/"antique" look of the top photo - old colonial. We had a small "camp" (what my parents called it back in the 50's)that my father built on Lake Winnipesaukee (?sp). Not even big enough to be considered a "cabin" - lol. It was a one-roomer with fold down table for eating. My father built a screened-in porch on it where he and my mother slept, while 3 of us slept inside on bunk beds and a cot. Long story short :) Parents sold it late 50's and it became the new owners tool shed! :)

patti said...

The antique look suits the old wares and cobwebs. A lovely pic of the cabin!

studio lolo said...

I think signs of new life there are good Suki.
I'd like to think your brother would approve.

Are you in the house now, or still at your little place?

sukipoet said...

well my son wants to live in the house. none of this is actually mine until probate is gone through. my trailer is actually quite roomy for one person. one and a half wide with added on den, porch, breezeway, workshop and garage.

Lynn said...

So you are staying there. All that house hunting headache for naught.

Charming photo inside cabin. Perfect artist studio. But you are not the owner of that???

Good luck with all the transistions. Reminding me we really NEED to get our living Trust done so our kids never have to go through probate!

Robin said...

Hi Suki... I love the way you photographed the Old Cabin... mistake or not, it came out misty - like the portal to the past....

I'm happy the new owners will let it stand......and use it! (And you will still see it....)

It sounds like you and your son are making plans as you move forward... that's good!

Remember to......EAT!

Love to you and Bibs,

♥ Robin ♥

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Life has a way of changing all on its own...I hope all things will fit into place for you.
I remember you photographed that little house a long time ago...finally it has a new purpose.
Take care of yourself!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Changes, in which you find beauty.

sukipoet said...

Yes Lynn, I would encourage anyone who can to put your estate into a trust. My parents did that and thus my brother as their executor had a much easier time of it all than I am having doing probate. a lot of red tape to go through.

sukipoet said...

I have to stay here awhile to do all this technical paperwork stuff but dont know what I will do in the long term.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

New beginnings. Life goes on with or without us. Nice to see positive changes at least. Maybe in time you can realize your dream of the Cape. If that is still your dream. Or at least unpacked your pretty things and live with them. Its the things we DON'T do that we regret.

Katiejane said...

Suki, I, too, love that first photo. That's a keeper. So sentimental.
I know all that you are going through and I hope things work out for you in the end, whatever it is that you decide to do. As Blue Sky said, life has a way of moving forward on its own and sometimes we are not in charge. I hope your destination is a good one.

Teri Casper said...

Love the look of this old cabin. So interesting and picturesque.
Sounds like lots of changes since I've been here.

kj said...

hello ms feather,
it sounds as if the house will stay with you and your son and if so that is welcomed news for me to hear.

does it feel good to see that cabin being repaired and cared for? i imagine it does.

i'm told there is no need for a trust in my case since my daughter will rightly have everything JB and i own, but now i'm wondering if that's so. i will say i hate the idea of tackling more paperwork. i would have been a miserable lawyer.

since you are going to stay put for the time that is now, i hope you settle in with comfort and peace.

love to you, suki

Lynn said...

Speaking of trusts, since DH and I are looking to do ours now, let me say one can go to an attorney and pay around $2000 to get it done; OR one can get a book from NOLO PRESS (I got a used one at Amazon for $18) and do it yourself. IT's a lot to read, but has all the forms and a CD and it won't cost us much at all to do it ourselves, if we just get off our butts and DO IT NOW!!! What it does is step over the need for probate which takes time.

soulbrush said...

I know this has been a very tough time for you Suki, and think of you often. Am so happy to hear about your poem being published, and that you continue to put 'one step in front of another' as that is really all you can do.
Think of that beautiful white feather in your header- life is just like that.

Mim said...

things come and go and people come and go - we all think it's all permanent don't we...and it just isn't. I hope you are doing well.

Annie said...

Suki, Life does move on without us, it is the way. I wish you all the luck with the legal stuff.
Big hugs. xoxo

glitz said...

What a very evocative post, Suki.
It seems you were meant to stay there for this time to settle your brother's affairs - both emotional, physical and familial.
Blessings to you - you seem to be doing so much soul searching.

Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

This seems such a lovely place, it is heart warming to know that life goes on there. And certainly something of your Brother's spirit will remain there too. Wonderful photographs. x

~Babs said...

Fabulous photo Suki.
Hope all the legal business isn't wearing you down. It can become so MUCH hard work.

Hugs ♥

kimmie said...

What a sweet little cabin - it's sad that it was never used. But, what a great workshop space!

The probate things sounds like a royal pain ... I am totally clueless about things like that. I'm glad to know, from what Lynn says, that there are DIY books for things like that. I would hate to fork out $2K to an attorney.