Tuesday, June 05, 2012

More sketchbook pages

 As you can see I cut a door in the middle of the page.  acrylics, marker pens, stencils

 This page is adjacent to the above page.

 Front side of the door page.

Have become enamored of the woman stencil.  First I collaged scraps of paper onto the page, then coated it in purple acrylic.  The stenciled on the woman, half moons and spirals.  I also sanded a lot.

The computer has slowed down again.  Obviously I was able to upload these pictures, but sometimes can't access you all's blogs.  I also can't get Netflix streaming, which is my "life saver" in these hard emotional times and miserable wet and cold days.  I am not sure what the solution is.  We don't have computer people who come out to your house up here. Ah well.


kimmie said...

Such lovely work Suki ... I love the woman silhouette as well.

I depend on books to help me out ... a good page turner mystery helps me escape the weather and any swirling emotions too ... if only temporarily

Umā said...

Lately I have trouble accessing a lot of blogs, and even the rest of the internet at times, and I don't know that it's my computer. I try to open a blog's page to comment and it never actually opens. Very frustrating. I was thinking today that if it weren't for the internet I don't think I could live here for another day. Especially not this spring, which, as you say, is awfully cold and dreary. Even with the internet I feel like I'm about finished with full time country life. If I have a choice in the matter, that is.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

So glad to see you creating. I too love the woman silhouette.. always love doors tho.. whats behind them and all. :) Bummer about your computer.. sounds like it does need some computer geek help. Hope you can get it worked out.

glitz said...

Ah...technology...can't live with, can't live without it!
I also can't live without the internet - and I live way out in the country too - broadband has been a godsend for me and opened out so many other dimensions in my life - it's now essential!
I have put my computer in the car and driven two hours to have it cleaned up - I arranged to drop it into someone in the morning, went off and did stuff then collected it in the afternoon. It was really reasonably priced, too :)

Mystic Meandering said...

Am sorry about your computer problems. It's like a "door" to the outside world isn't it :) I love the door to your heart page! Very regal looking... Be well! Hugs...

patti said...

Oh Suki so frustrating to have computer problems! Solutions to which I take for granted in my built-up area!

Love what you have posted though! I love the woman too, she is very mysterious!

Lynn said...

Suki these pages are each one a story and so lovely. I too like the woman, but also the spirals sing to me!

I hope you get your computer and netflick problems settled soon.
Hoping for happier times for you.

~Babs said...

I really love that top image of the purple and gold. Such a 'Royal' combination of colors.
And maybe the (awesome) woman stencil is Queen Elizabeth on her special day.

I think I'd have to do what glitz said concerning the computer. I wouldn't need movies especially, although they're nice. I just do so much reading online, and have become very dependant.

Katiejane said...

Ah, too bad about your computer problems. Don't have a Best Buy nearby? They have a Geek Squad that makes housecalls.
I love this book!

Andrea Hupke de Palacio said...

Hi Suki, this is very beautiful, I love this white woman shadow too! You created very interesting surfaces here, wonderful. I hope your computer connection will run better soon! Greetings from Paris with love, Andrea :)