Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In the Pink and Purple

 Blooming has arrived at last.  The rhododendron has many flowers this year.  However the lilac and apple trees had very few blooms.

 Petunias.  My gram's favorites.
 Cant wait till the leaves fall off so I can press them. 
 Rogue Irises.  Last year when I posted a few rogues people said they dont seed themselves, they have to be planted.  No one planted these. 
Wisteria.  This vine was given to my brother and his wife on their marriage.  It is now tangled in an evergreen tree and heading for the telephone lines.  One of my favorites.  Dangley earrings.

After deleting a few programs, running my virus scan and some other scan and cleaning my Cache (thank you all who suggested that) my computer seems a bit speedier now and I can download Netflix videos etc.  However, I did something, who knows what, so that now I have to sign in EVERY time I check my emails even though I have checked the remember me box.


Umā said...

There were very few lilacs here this year too and the ones that bloomed were tiny and dried up after a few days. I had no blooms for the house, which was a first.

I have to sign in every time as well and hope someone knows how to remedy that...

Teri Casper said...

WOW, gorgeous blooms Suki! Spring has definitely arrived.
Our lilacs in Wisconsin were just about done blooming when we got home...they came two weeks early this warm spring.

Robin said...

Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spring has FINALLY come to your Mountain! (It's about time!)

Wonderful photos....I love your comment equating the Wisteria to *dangling earrings* perfect!

Good news regarding your PC.... Clear that cache out will help!

I have been swamped between Opera Rehearsals and Marianne's Visit....things will slow down soon.....and will call you so we can catch up.

Love to you and Bibitty,

♥ Robin ♥

Lynn said...

those chive flowers are wonderful, poppies are my favorites...happy to see so much growing where you are...iris I thought only came from blubs...could birds have transfered so many bulbs you think? intesting. My son and DIL just moved into a new home that has a hedge of roddies in front of their living room window half way beautiful, but they hate them and are going to replace them. I don't get it, but to each their own.
glad you were able to clear up the computer issues. never fun that. I'm so lucky to have a next door neighbor Dave who comes at a drop of the hat if I call to rescue mine and me. Enjoy the day!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh lovely flowers. I love Spring time. I love the name.. Dangley earrings.. :)) Glad it was of help cleaning out the Cache. I have to do mine weekly.. sometimes more then that if I go to many blogs. Happy Spring time. :)

Mystic Meandering said...

Lovely Spring! My parents had big, beautiful Rhododendron bushes like yours growing up in Mass. I'm not sure they would even grow out here in Colo.

My chives have a purple fuzz-ball like bloom. We didn't get many this year at all. Don't know why. The lilacs bloomed way early this year - when they would normally peak mid-May - but now are gone.

Your Iris almost look like a wild Iris. Our Iris here have a tubular like creeping root system that spreads out. Maybe a squirrel planted a root - and voila! :)

Glad your computer is back up to speed :)

Words A Day said...

I love those poppies! What beautiful photos- all I have is nettles and a rugged rose bush:)

Tess Kincaid said...

Beautiful blooms! Glad to hear your computer is behaving now...

Katiejane said...

I don't know anything about computers so I can't help you out there, but your flowers are all so beautiful. It must be such a pleasure to take a walk around your property.

marianne said...

I am glad the flowers are finally there!!!!
What beauty and I love that Wisteria in the tree reaching for the telephone pole :)
PLease enjoy this beauty around you dear!

glitz said...

Loving your fresh summer flower photos in our winter - we have just the last of the raggedy roses, the first of the camelias and the luculia is just starting to emerge...oh and I forgot the winter sweet.
Perhaps I should take some photos of them to make me remember that there are flowers in our winter garden?
Computers...argh! Love them and hate them!

Mim said...

our lilacs were sparse this year also, but your other flowers look lovely. Sorry about the computer problems, it's always something isn't it?

~Babs said...

What glorious things to have growing all around you!
I'm having flower envy,,,,with very little here.
I didn't even plant any pots this year,,,,just too many other things to do.
Hopefully next year there'll be some,,,,.
Beauty and the Beast revisited

Marion said...

Oh, how NICE to see some spring flowers. I have very few lilacs myself, and tulips, which generally do very well here, just dried up very quickly.

Poppies and Iris...two of my favourites! Poppies reseed themselves here everywhere, and Iris, well, it's moved here and there as well, without any help from me.

Really good news about your PC!

Chris said...

Happy to feel your beauty blooming again.

annie said...

Lovely! So glad your pc is better, I am doing some of the same things and it has helped a little. xoxo

kj said...

suki, bogger is chasing me around in circles. my comments are in hiding somewhere.

your place looks just beautiful. how well you've captured these colors.

do you have a garden, suki? do you want any black eyed susans? :^)

ps i didn't even know what a cache was but following your example i emptied mine too.

but what is it? :^)


layers said...

yes, spring has arrived here too.. I have wisteria blooming and lilacs.. though the weather is still cool and rainy and cloudy... it will be awhile before summer arrives.