Saturday, May 12, 2012

More books and sketchbook page

 A few more accordion books using Arches lightweight printmaking paper.  This time I painted the paper on both sides, then collaged on an old photo and pictures from an old dictionary. The theme here is "By the Sea."

 Free-form waves.  I painted directly on a sheet of freezer paper to use as a "plate" and then I pressed the arches paper onto the paint making a monoprint. I wont collage anything onto this, but may add words.

 I painted the arches paper with brush and sponge. Collaged on dictionary pictures and bits of origami paper. Rubber stamp. Birds being the theme.
 This one used an old label, an old photo aged even more using sandpaper, paper from an old ledger written in the 1890's.  Just an old fashioned theme though I suppose it could also be mothers.

 You may or may not recall that I am sloooowly working on a sketch book in sections.  To be bound later.  The first two sections include a memorial to friends and relations who have died and self-portraits.  The photo is blurry as my camera was out in the car and moisture got in.   Well, I am now working on the third sketchbook section. The figures are from a self-cut stencil.  The moons too.   The theme is moving on or stepping out or something like that. The page below is not finished.


Lynn said...

Oh you are having fun. I am especially drawn to the waves and the three women on the last photo. All the photos if clicked on and seen with the black background really pop! Keep on keeping on, it looks so good!

Mystic Meandering said...

Such creativity! I too am drawn to the one with the free form painted waves. I didn't realize I could click on each photo and get a larger view! That was delightful! I like the 3 women too, for me it reflects something mysterious happening... Wonderful projects! Thanks for sharing!

Cathie said...

I think you've got something there with the three female forms - everyone seems to love them, including moi. Beautiful work Suki - nice to see you have been enjoying your creative spurt!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Glad you are creating. its fun. Love the 3 women too. Hope you keep creating.

patti said...

These are great Suki, you have a flair for them! Love the theme you have chosen too!

patti said...
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patti said...
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Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Wonderful books! I'm drawn to the last image of the three hold magic for me and it will be interesting to see it on completion!

glitz said...

It's good to see that you're enjoying some creativity, suki.
I also especially like the three women and their moons, but all of the accordian books are lovely!

Teri said...

This is really wonderful Suki! You should be so proud. I love the idea of making a book to memorialize people who have gone before. Really great stuff and ideas.

Annie said...

Suki, Glad to see you working. Lovely work. I love the sea book.
I hope you are feeling more merry.

louciao said...

You might be feeling stuck in your outward life but your creative energy is certainly flowing. Very nice how the themes flow as well in your accordion books. I can only echo the praise of the previous comments for your 3 women painting.

studio lolo said...

It all looks wonderful Suki! I am particularly fond of the figures. I do remember you posting about this journal in the past. I'm glad to see it evolving.

I hope your Northern Spring is greeting you with abundance.


Katiejane said...

I like all your books! I always like all your books. See, you're not stale, maybe just in a slump. Sometimes the muse gets tired and needs to rest. I'm happy to see that she's up from her nap as these new works are really exciting!

Robin said...

Stale? You? NO WAY! These books are vivid, exciting, mysterious....each section is have such an eye for detail and how to embellish the *storyline*. These have YART potential - for sure!

Katiejane's comment is so true!!!!

Love to you and Bibitty,

♥ Robin ♥

Words A Day said...

Beautiful work, you know just when to stop working on a piece...I'm full of admiration and inspiration now:)

Mim said...

It may not be finished but o love those last figures

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