Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Poet Joyce Peseroff reads "The Hardness Scale"

April is National Poetry Month. Prime the pump--listen to Joyce Pesseroff read a poem.


Chris said...

Thanks for this; I liked everything Joyce Peseroff says about poetry, and her clarification that she "discovers" what she wants to say in the writing of a poem, an important distinction, as this is---in part---what makes writing such a magical practice. Also, her reminding us to speak aloud and to hear the words as such an important aspect of the poem, its "audible pleasures."

Robin said...

Suki, thank you for this interesting post. I really found Joyce's comments so interesting...and I REALLY liked her poem...as she read, I was wondering how old she was when she wrote it - and was surprised to learn she was so young....that, in itself, was pne of her *Surprises*! I find that the two of you share a lot of the same flow in your poems.... many of your poems are this good! I mean it!

Love to you and Bibitty (who is a poem himself),

♥Robin ♥

kj said...

aw i and my new computer, i turned down my volume last night and i forget how to turn it back up, so i can't hear this. but i don't know joyce peseroff. through blogging i am surprised how much i don't know. i thought i knew a lot and i don't

suki, for some reason i want to tell you about the colrain poetry conferences. so i kind of am.. :^)


sukipoet said...

truthfully it was not Joyce's poem I wanted to post. She also read an Emily Dickinson poem,which was the one I wanted everyone to see/hear, however somehow it wasnt here in this video even though I sent the video I saw.

~Babs said...

Wow I like this poem. Very powerful.
"I gave you softer things".

Had I heard this not knowing the poet, I could easily have thought it yours, Suki. Your poetry has the same power.

Lauren said...

I really enjoyed this.......powerful. Also really enjoyed listening to your poem, Suki, it took me back in my heart and mind to when I used to live in Vermont, left me longing for a home I once had. Thank you.