Friday, March 23, 2012

a chorus of spring peepers

I made this video several years ago. But it's the same now. Peepers are again peeping. Someone commented on youtube that peepers are not baby frogs. I forget what they are. He didnt say. This video accompanies the new post below.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I thought I just read that peepers were frogs. Its kind of deafening, but its pretty at the same time. Annie came in here to see what was going on. :))

Robin said...

Gosh, Suki....I acttually remember WHEN you first posted this!
I love to see our friendship grown in means a lot to me!

I guess I always thought of "Peepers* as Froggies... they sure sound like that to me as they croak their chorus! I love it....there's no better message that Spring IS here. (Though sadly not on the West Coast....cold and more storms coming..)

Sending you and Bibitty a big hug and kiss!


♥ Robin ♥

p.s. So happy you liked my *March Voki*... you may be right about the selections offered...I love the sweater you are *wearing*...but never saw it inb my *wardrobe* choices! A-ha-ha!

Robin said...

P.S. I chuckled at the image of Annie coming into Chris' room to hear the Peepers!!! I can so see it! Cris...hope that made you smile too....FEEL BETTER!!!

♥ R ♥

marianne said...

I am happy Spring has arrived where you live Suki!
I remember this spring peeper. Mim also posted about that and I made an ATC of a spring peeper. It was all new to me then.
Hope you are feeling well

Mystic Meandering said...

Love the delightful video tour! You are so cool to do this for us, so we can share in it. I don't recall that we get peepers here, but I may not be in a location (near water) that has them... Happy Spring Peeping to you! :)

kj said...

i remember this video, suki. it was one of the first i enjoyed when i luckily came to your blog.

if peepers are not frogs, what are they? they must be some kind of bugs, like crickets. i should have looked it up before commenting.

it is spring here. the weather is incredible. i have cleared most of the garden and JB has cut back the tall grasses. and it's only march! yesterday i was in new york with two dear friends you of course know and now i am back in college farm lands missing marianne and thinking about pansies.

i hope to see you soon. xoxo

~Babs said...

I remember this video too.
We go back a ways, Suki.

Google thinks Peepers are frogs, they even have a photo.
Here's a question for inquiring minds:
Is Google always right?

Annie said...

I love the peepers! They are frogs.
I have peepers behind my house where a small water duck flows. They have not started peeping yet, but I hope soon. They always put me to sleep.
I love the prayer flags below.

Marion said...

Oh, I love this video! It gives me such a lift. The melt is going on here, but it will be quite awhile before I hear the peepers(frogs) doing their mating calls. It's so loud when they first begin, but it becomes background sound to me after awhile...xx

soulbrush said...

As the years pass and we get to read each other's blogs- I still feel a very close connection to you Suki. xxx

studio lolo said...

Suki, I just went to and listened to a few videos of peepers. They are, indeed, a tiny frog.

What a delightful sound to harken spring!
I remember your video as well.


kimmie said...

My dog had to come over and see what the sound was .... we have peepers several blocks away at the river and can hear them lately at night. I always thought they were baby frogs too. I love the sound. A definite sign of spring.

zendotstudio said...

It's fun to find this here. We have this chorus of frogs at our pond too! I've been saying I wish I could record it and put it on my blog. It sounds similar but not identical. I think of it as mating season??? for frogs. It doesn't seem to start until after dark, then goes on for hours and sometimes they can all stop at once. I always wonder how they do that.

Nice to see your pond and hear you and the peepers. Happy Spring!