Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Seems like a winter of not much going on. I did decorate this folder with some painted (by me) tissue paper.

Stenciled words on the back. This is for my poems for the poetry class.

I bound a new notebook for myself using tissue paper again for the cover.

Set aside the first sweater I tried to knit and began a new one. This is merino wool and cashmere. A much nicer yarn that my previous sweater which was a grey acrylic.

I slipped on the ice and hit my forehead on the door jamb. The next day, I went to the ER and they said no concussion. My eyes felt funny, I felt a bit ditzy etc. but they said that was normal for the situation.

A few days later I still feel cross-eyed and light headed and tired. All just to a minimal degree. But I cancelled a five hour driving trip just to be sure. I tend to over-protect myself at this point in my life cycle. Although I dearly need and will miss the people contact I would have gotten had I gone on my trip.


marianne said...

Sounds like you made a nasty fall! Please take care dear and try to rest as much as possible sounds like a little concussion to me......
Your art is wonderful as always dear. Knitting ......I see that a lot now. I would like to try it again but I don't have time.

Please be careful and take good care of yourself♥

Lynn said...

What a bummer. If this does not clear up in another day I hope you'll at least call the advice nurse and/or doctor again!!
So sorry you had to cancel your trip.

Now the art is terrific. Love the book cover front and back; the top piece is fun and the cashmere sweater oh my goodness...what a pretty color and I can only imagine how soft it must be. Your stitches look perfect too!!!

Hope your ditzy feeling goes away soon.

patti said...

Good that you are looking after yourself Suki, even if it did mean cancelling your trip.

I love the blue sweater, reminds me of an Australian summer sky!

Take care!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Well bummer on the trip your missing. Its good to be safe and not sorry. head injuries are not to be taken lightly. Love that sweaters color. Will you finish it?

Mystic Meandering said...

So Sorry that you fell, and hit your head, Suki! I would definitely get a second opinion...

Such lovely creative covers for your folder and poetry notebook! Love the bright colors.

Be well!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Beautiful colors on your tissue paper covers.
So sorry to read about your fall...I agree take care and consider another opinion. Nothing wrong about being careful of our health and I am sorry too about your trip cancellation.

Robin said...

Suki.... it was a wise decision to postpone your trip... there are still some options for you....(like Brattleboro, ok)?

The binder covers are stunning....I don't know how you come up with these ideas....but they are fantastic!

That sweater will be beautiful next to your eyes! It already looks so warm and soft.... and I KNOW how lovely the things you make are! (I wear that black scart a lot!)

Love to you and Bibitty,

♥ Robin ♥

Mim said...

That is a gorgeous sweater and Yes, I hope if you are still dizzy tomorrow you will go back to the Dr. Take care!

~Babs said...

You say "over protecting" like it's a bad thing.
I don't think so.
We've only this one head with which to work,and it has to last.
I think you used it wisely by staying home. There will be more trip opportunities, right?
And yes, I think that gorgeous blue sweater will be perfect for you, as are the covers you've made.
Feel better soon, Suki!

louciao said...

I think the folder cover is just lovely! And your knitting is coming along great guns. So much nicer to work with a good wool, I agree; it really enhances the knitting experience, which can get trying at times. Good that you're being cautious and keeping a good eye on yourself (no pun intended) after banging your noggin. I should think the anxiety of driving 5 hours with just the possibility of something going amiss due to your fall would have put you over the edge...possibly of the road. With age, wisdom? (call it caution if you will).

kimmie said...

Your tissue paper textures with paints are so jewel-like in their colors - a great project for winter - colors galore! your sweater project is really coming along - I love the blue color.

So glad you don't have a concussion. My husband bonked his head about a week ago and felt headachy for several days. I know what you mean about over protecting. My new favorite thing to do is S T R E T C H before I do anything - I seem to pull muscles for no reason at all.

Katiejane said...

This looks like you've been busy! I love the painted tissue paper and I envy your ability to bind books. I've never had an interest in that but admire people who can.
Also, I love that shade of blue yarn that you are working with. I'll bet this will be a beautiful sweater.
Ooo, a slip on the ice can be so dangerous. I hope everything settles in your head and your vision corrects itself. Be careful.

Annie said...

Suki, sorry about your fall. You have to take care of yourself and you did right to cancel your trip.
I hope all is back to normal by now.xoxo

PeaceGardenSu said...

How about an update on the funny crossed eye feeling etc?? Hope all has cleared and regeared !! <3 S

Kelly said...

Suki, I am so sorry you had to miss your trip but think you made the right decision. Please do consult a professional again if things don't clear up very soon.