Friday, January 27, 2012


photo 1965 "Low Tide" taken by Debora Rosen, used with permission.

A few posts ago I wrote of my process and inspiration in writing a poem about two cottages. The above "Outermost House" on Cape Cod and the little cabin I see out my window here in the NH hills. (see banner photo). To read my previous post click here.

Here is the finished poem.


Between dunes and sound
he built a cottage
where, seated on a blue
beach scavenged chair,
he wrote of shore and sea
bird and fish, with a poet's
fervor, a naturalist's eye.

Books leaned on a bank of shelves
a wood stove seared the chill
the old pump stood sentinel
over a narrow cot for dreams.
Vanished in the waves
one February storm.
The hiss of wind
the plover cries.

Fayerweather Farm

tangled in vines
a north country cabin
perches on the hill.
The roof is limned with snow.
The door, nailed shut, mourns
the pair who failed
to cross the threshold.

Books rot on barn board shelves.
In a broken window rusted
wind chimes clack.
Silent, the cabin
endures wind, ice, snow
shelters feral cats.
Sunlight dazed the windows
mirror the white beyond.


Lynn said...

Wow, many word pictures here that excite the mind's eye. You keep writing please! Sharing. So rich to read. Thanks.

Mystic Meandering said...

Wow - Suki, so full of imagery and heart. I actually like both versions; your rough draft also makes a good poem, as well as this more polished version. Both wonderful pieces of word crafting.

"the door nailed shut, mourns the pair who failed to cross the threshold." Wow - goosebumps with this imagery! Makes me think of how many thresholds I have failed to cross... Such melancholy in those old woods there...

Robin said...

Dear *North Country Poetess*.... these are stirring poems...they come straight from the heart...they ring true. I think that is one of the reasons I am such an admirer of your poems.

The photos are the perfect accompaniment!!!!


♥ Robin ♥

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like your finished poems...thoughtful and strong. It's an alone business this poem writing and art making...nice to have this spot for sharing work.

Umā said...

Beautiful poems, Suki, both of them!

Katiejane said...

I like both of these poems. I read The Outermost House many years ago. Love the way you paint with words.

kimmie said...

just wonderful! The "narrow cot for dreams" sounds very lonesome ... and "the pair who failed to cross the threshold" is a different kind of lonesome. Really really good writing ... I can see it.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Loved this sentence making the house feel alone and empty.."The door, nailed shut, mourns
the pair who failed
to cross the threshold." Very discriptive.

~Babs said...

You never disappoint, Suki!

Like Kate said, you paint beautifully with words.

ZenDotStudio said...

I love your banner pic, for starters. Beautiful poems. Such contrast for me. I don't know if that's what you intended. The first cabin feels somehow fulfilled in it's mission, the second a tale of sadness of uncrossed thresholds and rot. I love this juxtaposition I didn't really have to think about it. I could just feel it. Your work has this instant evocative feeling to me, a lovely bitter sweetness.

marianne said...

Beautiful Suki!
Is it white like that in the banner right now where you are??
Beautiful too but it seems so desolated and cold......
Stay warm dear♥

Mim said...

I like these Suki - the images they conjure are so real to me

sukipoet said...

the banner photo is from last year. we do have a minimum of snow this year but not much compared to other years. so far.

Annie said...

Suki, This is beautiful...xoxo

Marion said...

Wow, I read the rough draft and am in total awe of you! I love the way you wrote the poem in orderly fashion for the first cabin, which makes me think it felt fulfilled, and then the disorder of the second, all in disarray. So much wealth for the mind in your poetry...thank you! xx

kj said...


That first stanza, so compact, so descriptive, so melodic

You are an honest-to-god fantastic poet, suki. Your honed craft is high art. These deserve to be published. Not for your glorification ( I know what you would say) but so they may be shared and savored

You've done this 'dwellings' super proud


Kelly M said...

Your writing always blows me away. Today, though, the photo at the top of the blog caught me and held me before I could even scroll down to the writing. It is just ...SO...beautiful. I am imagining looking out a window and seeing THAT. I sure hope there is food in the cupboard and firewood stacked and ready.

louciao said...

There is such strength in the stark simplicity of the first poem. I feel as if I know who this man was and what his life was about. The blue beach scavenged chair is a gem.

glitz said...

Beautiful beautiful words, Suki. I lingered on limned. Arohanui, Lesley.