Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lilac a poem


I wander the torn up halls
in pajama bottoms
my hair uncombed
my teeth peppermint brushed
my ears ringed.

A new notebook lies open.
I sewed it myself
but the pen is dry.

Something hidden bleeds a slow
irritating ping ping ping
like a dripping faucet.

The drift of lilac through the open door
my bones
my bones long to
my bones long to sing.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Get to singing girl. It is spring time. A time to rejoice. Love those lilac photos. I can imagine the fragrance of that huge shrub.

Robin said...

What an ode to beauty! That tree is gorgeous!!!! The scent must be heavenly....nice to wake up and fall asleep to that glorious scent...

I am off to more rehearsals today (back-to-back)... feeling like the Opera House is my "current home".... tomorrow - a Final Dress for "Siegfried"...which opens on Sunday.

Love to you and Bibs,

♥ Robin ♥

Lynn said...

This poem so interesting...I hear so many different things in it...reminds me of aging...torn up halls...bleeding...dry pen, not sure, maybe it's my aging I see in your poem...;-) but it smells like a woman growing old to me. Even the lilacs...somehow mean old woman to me. ??? Am I close?
The tree is stunning in the banner.

sukipoet said...

Lynn I have been trying to write a few poems about being older. Yes. So this one probably has some of that in it. Another I am working on is more direct.

I was also thinking about how lax i have gotten in my at home wardrobe and sometimes i do forget to brush my hair. And it has been so cold, and I dont have or wear sweat pants, so my pj bottoms worked best to keep off the cold. Meanwhile, I look rather dishabille.

When Lilacs last in the dooryard bloomed. the lilac tree is a very old one! too.

San said...

The softness, the quietness of this, is so appealing. Lilacs--they're one of the few lushly blooming things we have this time of the year in the high desert. I adore them.

Mim said...

Lovely poem and that lilac must be a hundred years old or more! It's so lovely
Spring - when we have one- is so lovely isnt it?

kj said...

what a buildup suki. the last stanza, the repetition, is brilliant.

i wish you a good kick off to summer weekend. i hope you. and i, do something fun.


ICSI Mexico said...

lilac is a nice poem.