Monday, May 23, 2011

collage give-away

A simple, straightforward 12 by 14 collage. The map is of Australia. Shells and seaweed from Cape Cod. Vintage postcard says "The Only Pebble."

I stretched the canvas myself and "framed" it by gluing ribbon on the edge. Leave a comment below if you wish to be included in the draw. If you are new to the blog, please leave an email address or blog address where I can notify you should you win. Drawing is on Friday.

A flower display for my folk's gravesite. Now I am thinking to plant hostas around the stone as I noticed at some other sites. They provide an easy care green.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a great collage Suki. A friend of mine so wants to go to Australia. The planter is a nice compliment to your parent's headstone. It reminds me of all the wonderful roses that people plant at graves sites.

kj said...

oh! oh suki! count me in! if i win i am giving it to my friend baino in australia, as much as i wouldn't want to part with it.

you are so talented. ♥

hostas are a great idea (they like some shade, full sun is not their favorite. my Dad's grave has verdant plants and shrubs all around and i like to think the extra photosynthesis is good for him. (i hope i said that right)

how are you doing? want a hand?

sukipoet said...

Oh I didnt know hostas needed shade. The graveyard is totally in the sun, no shade. Hmm.

marianne said...

Wonderful Collage Suki!
Such a travel feel:)Love everything about it!
How great you have a grave of your parents. My dad was cremated and his ashes were spread..... I kept a little though I just couldn't blow everything away.
I want to be buried later.

hope you are doing ok and are enjoying the better weather there♥

sukipoet said...

Marianne, Dad was cremated but Mom wanted to be buried and as we hadnt scattered Dad's ashes yet i asked her if she wanted his ashes buried in the same coffin with her. So that's what we did and that's how they are together.

Lynn said...

Of course I want a chance to win another piece of your wonderful art...

I do like the idea of planting smething in the ground that will not need much upkeep. Especially if you move far away...or too far to go there often.
Does someone else maintain the graves or is it left to the families to do so? Sweet that they can be together.

patti said...

I can't resist a beautiful collage with a map of my country on it!

You would love Australia Suki, come and visit us some day!

sukipoet said...

Lynn the grave yard itself is kept up but I think the plots are up to the relatives to do plantings if they want.

studio lolo said...

Lovely collage Suki. But I have always loved the way you pull colors and tectures together. I'd love to be in the drawing.

Your parent's stone looks a lot like my parent's stone. I planted little shrubs there but they died. I don't remember exactly where they're buried but I hope to get there before too long. I can ask my brother or one of my sisters where it is.
The pansies are a sweet offering.

Maybe there's a variety of hosta that will tolerate full sun just as there are impatiens? You might also want to think/consider ornamental grasses. They're lush and lovely and carefree. When in doubt, ask your neighbors ;)

My Cloutie well cloth still sits in the studio.
Tomorrow's mail, I promise!


Robin said...

This is a fantastic of the many art genres you excel at... I am not putting my name in though - because I am fortunate enough to have many of your gorgeous pieces....and I want someone to experience how truly magical they are.

Ah, graves and gravestones.... we all know that the soul is not there..but still, there is something comforting about being able to visit, bring flowers, carress the stone and talk to youe loved one. (At least that's what I used to do... I haven't been to my Father's grave since and I parted...I don't have a car and there are no busses that go there... my Mum is buried in the family plot back East...and I haven't been there in years either.... you keep your familys plot looking well...but yes, a little more greenery would be lovely.

We'll chat later this week if you can....


♥ Robin ♥

Mary Richmond said...

you are lucky to be able to leave plants and plantings at the grave--our town graveyards no longer allow plantings and will actually remove them. it is very sad....and feels very bleak. some of the church graveyards still allow plantings here and are so peaceful and lovely...anyway, love your collage,too!

San said...

Looks like I stumbled in here on a good day. Put my name in the hat please, Suki. What a delightful collage.

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