Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Been doing quite a bit of clearing out in a spring cleaning mania. This dress is a cotton dress found in a thrift store. Decorated with block prints. You can actually feel the paint. Kind of like the clothes at Blue Fish clothing which I never could afford. Gorgeous handprinted clothes. I found my version for a few dollars.

However, I have never worn it. It is size large, the skirt area is a bit odd. If it unbuttoned all the way I could wear it as a long jacket but it doesnt. To keep or not to keep, that is the question.

I have also thrown out the drafts of the first novel I wrote but never finished. Now I have about 5 more manuscript length typescripts to decide: keep or toss. So hard to toss my words. It is like tossing a part of me. How my mind was working at the point in time I wrote. Gosh I say. Was I that smart once??


Annie said...

I like the painting on the dress, but I say if it does not fit well and you have never worn it, give it away.
As for your writings, I am not sure I would toss those.
Happy cleaning Suki.

Lynn said...

Can't the dress be altered? Can the skirt be cut off and then it would just be a top? Ask a seamstress in town, there must be someone who can make this wearable for you. Or perhaps she can take it in so it fits. Looks cute.

Would your son appreciate your early writings? Ask before you toss. Or give them away and let others enjoy them by chance?
Or cut them up and use them in your art!

Oh I am full of ideas for others!
Happy WE to you too! ;-)

Mim said...

I hate throwing away clothes that I thought I would like but never wore - seems so silly - but I realize that there are alot of people out there who need/want these clothes so I toss away!

As for the writings...i'd never toss those. scan them into your computer at least....

and happy cleaning (and packing?)

Robin said...

The dress seems so perfect for you....but having things altered is so expensive and time-consuming... you know there is someome out there who would love it and wear it.

I understand your wanting to clear things out...and diaries, all written thinmgs do take a lot of room....Mim has an excellent idea...scan them and save them that way. were THAT intelligent....and you still are! I consider myself a fairly literate person - and you are a wonderful writer. Your poems and your prose are full of evocative words that conjure up such emotion....

Still cold and grey here....but, we must live in hope that Spring and gentler weather will arrive soon!

Love to you and Bibs,

♥ Robin ♥

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I say get rid of the dress since you haven't worn it yet. As to your words. I probably would save them. Ha...I can't get rid of paper, words etc as easily as clothes. Clothes come and go. You are still very smart Suki. You can't deny this.

Teri C said...

Nothing like spring cleaning to enjoy old memories and fun.
Don't you dare throw the book away! The clothe? send it to Lynn! lol
Thanks for your visit and nice words.

studio lolo said...

Suki, when you said size large I knew it should go into the giveaway pile! They'd have to alter it so much you'd lose the funky pattern.

I love the idea (smart Lynn) of using your old writings in new art. What things could come from that! Hopefully this will be a project to look forward to after a move ;)

When things slow down a bit for me I'll call you.

be well.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Good idea...cut off the skirt and use it as a jacket! Spring cleaning is so refreshing. I'm taking some old gold jewelry to sell...not keepsakes, just old stuff.

Anonymous said...

I used to hang on to things like this...items I really thought I would wear and love when I acquired them, but which ended up hanging in the closet. I felt guilty getting rid of them due to the fact that I had paid for them. Then I realized how silly I was being not allowing myself the mistake. I thought I would wear it; I was wrong. Big deal.

Now I cherish the feeling of a closet where air can circulate around fewer items that I do wear often.

I am getting vicarious pleasure just from reading your reports of spring cleaning.