Thursday, April 14, 2011


In a recent blog post Layers (Donna Watson) wrote about things that inspire her beautiful collage art. Images, shapes and colors that move her. Collections of items such as rocks and Asian tools, brushes, stamps. I commented that I used to have collections of things that inspired me both in life and in art. But that I ditched many of them when I moved out of my 20 year rental.

But her post motivated me to look around my house and even outside in the fields for things that inspire me. I found many more than I have shown here. I surprised myself. I guess wherever I am I am a collector.

Above --hats. The top hat is a vintage Victorian.

Shoes. All but the red from my Grandmother's tiny shoe collection.

Handmade gifts from friends. This box is dedicated to Edna St. Vincent Millay. Made by Susan Dodd.

Nests. The nest fit perfectly into this handmade paper bowl I made years ago.

Fossils. Fern fossils my Dad gave me.


Old pickup trucks. This was my Dad's.

Handmade bricks.

White granite found growing in the fields up here.

Raku pots.


What inspires you? Shapes, colors, objects, books??


Mary Richmond said...

lovely post! I also collect all sorts of odds and ends like feathers, bones, rocks and shells. The thing that inspires me the most, though, is being outside.

Tess Kincaid said...

The Millay box is wonderful! As are the tiny shoes. But I particularly like your old pick-up collection!

m. heart said...

Love these! Were I not trapped at work at the moment I would be poking around my house and yard with the camera...
On that note I will say that being at home inspires me ; )

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Wonderful collection Suki, I like the granite, things from nature like the fossils.

Lynn said...

I did not know that granite grew in fields, nor do I know how to make bricks...but I like seeing all these inspiring things.

I don't think I collect any one thing...I seem to acquire things: like books and art supplies that pile up. But none of which I'd call a "collection" per say.

I enjoyed this post very much.

sukipoet said...

Lynn granite growing in fields is a joke. I also often don't intentionally collect things but one day I look around and see that they have collected without conscious intent. If I place like things with like I have a collection.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

All of these things would be an inspiration to me too Suki. The rocks I covet. ;) You are lucky to live in a land with so many rocks. This comes from a person that lives in a sandy soil community.

Robin said... much to comment about....your blog format is ever-changing...which I adore. First - the Birch Bark header... this looks ancient...almost prehistoric...

Wow! I thought I collected things....but I can't compare... you have a varied treasure trove of wonderful things.... YOU NEED A HOME to display them in! ;)

I particularly love the hats, the beautiful white granite, the Edna Milay box..the flowers, the rocks (I have a formidible collection or rocks and shells from anywhere and everywhere I have been)..

Love the photos of YOU as a babe! Do you know, I see YOU there?

The handmade pottery is also fascinating... I could go on and on...

Love to you and Bibs,

♥ Robin ♥

Anonymous said...

Neat! I used to be a collector. I had teacups, heart-shaped rocks, bird nests, bird houses, bird figurines, bird artwork, a collection of throw pillows, pretty coloured bottles, vintage tea towels. I also had a box of found objects that I planned one day to incorporate into a sculpture. Now I am into uncollecting. ;)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I collect tea cups and feathers & Chickens on things... what ever strikes my fancy, but not a lot as I dont have a lot of room. What inspires me is pretty flowers, birds and nature. Oh And people who collect things. :))

patti said...

These are all such beautiful things! Handmade bricks are amazing and I love how worn down on the egdes they are.

I collect shells and have bowls and glass containers filled with them all over the house. I also collect feathers, seed pods and rocks (even big ones if I can carry them!)

You've inspired me to go looking for more interesting things with my camera!

glitz said...

I'm inspired by your beautiful images, Suki. A very thought provoking post, I will take more attention as I go about tomorrow. It's time for sleeping now.

Katiejane said...

I love this post. I think there is a collector in each and every one of us. Yours are all so lovely, I like them all.

Annie said...

Suki, wonderful post. I find many of the things that inspire you, insire me too, Really I am inspired everywhere I look. I love things that are old and anything in nature, things that are weird or not perfect. Have a happy weekend.xoxo

soulbrush said...

What inspires me is beingback in bloggyland. Love the profile pic of you Suki. How are you? Did you find a lovely little home yet?

Teri C said...

What a fun post. Those are really inspiring things and oh so interesting! Probably some of the same things that inspire me although once in awhile something comes along and hits me right in the face with inspiration.

Mim said...

lots of lovely stuff to inspire you - adore the little shoes! and the handmade bricks - those are great

sukipoet said...

soulbrush so good to hear from you. are yOU in your new place? no, havent bought anything yet. Oh, so much to catch up on.

studio lolo said...

Wonderful treasures to be inspired by, Suki. I too, love raku pottery.
Mostly I'd say nature inspires me a million ways plus ten.
Every time I see granite I think of Owen Meaney! That was one of my husband's favorite books.

I walked Emma at 6:30 this morning. It was just us and the many singing Robins. It was magical!

I hope the warm air is winding its way to Charleston.


Marion said...

Rocks inspire me the most, I think. I have collected so many and there are many more outside I have my eye on to add to my collection. The problem with collecting rocks is their weight...when I move, I must leave many behind. I've got some of those granite rocks that do their "growing in fields" as well.Heh!

I love, too, anything that is old...I love the energies these old things impart to the holder. You've got some lovely things in your collections, Suki...thanks for showing them off so beautifully!

...louciao... said...

Charming and intriguing to see what you have collected and what inspires you. It has given me insight into why I keep things around that serve no useful purpose. Just looking at them gives me some sort of delight, pleasure, memory, or connectedness. Must have been very hard to toss out things after 20 years in one spot. I'm about to face a similar situation.

kj said...

suki, what a fab post. you have an eye that deserves a rich landscape inside and out!!!

myself, like marion, i love rocks. and wood. my dad was a bricklayer and he always talked about the things that are permanent. "I build a brick fireplace," he'd say, "and it'll be there forever"

thank you today, suki