Saturday, March 19, 2011

The lost is found

Recently I unpacked a beautiful Indian box my Dad gave me. I keep my Tarot cards in it, they fit perfectly. However, I had not opened the box until yesterday. The Tarot cards are wrapped in a silk scarf (I read somewhere you are supposed to do this). I removed the whole shebang and voila!

There in the bottom was the beautiful Cloisonne necklace my friend Richard had given me years ago. I lost the necklace five years or so ago and mourned its lost many times. Richard died over ten years ago and this was one of the wonderful gifts he had given me. I kept trying to figure out where I lost it or whether it had been stolen. So there! I am wearing it now.

Meanwhile, signs of spring appear. The pump house is running, pumping sap from the maple trees into a large vat.

This is my driveway!

And what is that greeny-brown stuff? The snow recedes like a slow tide and more and more dirt appears.


Liza Ursu said...

The queen of swords caught my eye
Beauitful necklace.
You must own a few pairs of rubber boots (maybe even hip waders?)
I love that last photo and your words. Thanks for sharing.

Robin said...

Suki - I saw the Tarot Card and I smiled - because last night
I watched "The Magus"..with a very young Michael was (like the book - one of my all-time favs) full of mystery, suspense and magic - the Tarot played a prominent part.

Your set looks lovely - I did not know about keeping the cards in a silk scarf.... wonderful! And then, to find that beautiful necklace from a past love.... talk about "magic'! It is a gogeous necklace and I know you look wonderful wearing it!

I am so happy little green "thingies' are emerging through the mud!!! Hooray! Your Winter has been a long and brutal one...

Love the new clever girl! the photo of sleeping Bibitty on your sidebar!!!

Love from stormy SF,

♥ Robin ♥

Lynn said...

I am happy for you finding your lost necklace which is very lovely! Enjoy wearing it now.

Your driveway gave me the creeps! I'd fear getting stuck in it. Or how does one get out of the car and step in this muck? Do be careful.

Love the new banner!!!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Beautifully said "the snow recedes like a slow tide". Hope Spring shows itself in your life more each day.

Teri said...

Oh...snow and muddy roads! We had over 5 in. of snow yesterday and so now, I too have the muddy roads. I'm not so fond of it at this point in the year. You know how you get to that point every season where you are just "ready" to move to the next? Well, I am there! I love it when something that was once lost is found again. I had that happen to me a few months ago. I had fretted over this certain thing for months, wondering, wondering...and then it was there. It seems you had the same experience and doesn't it feel wonderful? Almost like a gift "just when you need it".

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yay for finding your necklace. It looks like you are marooned in mud. Be careful out there.

patti said...

That's a beautiful necklace, I'm glad you discovered it at last. The box looks lovely too, what a treasure trove!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh wow. so glad you found your treasure. To bad you didnt look in there sooner. Wonder how it got there. Oh and I laugh at seeing WEEDS under all that snow just as green as can be.. now if only pretty flowers did so well. :))

studio lolo said...

Oh but little does Cris know what a welcome sight the weeds are! Only because they're green, of course.

So much to comment on this post. I love the new header! I did a double-take, twice :)

And Bibs on the sidebar. I just love male cat energy. I could nuzzle him.

Food, warmth, shelter. yes. Amen.

That box is beautiful. I hadn't heard about the silk scarf wrapping before either but I like the idea of it. And what magic beheld you whe you opened the box! I'm so glad the necklace is back where it belongs.
It seems as if lots of things are being unearthed in your life. The green thingies, the mud, the necklace, and the doldrums of winter.

C'mon spring!♥

sukipoet said...

actually i should have been more accurate, you can wrap them in a bit of silk, it doesnt have to be a scarf but i just had this little silk scarf so i used it.

thanks for the metaphor Lo. I hadnt thought of that. things being unearthed. I like it.

Katiejane said...

I don't care for maple flavor, so I will leave my comment here on this post. So nice that you found your beautiful necklace. I guess the Queen was guarding it for you all this time. I'm sure you are delighted to have recovered it.

Hey, good to see some earth finally revealed under all that snow! Your driveway looks like a mess, however. I do hope the precipitation lets up for you for a while.

Anonymous said...

Suki, I'm so glad you found the beautiful necklace that means so much to you. I also used to keep my Tarot cards in a silk scarf.