Saturday, January 22, 2011

The skiers must be happy

Here is the narrow road I live on. Recently, the snow plow going by and big logging trucks full of logs barreling down the road mean I can't walk up the hill. There is no place to step aside as the drifts are so high.

Frost on the breezeway window.

This door is impossible to exit or enter when there is so much snow.

Thank you everyone for your generous comments on my poem "Overlooked." Several commentators mentioned a woman named Vivian Maier,(1926-2009), a Chicago street photographer who has recently been discovered. I am not sure if she was overlooked in her lifetime, as it is not clear whether she tried to be seen, but she was certainly unknown.

John Maloof bought a bin of her negatives at an auction, and became fascinated with her beautiful photographs. He is devoting hours of each day to viewing and cataloguing them and facilitated a current showing of her work in Chicago. Read about her here.

Be sure to scroll down and view the Chigcago Tonight news program about John Maloof and Vivian Maier.


marianne said...

It sure looks beautiful all that snow!
Do you have enough food to survive out there?
My oh my.........
Stay warm♥

studio lolo said...

As life-limiting as snow can be, it sure does make for some wonderful sights.
I can clearly see you have no where to walk! A young driver here was sideswiped by a plow and he kept going, apparantly not realizing he hit her! I fond that hard to believe. But all this snow surely makes the already narrow roads narrower.

I hope you're getting lots of reading and writing done, and lots of warm meals and hugs from Bibs.

Stay bundled up you tiny woman!


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

You are snowed in up to your ears arent you? yikes. I thought the same thing when I saw the snow.. do you have enough supplies? Take care driving and walking in that.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Have you dug out your car yet? Your area has been clobbered with all that snow. We only got 6inches here. They don't plow our road any more. WHINE~~ Usually the snow doesn't last so long here but this isn't going anyplace too soon as the temps are so cold and will stay that way for a week or so. Stay warm and safe. I will go look at the site you mentioned.

kj said...

suki, these are the times when i cherish food in the house and a book book to read. days like these i write more, think more, understand more. i think all this is because i imagine most of the world around me has slowed down too.

your photos are great. my place is not nearly as rural but those snow covered pines must be winter beacons throughout the world!

ps i've seen some of vivian's photos. she took thousands. what a find


Annie said...

I love snow, but it is sometimes a problem. Stay inside and warm. Thank you for the info on Vivian.

Lynn said...

Love YOUR photos...wishing you warmth and peacefulness it all of this. Be safe.
I'll check out Vivian's work.

~Babs said...

Wow, you really DID get dumped on, didnt you?
These are great snow shots,,,I especially like the intriguing frost on the breezeway photo.
Thanks so much for the link to Viviane's work. Fascinating!
But I've seen art photos just as good right here on your very own blog, Ms Suki!
You have the eye,,,

...louciao... said...

The skiers and the snow-mobilers, but not me,as I don't do either.

I have to walk on the village street (not sidewalk) if I dare to venture out (mostly either too snowy or too cold for too many days now) so I know exactly what you're talking about! One of my fears is of being buried by a snowplough speeding past. At least the sun sometimes brings some cheer...if not warmth.

It's so interesting to see your habitat!

Anonymous said...

You did a brilliant job with the writing prompt. Did you get all that snow in one night? We have to shovel after each snowfall so that it doesn't block doors. We even shovel a path for the feral cat from the shelter we built him to the deck where he is fed.

Katiejane said...

Lordy, Girl! Y'all sure do get the snow up there, don'cha? I don't think I would like being that isolated. Bunker in 'till spring.