Monday, January 24, 2011

Little projects

For many years I have wanted to rebind my son's baby book. I purchased this paper made in Zimbabwe many years ago. Finally I took the time to complete this project. For the binding cloth on the edge I painted some canvas to match the paper's colors.

Inside is paper with Japanese characters on it. I liked the red with the cover. I never know if I am using the paper upside down or not. I made many mistakes when binding this. Some were correctable others not. I bind books infrequently thus forget certain things.

A box of paper scraps to use in my other project which is to make 100 Peace cards.

I have cut the paper and drawn the line from which the flags will fly. I seem to be very slow with both these projects. Also inaccurate and messy. They are taking forever. Is it just winter? Or age?

It is 20 degrees below zero this morning. If not for the poetry class I would not venture out.
Stay warm!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have some interesting little projects going Suki. It is probably the weather that is messing with you. Brrrrrrrr Be sure to bundle up when you go out.

Robin said... right! I hope the roads that lead to the Poetry Meeting are plowed! (And that is is warm inside the meeting place!)

Still, it must be gorgeous to drive over the snow-covered hills....I love Winter Light...

Your son's baby book is wonderful - and it's so "Suki".....

The Peace Cards are beautiful - and a wonderful gift to receive - I know! It must be fun to look at all of your different fabrics, choose colour and textures to make the flags...then Voila! A work of art!

Sending you and Bibs many WARM hugs!


♥ Robin ♥

Suz said...

Oh that blue and gold paper is gorgeous..simply gorgeous
I too have a box of paper
your book looks so beautiful
peace cards look great
I have noticed that as I have gotten older
I don't care how long it takes me
it's the journey truly
being in the zone of creating is my path

Annie said...

We are always so hard on ourselves, I think the book is lovely and I know the Peace cards will be too. I has been very cold here off and on two, I know what 20 below feels like :-), COLD! Have a wonderful poetry class and stay warm. xoxo

Lynn said...

In that kind of cold I'd be moving slowly too!!!! I cannot imagine 20 below! Can one breathe outside in weather like that? Won't you just freeze to death? I hope not. Will your car start? I know we walked once in MN when it was something below zero but not that much...and I was FREEZING!!!! Cursing my husband for taking me on that walk. Cursing myself for agreeing to go.
I'd stay in.

Okay, now to the projects!!!!
The papers are indeed beautiful. I admire your tenacity for pushing through and binding a book not to mention cutting out one hundred peace cards. Will they hang like a prayer flag? Can't wait to see them all done. Have fun in the meantime...and do stay warm.

Kim said...

You stay warm, my friend! Wow, I have heard you have had some very cold weather up your way!

I adore these projects you are working on. There is really nothing like the joy of working with paper, I think. As far as slowness, I think it is probably your way of prolonging the experience. I know that is the way I do it. Of course, I think Slow Art is the way to just deepens the pleasure.

Thank you so much, Suki, for your kind words and your support over the last few months. Your wise words kept popping into my mind each time a challenge was before me. You are a true friend. Blessings!

patti said...

Really beautiful paper from Zimbabwe - I love it with the red!

I can't imagine that kind of cold either - I guess you become aclimatised when you've been living there so long.

Here we have had extreme heat and more on the way. So we'll tuck ourselves inside with the air con and try not to melt!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I know I woldnt be going anywhere in that kind of weather.. burrrr. No wonder you are moving slow. Lots of nice things you are working on here. Stay safe and warm. Wonder how many will venture out in that.

Anonymous said...

Suki, I'm happy to tell you that you do not have the paper upside down. Both on the left and on the right side of the book, the paper is correctly oriented for reading (top to bottom, right to left). You can tell by the character for person, which looks a bit like an upside-down capital letter Y. If you scan, you can see that character in several places. See, it looks like a little walking person with two legs coming down. Gorgeous work!!!

kj said...

suki, you know i love those peace cards. jb asked me for one today to send as sympathy card to someone. if you sell them, i'll be standing in line :)

you are super talented. don't go being critical of yourself! (i sound bossy, don't i?) :)


...louciao... said...

These gorgeous rich colours of your papers warm the eyes, the heart, the soul, especially in these frigid snowblind days. Making art is a messy affair and takes the time it takes.

studio lolo said...

Suki, the cold has been so hard on my hands and feet...I've been thinking of you further north!

I love the papers you've chosen to complete your son's book. Wonderful.
And I do love your "Peace" cards! 100??? Do tell.

I hope you were able to make it to the poetry class.
And I like the advice of your nutritionist :)



Marion said...

Suki, it's such a pretty book. And such a wonderful keepsake.

Weather is usually extreme in the Cariboo. In the winter, we are rarely above freezing; more often, we have the temps you describe for long periods of time. One gets acclimatized. When I moved here, I thought I never would. But now, I find coastal weather, which is much milder, too warm, until my body adjusts!

100 Peace cards! Wow...I think you're amazing!

Tess Kincaid said...

The African paper is just fabulous, Suki! What fun projects. Hope you're staying warm, my friend.

layers said...

My goodness-- 20 below! I don't think I would venture out but you must be used to such cold weather there--good thing you have your projects-- never mind if you are slow-- it is the process that counts.

marianne said...

Wonderful projects!
I enlarged the picture and the paper is not upside down, so correct ;) Pretty book cover.
100 peace cards no wonder you can't do them fast. And that temperature would slow me down as well.
Today I will stay inside and create:)
No freezing temps or snow here. Hope the sun will show today. Also for you♥

Stay warm and safe inside

Katiejane said...

Your book is lovely and so are your papers. I know how you feel about projects moving slowly. I think it's the looooong winter we're having. I hardly ever leave the house either. A little sunshine would go a long way right about now. At least you have your class.