Saturday, December 11, 2010

The right bundle

Baby it's cold outside. Just a dusting of snow, our first up here. Am feeling anxious around my upcoming surgery on Monday. I know it is just a "minor surgery" but still.

The EKG done prior to surgery showed an abnormality in my heart. In the right bundle. I called to try to find out what this meant but did not get an adequate answer ( could mean something, could mean nothing). This was from the nurse. The gyn Dr never called back on it. They sent me to a general practitioner to make an evaluation as to whether to have surgery or not. He redid the EKG to the same result.

After a phone conference with someone in cardiology and after asking me a few questions he said the surgery could happen. He took quite awhile to assess this.

I myself am not satisfied. Several people mentioned having a stress test for further evaluation of the heart. Why has this not been required???

Saturday morning I called in to the hospital (where the women's health clinic is) to state my discomfort with the heart issue. Of course, as it is the weekend I could only talk to the Dr on call who explained a few things and said to call in Monday morning and talk to someone as to whether the surgery could happen. Why? I want further heart evaluation and will not feel comfortable having the surgery until that happens.

These people who measure everything endlessly are sending me in for a surgery without further assessment via measuring of my heart situation??? Usually I don't want to be measured, but to me this is one place I would like to be.

So I still have to eat/drink nothing after mid-night, and be on tenterhooks until Monday morning. I know a lot of relaxation techniques and am doing them. But still, ugh. And now the bathroom floor is all wet from some kind of leak. And there is another huge stressor which I can't talk about here.

Ok. I'm going out to buy a poinsettia and a candle. Blessings, Suki


Marion said...

Oh, Suki, I think I will do the same today...I will buy a poinsettia and a candle and then I will send really, good strong energy vibrations your way.

Personally, I would want a whole lot more tests before I go for surgery, so I wish you the very best of luck in that. I'm so sorry you will have to wait 'till Monday...what a long time to wait when it's something like this.

Again, much loving Reiki blessings and energy sent your way..

Kimmie said...

Don't give up advocating for YOU!
And hoping your un-named stressor can sit at the back of the line .....

Lynn said...

OY VEY!!!! I am so sorry you are having such a stressful weekend.
if it were me I probably would just say please give me a stress test (treadmill type/not the meds they shoot into you to make your heart race) and postpone the other surgery until I had those results.
Can't it wait a few more days?
Rest easy.
xoxo hugs

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Suki, the stars are not aligning for you right now. Big Hugs.

...louciao... said...

It sounds like you're already going through a major stress test...and I would say it's an immeasurable one. Good for you, asking questions; but how frustrating to not get adequate responses. The medical professionals always want to cover their asses, it seems, rather than just laying everything bare (please pardon my puns). I hope you get some answers on Monday. "Trust your heart."

kj said...

suki, what a worry. i would want to understand fully too. too many things piling up at an already stressful time of year. the fasting is the indigant icing on the cake. :(

i send you much love and energy and prayers for a comfortable resolution. a poinsetta and candle sound like the best medicine of all.



Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Very stressful to be going thru this. I am sure they wouldn't do a proceedure if you weren't up to it. Hope you get your answers by Monday.

The fearless threader said...

My thoughts are with you at this stresful time. Keep your thoughts positive and I will send positive energy to you throughout tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Annie said...

I can only guess what that secret stresser is. I would stick to your guns and not have the surgery until you are sure and have got the answers you want. Don't let the doctors push you around. I have found that in everyone's life there is always something, some stress to deal with, somehow it gives me comfort to know that it is a normal thing :-), hope it helps. Sending hugs and lots of love. All is well.

studio lolo said...

It does sound as if you're on top of things Suki. Your intuition will guide you as well as knowledgeable people who want the best for you.
One thing I forgot to mention in my email if you DO have a stress test, the nuclear stress test is the most accurate one for women. (sorry Lynn!) After having two without, the nuclear one was so much more informative and clear as well as easier to interpret. I'd never have one without it again as it would be a waste of time. And stress tests are not easy as it is.

Too much overload, I know. Sorry.

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow no matter what your decision is.

hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Love and prayers.