Thursday, December 09, 2010

Off Course

Our sleigh was horseless,
paint peeled, rusty runners,
the name all but worn away.

Our ride was harried,
steep upward climbs
gleeful downhill careenings:
a wintery marriage.

A hot passion:
the twang of your guitar,
the flare of your welding torch,
the scratch of pen on paper.

Amber liquid, glass after glass
tender eyes shifting to pain.
For ten years we slipped and slid

and then:
the steering broken
the crash echoing among the hills.

Photo taken and shared with us by Willow. Read more poems and stories based on this photo at Magpie Tales.

This is not meant as a video but using the video setting on my camera is the only way I can record my voice reading "Off Course." Maybe someday I'll be more savey.


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Perfect for the 'season', love the visual images your words put before my eyes...

Tess Kincaid said...

A sad story, beautifully told. I like the earthiness here; the welding torch is so sensual and such a contrast against the snow. I'll be thinking about it all afternoon.

Lynn said...

I do enjoy listening to you reading your poetry Suki. I wish you could point the camera at yourself doing the reading. There must be a way. ;-)
So well written.
Hope you are doing well in all ways.

Robin said...

Powerful......and now, I know a little more about I can relate to all of the haunting imagery!

I just love hearing yoy and Willow read your poems aloud.


♥ Robin ♥

Mim said...


studio lolo said...

Winter is the perfect backdrop for your poem. The heat is very much felt, but so is the turmoil and the careening end.
Wonderful Suki. And so nice to hear you read it.♥

studio lolo said...

I forgot to tell how that I love the new, festive header!♥

Annie said...

I think this is a favorite, so much here to love. It has that bittersweetness I adore. Good job.
Thank you for reading it.

~Babs said...

Beautiful header Suki!

Almost haunting, this poem,,,,,very well done. I can feel some of your history here,,even if I'd not known it before hand.
"sukipoet" is a title you well deserve,,,

Katiejane said...

I like this poem. Draws me in.

myla said...

Hope u get well sooooooooooooon Suki. :D

Marion said...

I love hearing you read your poetry, Suki, it deepens our connection somehow.

It's a beautiful, sad and powerful read it with such pathos. Wonderful!