Friday, November 12, 2010

The Dressing Table

Because I moved into Mom's bedroom, I have had the pleasure of looking at and using this dressing table. I always wanted a dressing table. My Gram had one much like this that was supposed to be mine but was sold. I hope I get to keep this one as I love it.

I couldnt get this in the right light for a good photo. I bought it at the artists open door tour. The shells are from Ocracoke and the feathers from a woodpecker.

The biopsy procedure went well, though was uncomfortable while happening. The nurse said the results might be in today, so I may call and inquire. I'm not sure if they will give them over the phone. Otherwise I have to wait till next Thursday.

Later that day I went out to a free herbal talk at the library. I saw an elderly woman there who was rather eccentrically dressed. She wore some kind of rabbit skin hat on her head, among other odd clothing. The herbal woman called her by name and I realized she lived next door to myself and my husband and young son back in the late 70's when we owned a house up here for a few years.

In fact she chased after my husband something wicked. Then she turned agin us. After I moved, a neighbor took a photo of bags of trash she (according to the neighbor) dumped on my porch. I didnt remind her of these things. In fact, she had to work a bit to recall that era in her life. She is now in her late 70's. We exchanged phone numbers as she lives close by. We obviously share an interest in herbs if nothing else.

Tonight there is a free poetry reading which I hope to feel energized to attend. May you all have a wonderful weekend. What fun things are you doing?


willow said...

Oh, dear, I had to chuckle at the thought of the herbal woman, with her furry headpiece, oblivious to the fact that she chased after your husband. Life is funny, isn't it?

I'm thinking good thoughts for you today.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

I am constantly behind in visiting, so didn't know about your 'ladygarden' read back a few posts. Ladies our age with 'ladygardenectomies' pretty much say 'good thing' as I do. I had a wonderful Dr (I can see why wealthy people fly to visit their valued Doctors) and no repercussions at all and recovered pretty quickly. My uterine fibroids were large, so I have an nice scar from my navel to my nether regions, and I still have to get up in the night to pee (was hoping that was due to my uterus pushing on my bladder) . I did read with trepidation on the interwebs about bad outcomes of having a hysterectomy but at least for me, it was a good thing.

Love the dressing table and while I am not into antiques now, really would love to have my mom's Danish Modern dressing table one day.

Lovely dreamcatcher and the woodpecker feathers are so pretty!

Katiejane said...

What a small world it is! How strange that you two would bump into each other again after all these years. Circle of Life.
Your dressing table is very pretty. I do hope you can keep this one this time.
So glad the biopsy is over and I am keeping my fingers crossed for good results.

Robin said...

Hi Suki! I am so happy you are busy (as well as brave.....)- congrats again for letting "Pippi" lead you to moving that biopsy up... I hope you get the results today - and that they are fine.

I am also proud you went out and about afterwards.... but the story of the furry-hatted woman is too funny....and laden with irony!
Glsd you exchanged numbers!

I love your Mum's beautiful dressing table....enjoy it - and KEEP IT! The dreamcatcher is beautiful - and so perfect for you! your reflection in the mirror... your new hairstyle is truly becoming!

As for my weekend..going to a belated "Birthday Lunch" with some Opera colleagues today, errands tomorrow - and Sunday, working at the de Young....

Sending you and Bibs many hugs and much love,

♥ Robin ♥

Annie said...

Suki, I am so glad they moved up your appointment and that it went well. Saying prayers for a positive outcome.
Loved your story about the herbal
woman :-).

studio lolo said...

jeepers Suki, I've been scarce the past few days. If I had time to do a quick post then I didn't have much time to visit after.

I'm glad the biopsy is behind you. I'll email you.

I love the dressing table. And I love how much color surrounds you now! It will help you through the winter.
If there's a window or doorway near your bed you should place the dreamcatcher there. It's supposed to let good dreams through and escort bad dreams out ;)

What a hoot running into crazy herbal woman. I hope today's connection will be more positive.


Lynn said...

Suki, I see the doll I copied in fabric!!! I see your pretty rug you brought out recently to brighten your life. I see the cute figurine on that wonderful dressing table! I love seeing YOU in your posts if even behind your beloved camera. Fun to be brought into a friends life this way, the intimacy of your boudouir. Love your sitting up pillow on the bed too. Great for reading in bed.
I too am hoping for a positive outcome of that ultra sound. And glad that ordeal is behind you now.
As for furry hatted man chasing woman, I do hope she has forgotten how to be nasty and meanspirited. If not you'll just walk away from her again. Hopefully, her forgetfulness has brought her to a nicer place in life.
Ah the weekend. Today I will be digging through flannel fabric stash looking for the right pieces to make a flannel stuffed snake for my grand daughter (her request); and perhaps designing the stuffed guitar my GS wants me to make him. The rest of the weekend is not planned out. Anything can happen!!! ;-)

Mary said...

haha--that is a great how things come around...and good luck--they should be able to tell you the results by phone or they'll ask you to come in...i'll be thinking of you ;-)

kj said...

suki, the bedroom looks lovely. i love the wall color and of course the dresser is beautiful. i love that era of furniture.

and that herbal woman! i can't believe you exchanged phone numbers. i must carry a grudge....
:) haha

here's wishing you a wonderful weekend. today is a super day here in the valley. i hope for you too

patti said...

The crazy herbal woman sounds like quite a character!

Good that you are distracting yourself while you wait to hear your results.

This weekend I will be taking my son to the beach, so I might just go down and sit under the huge pine trees and watch the surf - I need to get away from all these boxes!!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I hope the results come back fast and on the phone and are good. I got all mine on the phone. As for the furniture, I thought you had inherited all that. Take belongs to you.

Mim said...

I had as much fun reading all the comments as the original posts! furry headpiece, how ODD