Tuesday, November 09, 2010

another mandala

I took the dragonfly theme I explored in the previous mandala and used it as the base image for this one. Again some watercolor, Micron pen and Sargent liquid metals pens.

After the rain stopped yesterday I took a walk and found a few little fellas growing out there.
Nice fall colors.

I made several calls last week to try and move my biopsy appointment up and failed. I tried again yesterday and can maybe have one on Friday with a different doctor as long as he doesnt have to leave to deliver a baby. I will call again today to see if "my" doctor has any cancellations today that I can squeeze in to. I feel like I just want to get a hysterectomy and be done with it. But I don't think they'd do it on my word alone. Need the tests first.

I admit I have been very lucky health-wise through the years. I was in the hospital overnight for a tonsillectomy when I was quite young and then later, to give birth. I almost died several days after the tonsillectomy from a hemorrhage, but as you can see, I didnt.

Otherwise, just the usual small things. In the past 20 years, I have rarely gone to a doctor , but have kept up my health checkups with my homeopathist/nurse practitioner. So that's all the news that isn't from New Hampshire.


willow said...

Your dragonflies are wonderful, Suki! Also enjoyed seeing those little fellas peeping out from the leaves. Hope it works out to move your appointment up. Waiting in limbo is no fun.

Annie said...

I love the dragonfly theme! These are very powerful mandalas Suki.
I am saying prayers that you can get your test Friday, I know waiting it so hard. Hugs.xoxo

Robin said...

Thinking of you today....I am so proud of you for being courageous and getting an earlier appointment.

This mandala is wonderful...I love your colour sense and of course, the themes you are working with.
Both mandalas are so full of hope!

Sending you love and prayers.

Love to you and Bibs,

♥ Robin ♥

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Another lovely mandala. Hope you get that earlier appointment. I know about waiting. It's not easy. You want to get on with healing and life. I hope things work out for the good.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This mandala is a beauty...lovely images and colors!
Best of luck moving your appointment and cutting this waiting time. You have been remarkably healthy over the years and my best that it will continue!
Rich wet autumn colors.

marianne said...

Oh wow Suki this one is stunning!!!!!!

Hope they can squeeze you in Being in uncertainty is worse.
My niece has been diagnosed with breast cancer and her operation has been postponed 2 days.... that sucks I think.
Indeed whatever is there has to go out......

Stay positive I know you will dear

Hugs M

Lynn said...

Those mushroom photos are stunning works of art!
I also like the dragon flies!
I do hope you get this health issue whatever it is out of the way so you can get on with healthy living!!!!

Mim said...

i had a hysterectomy 5 years ago - best thing I did! once I was over healing - it's been great. Had it due to huge fibroids - plus my mom had ovarian cancer so I didn't want to take a chance...

good luck suki - will be thinking of you

Katiejane said...

I like your mandalas. The self portrait is very good.
So hoping everyting goes well with the biopsy.

~Babs said...

Great mandala,,,your dragonflies Are still buzzing around you.

Hoping you got your appointment re-arranged, and certainly eager to hear great news about the biopsy!
Hang in there,,,not easy, no,,,but often we have no choice.

Lisa M Griffin said...

I lovely dragonflies. Thanks for sharing!

kj said...

TSUP! TSUP! suki. that means a kiss to wish you a quick biopsy and more mandalas. take care of yourself please

you are a very talented artist. i am so glad you are painting and i want to know more about the books you have written.

YogaforCynics said...

And best wishes on the biopsy.
Doctors have been driving me nuts lately...

layers said...

I love dragonflies, and your autumn images are beautiful and best wishes on your health issue.