Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Delightful purchases and gifts

I purchased these sweet cards by Lolo to use at Christmas.

And she gifted me with a framed print of this lovely calming lady. Isnt it sweet.

I bought one of Mim's soft, felted bowls. They came in various sizes and colors.

And I part bought and part traded for this fun kitty by Chewy. I wish I had bought more things but I get to big events like this and become overwhelmed and I don't think right. Remember, I spend my days in contact with NO Live People. Day after day. Then, there I am among hundreds. I really think that when you live in isolation, you become uncivilized or uncultured in a sense.

In other words, to be among people, to live in peace, one must constantly adjust one's druthers. Yield to another's viewpoint and needs. Move back and forth, be flexible. Whereas when one lives alone, one is queen. And serf all rolled into one.


Annie said...

Suki, I understand. However, for me I am usually so hungry to be around people that I tend to be in complete bliss, but sometimes it is as you say. I love all your gifts and purchases, beautiful.
You are such a generous and loving person. Don't forget to direct some of that love at yourself :-).

kj said...

i love what annie said, suki.

to be within and without: not always easy. it a wonderful thing that you came to the YART. i hope you will again. i imagined you singing with us on saturday night and i hope that may be part of our collective next time.

i am amazed at how precious connections are made among good people. thank you for being here, suki. ♥

Lynn said...

You came away with some real treasures Suki, and I am sure the being there with all the people was a treasure too.
I can imagine the culture shock for you...perhaps when you move to a more populated area you will find this easier over time.

Robin said...

Suki, I do understand..... these past months, I have, for the first time, spent a lot of time ALONE 24/7....and it does affect one's emotional level when suddenly you are surrounded by many people....all the laughter, the noise, the can overwhelm!

KJ was right.... I think you would have loved the evening gathering - after most people had gone....the singing was reminiscent of an earlier, gentler time.... it was sweet and calm.

Next year....will be even better!

I love what you bought....those cards of Lo's caught my eye too!
And Mim's bowl....

Know that you ARE truly loved by us all.


♥ Robin ♥

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Great fun you had and good loot!
They are more treasures because of the sweet connection. Are you far from town? I used to go to coffee shops when I was new in town...just to have conversation and be with others?

sukipoet said...

Annie, I would say I was in bliss, but at the same time sort of not myself. I do best with smaller groups otherwise I feel I fade into the woodwork.

But I totally adored seeing all the wonderful folks.

Blue Sky: yes but you live in a very cultural/hip/cafe bountiful (I am assuming) area. Remember, this is sort of like being in Antartica. There are very few cafes, many of which close in the winter. Up here, the best way to meet people is most likely church and that's carrying things to far for me, I just don't like the church lectures.

On the cape I felt like my yoga class was my church and I met many new friends there and also the meditation group and classes I took. There is some of that here but you have to drive so far for them.

I have taken quite a number of creative workshops in the area but no one I have met has "stuck" in real life if you know what I mean. This may be my fault. Not sure. Thanks for the ideas! I appreciate them.

studio lolo said...

No matter how short the visit, it will always be special to me.
I'm glad you were able to get around to all of us bloggers. I was overwhelmed at times myself. Crowds are not my strong point.

I'm glad you like your cards and gift.♥

Kimmie said...

I understand what you're describing ..... I will hope for you to find some kindred spirit(s) to come out and play :)

~Babs said...

I adore ALL the art you've shown us here,,,so much talent wrapped up in that space.
I understand your feelings too, although it's been a long time since I've walked in your shoes. Isolation,,, over a period of time, and before long we tend to close up,,,just like the shops and cafes in winter.
You have lots of blooming to do yet, Suki, when you find your garden.Don't stop searching,,,

Dianne said...

Oh Suki, what a wonderful day it must have been, meeting some of your blogger friends! I love your purchases that probably come with special meanings. I can understand you must have felt overwhelmed by all the people, when you are so much more accustomed to your own company.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The gifts you bought for yourself are wonderful. I know the feeling of being overwhelmed when around many people. I do better in small groups. I live a quiet life.

willow said...

Ooo...I love that woolly bowl!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

You bought some nice Art pieces. and some nice memories. I too get overwhelmed with to large a crowd. Not my favorite either. Glad you went tho. Good for you to get away from there now and then.

Mim said...

I think we all get overwhelmed at times - but honesty Suki - you do not "fade into the woodwork" - you stood out with you lovely beret and green sweater and glow.

It was great to see you

lesley said...

Oh, druthers...that's a word I haven't heard used in an age!
But I hear what you say about being among people - having the studio open actually gives me more contact than I am comfortable with sometimes, and I long for long alone times.
As with everything, balance is all, I guess?
L x

Anonymous said...

Bella Puss

Bella Puss is the belle of the ball.
She likes sardine sandwiches.
A smile brightens her face
as she moves with grace,
dancing all over the place.

Bella Puss loves to shop at the mall.
She likes golden tiaras.
A sale catches her eye
as she strolls on by,
lots of cute baubles to buy.

sukipoet said...

Chewy, what a fun poem! Now I didnt buy Bella Puss did I? What's the name of my kitty, I mean the one you painted.