Saturday, September 04, 2010


Benjamin Franklin said, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

I have spent the past year and six months learning. I have searched for a way to live in the northeast that would be frugal. I have looked at expensive (to me) homes usually needing work on the Cape with low property taxes, less expensive and tidier homes in New Hampshire/Vt with huge property taxes which would mean the yearly living expenses would be very high. I have also looked at homes in Western Mass which are sort of in between these two.

I have determined there is no way for me to live frugally in the northeast. There would have been had I bought my house back in the early 90's, but now house prices are so high that frugality seems to go out the window. (Even though prices are down, they are still high to me). I am done banging my head against a brick wall, trying to make "reality" conform to my desire to live frugally, among friends, in a landscape I love.

Only 6 years ago I lived on $10,000/year! How could things have changed in just six years. It doesnt seem that long ago to me. I dont give up easily, but I am damaging my health and sanity by this searching, searching, searching. I have to give up some of my ideas about how to live, in order to move on and be open to the unknown. I wish I werent so stubborn sometimes.

Truthfully, I feel as if I have been asleep since Mom died almost two years ago. I am just now waking up.

Ben also said, "Remember that time is money."

This is often interpreted to mean so get out there and earn money, there isn't much time. To me it means, when I take time to process things slowly, to learn slowly and reflect, I am doing the equivalent of earing money. The time to ponder, to me, is as valuable as money is to others. When I lie in my hammock under the trees and daydream, I am not lazy, I am earning money. By that definition I am rich. And also thrifty as I am not spending a penny.


Marion said...

Often, after a close relative dies, there is a period of time where life slows down, nothing makes much sense, and things just seem to pass one by. It sounds as if you're coming out of this healing time period.

Daydreaming is a great way to find out what your inner goals are. You're on your way, Suki! You'll find your place...hang in there!

kj said...

i love what you have written here, suki. it makes me happy for you.

i would add one piece: avoid toxic people. don't let them enter your space. don't live near them.


love always

ps honest to god, the word verf is nests. that is what you are writing about, metaphorically, right? :)

Robin said...

Suki, I just sent you an e-mail - BEFORE I read your post.... I hope you don't let go of wanting to get off of the "Mountain"....there are still other options.

I will try and call you early next week.... at the Opera today and tomorrow and will get home too late to call.

Love and Courage!

Kiss Bibs for me.

♥ Robin ♥

Kim said...

Suki, I have to say I agree with Robin, don't give up hope for getting off the mountain, because there are always other options for you. You can be thrifty, but it is also important to take care of yourself on all levels. Remember to give doors space to open and they will.

Hang in there Sweet Suki!

Anyes said...

Suki, You are right it is hard to find an affordable home nowadays.

10 years ago, we were looking for a place for ourselves and after having seen about 50 houses and being so frustrated, I wrote on a piece of paper the "list" of everything I wanted my home to be... Within exactly one month (the truth!)we found our home.

I have not looked back since. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose. Good Luck on your quest, Suki

Britt-Arnhild said...

I am sending you my best wishes Suki.

Annie said...

Suki, sometimes it is hard to change our habits. I don't believe in being frugal, it is a limited trap. I don't mean spend like a crazy person, but there comes a point when you have to live and trust. Be free Suki. We all know and you know that Cape Coddy is your place. Follow your dear heart and let go. And I agree with Kj.AVOID TOXIC PEOPLE. Love and many hugs. xoxo

Annie said...

I forgot, I agree that daydreaming and relaxing earn money! xoxo

Mim said...

I would just echo everyone else if I wrote anything

There's always Tennessee - I hear it's the place to go and inexpensive. What about Asheville???

Lynn said...

Well written piece but leaves me wondering...are you considering relocating to a different part of the country/world? What states are most affordable? Do they have what you want in culture, art, etc.?

sukipoet said...

Lynn, I have often thought of going south, where living is cheaper. however, i am pretty much a New Englander but birth and habit though I have lived in CA, Missouri and NY. And Ohio. I am glad to be near my son, after years of not being near him so would hate to move too far away. On the other hand, if I knew of a little cabin in a hot place near the water I might go.

patti said...

Moving is a big life change, even if its just around the corner, so it's good to take your time to think about things first.

I really hope your searching rewards you with a solution.

The sunny cabin in the south sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Open and trust. The Universe could surprise you.

studio lolo said...

I just emailed you before reading this post.

I do NOT think you'd be happy in the south. (No offense to Southerners.) Yes, you may be able to get an affordable house but you'd still be somewhere HOT, HUMID and among strangers.

I have a friend who bought a home in a lovely area of Florida because she could afford it. She's always here now at her daughter's house in MA. She never goes out when she's home in FL and when asked why she says "because Florida's out there." She hates it. That doesn't mean you would, but she's a die-hard new Englander as well and her spirit is just dead in FL.

Bottom line is, you need to do what feels good and right to you.
I think at this point you're just not sure yourself what this is anymore.

Read my email. Hopefully something I said will make sense.

I do wish you many blessings along the way. Stay strong. Filter out the BS, mine included ;)

♥ lolo ♥

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Things have changed Suki because we are in a resession. Nows the time to buy that house because once its over things could go sky high. Its hard to be frugal in this life now a days but you need to get away from toxic people and go where you are loved. I agree with Lolo.. You wont be happy where it is humid and you cant go outside in the summer.

glitz said...

It does sound like you are just coming out of that "fug" that surrounds us when we are grieving; when the world can just seem overwhelming.
Hang in there - if you feel you have a spiritual home then the path towards it will open before you.
Trust your guardian angels!
Loosen up, relax, laugh...and receive!

Dianne said...

Hi Suki, I am sorry to hear you are still searching for a place to rest your head. I have been away from blogging for the whole of this year and so I have a lot of reading to do to catch up with my friends from afar. Daydreaming is about looking into yourself and this has to be a good thing. x x x

Katiejane said...

Suki, I hope you find your ideal life. I think I am doing well if I can get by on 50K a year! As you know, richness is not valued in bank accounts, but in how well you invest your time.