Thursday, September 02, 2010

I am now a public entity

Or something like that. Yesterday the doorbell rang. About the only people who ring it are my son, my brother or the fuel man. But none of them were standing on my porch when I opened the door.

A man I had never seen before, hair neatly combed and dressed in a pin striped short sleeved shirt and navy slacks, introduced himself and said, "I was just passing by and thought I'd stop in. ( Passing by??? I live out on a dirt road to nowhere. You don't just pass by). "You have a birthday coming up," he said.

"Who are you and how do you know that," I asked. He was an insurance salesman and "they" let him know about upcoming 65th birthday people. What. Big brother is alive and well! I had been warned that I might receive phone calls and/or letters from insurance people but not in person visits.

What is it about becoming 65 that suddenly makes you prey to all the salesmen vultures out there?? Do they assume you are addled? Personally, I hang up on unsolicited phone calls from people I don't know. It may be rude but that's the way it is. If I want insurance or anything else I will call people and inquire about it.

Ah well, I guess it's just another adventure on life's road. At least I didn't catch his nose in the door when I slammed it. (Just kidding).


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I know how you feel in that we live just off a busy road and people stop here trying to sell us stuff often. Very aggravating. I have learned not to open the door. I would think it most disconcerting to get someone on your doorstep where you live. Ihope this was the last of the unwanted solicitation.

Mim said...

I think that is Very Strange. I'm glad you shut the door, did he have a car that you could see???


Well, when I turned 50 I started getting all that AARP stuff - I kept wondering how "they" knew but it's public record isn't it?

Annie said...

A phone call is one thing, but a drop in! It is rude. Something to look forward to as I get older :-).
Hugs. xoxo

studio lolo said...

jeez Suki, I would have found that a bit unnerving and frightening!

My sister will be 66 this month and she has had a myriad of phone calls and letters inquiring if she has adequate 'coverage' and all. Thank goodness she lives in the other half of a duplex she sold to her youngest daughter so she feels safe.
I would have definately gotten that "Big Brother" feeling if I were you!

I know when you're ready the road is waiting for you and it will lead you home.
No, there are no guarantees that guys with pin-striped shirts won't show up. But when they do, it will be on your terms ;)

I miss seeing you on my blog. I think you'd enjoy the pics of Marianne and Felix.

Looking so forward to meeting you (finally) in October! (you, robin, kj, mim, me, chewey, cs...and others! WOW.)

Stay calm...hugs to you and Bibs.♥

Lynn said...

That has not happened to me and I would not have opened the door in the first place. I can peek out to see who is there. I do not know them? I do not answer.
I did get and still do get a lot of advertizements for bathroom upgrades, etc. since blogging about our house renovations. So is that from blogging about it? Putting it on facebook? Or from the stores where I made my purchases? Wondering?

Lisa said...

oye...i don't like solicitors calling on the phone or ringing the doorbell but then we have two big dogs in the yard who keep strangers at bay..(even though they are very gentle).

m. heart said...

I'm with you Suki, very private and not particularly pleasant when someone is invading my home turf and disturbing me.

I don't open the door. I've even gone all the way to the door so I'm looking out at someone through the windwo (usually Jehovah's Witnesses) and if I don't know them I've turned away. Especially if it's a man.

Kimmie said...

that's kinda creepy .... when I'm home alone and someone comes to the door I know ahead of time cuz my dog barks like a maniac .... and I just hide until they leave. No kidding. I'll be 50 - I hope that doesn't mean anything to anybody out there :)

willow said...

You can never be too careful about people posing as salesmen, or otherwise. You did the right thing, Suki.

marianne said...

Scary in all ways!
Please be careful...
Outrageous too! BB is watching.
Here we have new laws about all those calls and I have found a way to cut it short also people at the door.
It is most irritating.

Take care dear!

patti said...

What cheek! Good for you closing the door in his face!

Kim said...

This is so annoying.

Of course I sometimes get things like that, too...some of your trees need to be checked, the pointing on your chimney needs to be taken care of, you need a lawn service... I never go to the door, if I am home alone and sometimes I don't if I am not alone. I only answer my mobile phone, but let the land line use the machine, because every night at dinner time someone wants money! Like you, if I need something or desire to give money I will seek out the service myself! Crazy World!

Be Safe, My Friend!

...louciao... said...

Very creepy. I'd call your insurance company and lodge a complaint...but that would probably just draw more attention to yourself. No, slamming the door or the phone is the best response. My standard refrain is, "Sorry, not interested"--slam! Polite rudeness: polite because it's another human being, rude because they're being intrusive.

Robin said...

Suki, I can really relate now that I am all alone and not working....I NEVER even answer my phone without screening my calls (as you know)...or my front door.
During this past census, I was leving for a job interview...and imagine my shock to find a man sitting RIGHT OUTSIDE my apartment door. One of the other tenants had given him access to our house - and I guess he heard my movements inside. It was really scary and very invasive. He would NOT let me get by him - and kept trying to get e t answer his questions....I was already late - and now - I insisted he leave the building at once.

You did the RIGHT thing.... these people are too pushy - and in these crazy days - when a woman is alone - you MUST be careful!

Sending you many hugs!

Love to you and Bibs,

♥ Robin ♥

sukipoet said...

robin your comment brings to mind the fact that a census taker came here and was very insistent on my answering his questions. I had sent in my census for but he said they had no record of it. I did answer some of his questions, standing in the breezeway, but now feel I should have sent him away with no answers. How do I really know who he is.

Hilarywho said...

I'm with you - there's no way I'd ever buy anything anyone was trying to sell me over the phone or at my door. I just say "no"!

Twelve or fifteen years ago when I lived out in the country on a dirt road, in a house that was set far off the dirt road and surrounded by trees, I was floored when some religious types came up to my door to save me. They happened to arrive on the day of my father-in-laws funeral, which we'd just arrived home from attending. I was in no mood for these trespassers. I opened the door, told them to kindly go away, and then shut the door rather forcefully.

I was surprised when this was followed by another knock.

I couldn't believe it! But it seems I'd slammed the door on the poor girls dress!

Anonymous said...

"just passing by?"
I would say, "I don't think so." (slam)

I got a call the other day from one of my magazine subscriptions which I had already decided not to renew. The woman quickly notified me she was calling about the magazine... then she started asking how I was... I hesitantly said "okay"... and THEN she asked, "What is the weather like in Massachusetts today?" - I said, "I am not going to chit-chat with you." - Jeesh... I don't mind a quick call to ask for a renewal... but don't waste my time asking me unrelated personal questions.

The fearless threader said...

We get people calling all the time trying to get us to switch utility companies, and my response is always,"Not interested", but they never give up! I too don't like getting calls I'm not expecting or visitors I do not know.

Anonymous said...

That would be illegal in Canada. We have very strict privacy laws. When I bought a sofa, the store took the liberty of adding me to their marketing list so that I received coupons in the mail from them after that. I wrote a letter right away to point out that they had violated the law because I had not signed an "Opt In" clause. The mailings stopped immediately.