Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Provincetown, Tworkov and Miss Emily

My last little vacation trip was to Provincetown to see the Jack Tworkov show at the art museum. I arrived so early, to avoid the traffic, that I walked around for awhile and found this sign. No bikes in sight though. Of course not much opens in P-town until 11am so I had a long wait.

Just one of the many cute buildings in the town. The Tworkov show was very well put together, moving from early work to later and including a display of letters written to him by the likes of Bill de Kooning and so forth. Later, I went into a small gallery down by WOMR radio and found another display of Tworkov's pencil sketches.

A peek-a-boo hint of the harbor. I returned to New Hampshire safely to find Miss Emily on the edge of death. She is at the vets now being rehydrated. I visited her today and am close to thinking I must put her to sleep. She is so listless and sad. She became emaciated in the three weeks I was gone and lost so much weight that she got fatty liver. She can't focus and seems dazed. Today they are trying feeding tubes to see if that will help.

There is another very stressful situation that arose too toward the end of my vacation. So I may not write much while I try to work things out. Thank you all for your comments on my vacation posts. I am slowly reading a few of your posts, but I'll never catch up to three weeks worth! Namaste, Suki


Katiejane said...

Oh dear, poor Miss Em. I'm so sorry to hear that she isn't doing well. Maybe she'll perk up now that you're back. I'm glad you had a nice vacation. Getting away for a while is so mind-clearing. Hope you work out your problems.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Poor Miss Emily. You will have to do what is best for her. I am glad you have returned home. You were needed. I enjoy seeing the peeks you give us of your outings.

Julie said...

I am sorry to hear about Emily...hope she will pick up and be OK!!!

willow said...

Oh, I'm so sad to hear about Miss Emily. Peace and blessings to you, Suki. Good to know you are home, safe and sound.

Kelly said...

I am very sorry to hear about Miss Emily, Suki. My heart goes out to you both.

Lynn said...

Did someone not take good care of the cat or was she having health issues before you left? How sad either way. So sorry and hope she can be revived. Such a sweet kitty.

I am glad the three weeks went well. But sorry to hear there is something else you need to "clean up"...hope not too serious.

Wishing you well in all ways.
No need to catch up...just come in when you can.

kj said...

i am thinking about you faithfully and deeply, suki. i am so sorry. i know you will do what is best for miss emily, and i pray you will do what is best for you.

these pictures of ptown are a special gift to me. thank you, friend.

with love

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Three week vacation...time has passed by so fast! Sorry for your worries over Miss Emily...keep us posted!

patti said...

Love to Miss Em and to you Suki. I hope there is a turn for the better for both of you soon. xx

Mim said...

poor little kitty - but you will do what's best for her. I'm glad you had a good vacation - did the cape call to you?

soulbrush said...

oh no, this is awful. and even more stuff happening too, please keep us informed, such sad news.

studio lolo said...

Oh Suki, I feared this would be the case. I'm so terribly sorry for you and your sweet cat.

I have seen many cases of hepatic lipidosis. If you would like some friendsly council, please email me. I'd be happy to call you and hold your hand through this.

It's so sad to come home to another crisis after your wonderful trip away.

I'm here if you need to talk.


Jason said...

So thrilled you posted your visited to PAAM for the Jack Tworkov show! And that you made it down the street to see the exhibition of the artist's drawings at ARTstrand.

Jason Andrew
Curator, Estate of Jack Tworkov

Josh Healy said...

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Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

So sorry about Miss Em. She hasnt been to well I know but it still hurts when they get sicker. Thinking of you. You've always done the best for her and she knows it.

marianne said...

O no poor kitty and poor you!
My heart breaks.......
You take your time to do the things you have to do .
Wish you strength and wisdom.