Friday, July 23, 2010

Untitled poem

At the guest cottage
I sit on the deck in the sun
sipping tea,
trying to recover from my life's
self-created confusion.

Surprisingly, behind the cottage,
there are woods.
Birds dip and chirp,
rabbits scurry.

The landscape could have been barren,
reflecting the condition of my soul.
Though a flat, sandy vista has
its own desolate and lonely beauty.

But instead--this paradise of
leaves and twisted branches
where I can walk my dry heart into moisture,
where I can float into mist-filled green,
and dance with the fairies.

Not sure I like the dance with the faries part but at least I wrote something.

PS I even got asked out on a date!! But am not going. Like G. very much as a painter and eccentric soul, but do not want any romantic stuff in my life right now and although I am not attracted in that way I think he might be. Still, fun to be asked.


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...'s self-created confusion. I know how that feels, too, Suki. And I like the 'walk my dry heart into moisture' line, too.

I would like to go out on a date, and am disappointed the relationship between the Dr and me never materialized, but I messed up and wrote him some impatient, cruel words and he wrote back saying there could never be anything between mistake though I have a feeling there was more to that than what he wrote.

This self-created confusion--that is what my basement is to my life--last session with my therapist she said it was 'coloring' everything in my life and she is right.

So, because we are slow at work right now, I have 4 days off and am getting to work on it and have a friend coming over next weekend to help me with the computers and TiVo and to keep pushing me to finish and 'get on with living'.

Robin said...

Ah, Suki....I am in love with this poem.... your words immediately conjured up an image of where you "are' right now.....and, you are in a good place. (Figuratively and literally..)

And, whether you want do date or much fun to be asked out and to have an admirer! (Go Girl!) As your photo revealed to us - you are a lovely woman!
Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend! (And have a lobster roll for me!)

Love, from (still) foggy and cold SF,

♥ Robin ♥

Anonymous said...

I imagine lightning bugs as the fairies. (smile)
Some people find it hard to believe that I am single. I have been most my life. I sorta like it that way. I have very special life long friends and, thanks to the internet, I have made new friends and found some old friends.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Poetry speaks from the soul to the soul . . . I love poetry. Healing happens in poems.

I've just caught up with your latest whirlwind adventure -- I've laughed, cheered, applauded, and wiped away tears. Your life is rich in emotion (which can be misconstrued as confusion) -- celebrate that you can feel so much good.

I'm astonished at the realty thing . . . where is the honor in that profession? I see you still seek your "home" and I KNOW it is sitting quiet somewhere waiting for you (it may not even be on the market yet).

These days I am learning to "live the questions" rather than wrack my brain and heart for answers about some things that just cannot be explained. I strive to simply accept what IS and let the confusion fall away. Your poem says it well (and I like the fairies). Spread new wings Suki . . . it sounds like you are blossoming in this land you visit. It "sounds" like you've come home. Shed the cocoon and unfurl the wings slowly. Pippi takes flight! Bravo Pippi!

XO ~~ Debbie (casual blogger)
: D

Liza said...

I like the dance with fairies part.

"where I can walk my dry heart into moisture"
That line is a Stunner!

Thanks for sharing this.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Good expressive piece of writing. Your vacation is taking on all sorts of adventures...your words express a place of clarity...!

~Babs said...

Love Hollyhocks.
"Self created confusion" often finds it's way into our lives, doesn't it? I really like how you wrote this poem.

A date request,,,how flattering. I agree, very nice to be asked, and better yet to realize that you don't want to.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Lovely poem and for all the reasons mentioned before me. I just watched a movie I didnt think I would like called PS I LOVE YOU.
with Hilary swank. I almost quit watching but it finally started making sense. Showing from losing her husband & causing this self distruction sort of thing that a push from a surprising someone made her move on & see what she could accomplish & be happy. It applies to anyone or thing going on in our lives.

Teri C said...

Wonderful heartfelt poem.
Fun catching up on your life here.

Love the header too.

Mim said...

well my goodness -- you little spicy thing you! Date, and poems - what next????
lovely post

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This vacation is agreeing with you. A good poem and an offer of a date. Whooo hooooo. I think I would be writing poems too.

patti said...

'where I can walk my dry heart into moisture' is a great line Suki - love the poetry - it shows how in touch you are with your self.

Woo Hoo a date! It is lovely that you were asked, even if you didn't go :)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh by the way I forgot to mention the Date invitation. Good signs of things opening up to you... even if you're not that interested.

...louciao... said...

Gee whiz, is it fairy season or something? I just did a post on my other (non-art) blog about fairies and now here they are flitting about your blog as well. Magic is definitely in the air! And obviously your enchantment is spreading: Nice, indeed, to be asked out on a date, and to have the self assurance to decline the offer.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

It sounds like you are moving Suki, moving along in the swim of things.

Lynn said...

Does going out have to mean romance? Can it just be a fun night on the town? Just wondering...since I am not single, I may not be the one to comment on this part of your life. Glad you are back to writing!!!!

Marion said...

I love the line "walk my dry heart into moisture"...truly love it.

Congratulations on having an admirer! It sounds like it might be fun to just go out and enjoy another's company.

soulbrush said...

what a gorgeous poem, i say 'go girl' and even if it is an hour of your life, that hour will be added to your wonderful memories.

studio lolo said...

suki, just taking a quick break from our family visitors to say you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

brilliant poem...I love the metaphors, even the fairies.

And I agree about being asked out on a wonderful is it just to be asked, to be noticed?

Hurray!!! I'm feeling a new surge of life here!


marianne said...

Lovely poem Suki!
And it is always good to be asked for a date!!!

Lovely pictures from there Suki!
Enjoy the rest of your stay!

Annie said...

Lovely poem Suki. I have missed you. I have come back from my trip confused, so I can relate. I am glad you at least have a wonderful place to "be" right now. Hugs.xoxo

layers said...

people who write poetry always amaze me- as I can't-- your words are beautiful and full of visual imagery.