Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine

Louise Bourgeois died on Monday at the age of 98. She was a sculptor, installation artist and fascinating woman. I have viewed several movies about her. This one most recently, and I thought it excellent. Beware however, some of her images may "shock" you. They are often quite erotic. She believes in putting her emotional reactions to life out there in her work. I think she was a genius. And an inspiration: I read that she work on her art right up until her death. For many years she worked in near obscurity. Now, she is one of the most famous female sculptors of recent times.


Mary said...

i was lucky enough to see an amazing retrospective of her life's work at the pompidou when i was in paris two summers ago...a very interesting and amazing woman who worked all her life and integrated so much family history, etc. into her work. very cool and i love that she lived so long ;-)

Robin said...

She was the shining example of a fearless artist - whose creative energy takes over her entire being.
I liked a lot of her art - even the erotic pieces... but the giagantic spider....no, no.... still, it provoked a response, an emotion from me - and ultimately, I think that was the core of her inner self.... create emotion - make your viewer react!

She did so beautifully....and how wonderful she lived such a long and relatively healthy life....

Suki, thnak you for posting this - so others can see, learn and ...react!


♥ Robin ♥

p.s. Speaking of creating emotions - can your headers get ANY MORE BEAUTIFUL! WOW!

susandmcl said...

L'artiste est morte-
Vive l'artiste!!
-- in all of us!

Annie said...

Oh Suki, thank you for this, I had no idea she died. She was one of my heros and I loved her. She was fearless in her work. She will be greatly missed.

willow said...

Her work is amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the video, Suki. Thank you. Her art was indeed her life.

YogaforCynics said...

Gotta confess until now I've known very little of Louise Bourgeois other than the name (though I know I've seen her pieces in museums). I'm really, really embarrassed to admit that I thought her name was Louis and that she was a he. So, clearly I need some edjumacating...thanks for getting me started on that...

kj said...

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studio lolo said...

darn! The video says "Embedding disabled by request. Go to Utube."

i tried but no luck.

I have to admit, I too thought she was a man. She was a woman before her time.
I bow to her.

Thank you for bringing her to light Suki. ♥

sukipoet said...

Lolo, I saw that when I tested the link but think you can click again and get to the Youtube site.