Friday, April 30, 2010

Words, words, words

Do you like to write? There are probably hundreds of themed writing blogs. Here are a couple. Willow's Magpie Tales blog. Willow posts a photo, you write a story based on the photo. Link via Mr. Linky. You can see the photo for next week's story now. Story submission deadline: 8:00 a.m. EST Tuesday.

On the blog Two Writers Daily I learned about Microfiction Monday hosted by the Stony River blog which I can't seem to link to. Again a picture is posted and you write a story of 140 characters or less. Find a link at Two Writers Daily.

Also Tales on Tuesday where the challenge is to write a story of 500 words or less based on the week's theme. See this blog for instructions.

Every now and again KJ posts a snippet she calls A Novel in a Paragraph which she will later gather with other snippets into a whole novel. This is not a join in challenge, but take a gander at KJ's writing here.

I'm not good a joining in themed posts just because I am not a consistent person, at least where blogging is concerned, but am contemplating throwing out a little bit of writing now and again. We'll see. My brain is such mush I am not sure I can even write 140 characters worth. LOL

Here is what Liza Doolittle has to say about WORDS.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh I loved Audrey Hepburn. Wish I could write. I used to do little things in notebooks but nothing for public.

Robin said...

LUV "Eliza"! What a wonderful musical.

You, m' dear, CAN WRITE!
Join a few of these don't have to do it 100% of the time... I know you wouldn't want to write out of obligation... but, it will stimulate the "leetle gray cells" Monsieur Poirot says.

Cheerio, luvy!


♥ Robin ♥

Lynn said...

Go to Elspeths' blog and sign up for her snippets of writing (Daisy Chain)'s wonderful short pieces she too is going to put into a larger novel I believe. I LOVE her humor and style of writing.

Oh to have had/or have Audrey Hepburn's body and that costume is to die for!!!! Loved seeing that piece/song! What fun! Thanks.

Happy Writing!

Julie said...

I would love to read some of your writings!!! This looks like a really neat concept...a photo a week to write about. FUN.

You can contribute whenever you don't have to be regular...that is the beauty of Mr. Linky!!!

Audrey rocks!!!

Katiejane said...

Boy, I'm with you! I always feel like I have a book in me somewhere, but I can never get it out onto paper. The most writing I do is in my journal, and that's usually just griping!

patti said...

I haven't written for ages and would love to do some more. Time might be hard to find, still I love writing from a picture prompt, so may have a go at it!

Would love to see your efforts Suki, I love your writing here. I used to belong to the 'Writer's Island' blog. It has closed down now sadly. It was so much fun...

Loved Audrey Hepburn!

layers said...

being a visual artist who can't write-- I am the appreciator of poets and writers- and I love to find good blogs by poets and writers too.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Steviewren writes those Magpie posts. I love to read her stories. Amazing what she can say with so few words.

YogaforCynics said...

I've done a couple of "themed" posts--specifically a series on colors, which was fun.

Note to Cris (comment above): you wrote "I wish I could write," so clearly your wish has come true...

soulbrush said...

i also loved audrey hepburn and the original liza minnelli- younger, and bette davis and joan crawford and katherine hepburn, and specially sophia loren- she was one of the most beautiful women ever! thanks for the memories.

kj said...

awww, suki, thanks for the mention and for your support! i hope you write more and more. there is a process that heals and raises when the words come from inside to outside.

i am loving my snippets. it's fun to take time to wordsmith like this, to try to paint emotions into a story.

i will read anything you write!!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Great post linking to these writing sites. I have enjoyed reading the writing from the Magpie prompts. Reminds me of Natalie Goldbergs suggestions in her writing books.
Your sidebar reports sunshine...enjoy your weekend!

old pajamas said...

Susan and readers,

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