Tuesday, April 06, 2010

An Encouraging Presence

Come, sit with me and have some tea and raisin toast and we'll talk about our lives.

"One of the most beautiful gifts in the world is the gift of encouragement. When someone encourages you, they help you over a threshold you might otherwise never have crossed on your own. There are times of great uncertainty in every life. Left alone at such a time, you feel dishevelment and confusion like a gravity. When a friend comes with words of encouragement, lightness visits you and you begin to find the stairs and the door out of the dark. The sense of encouragement you feel from them is not simply their words or gestures; it is rather their whole presence enfolding you and helping you find that concealed door. The encouraging presence manages to understand you and put itself into your shoes." John O'Donohue Exploring our Hunger to Belong pg63.

This is what is feels like to me: I am on a threshold. It could be any threshold, it matters not if this threshold is "easy" for others to cross. For me it is hard. Alone, I cave in to my fears. With an encouraging hand, a non-judgmental hand, perhaps I might make it across. It doesn't matter in the virtual domain of non-local intelligence whether my choice is good or bad, wise or rash, right or wrong. Action is what is desired. Movement. A leap. Of faith.

For some threshold paintings see Blue Sky Dreaming's recent works here.


willow said...

It's so hard to hold our nose and take the plunge. I think especially for us Libras.

Your bloggy friends are here for you, Suki. xx

May I have another piece of that wonderful raisin toast?

kj said...

you write like an angel, suki. you carry and share a wisdom that is precious.

i thank you for this today. and i am glad you know you are not ever really alone. your friends here will do all they can and you are totally deserving.


Annie said...

Yes, Suki, we are here, urging you on to take that leap. We would never judge you. There is no right or wrong. Just this moment in time.
Jump Suki, we are here to catch you.

Robin said...

Dear Suki,
As a woman living alone, with no family or friends near by, I can relate to your situation. These days, it is hard for me to make any decison of great significance.

I love the quotation - because without encouragement, it truly is almost impossible to go it alone.

You are such a brave woman - and you are steadily moving forward with your life (even if you do not think so). Your friends all see it...and we will stand by you - always. Good things lie ahead.


♥ Robin ♥

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Beautiful writing on this subject and place you have been living.... threshold! Not and easy place and this is a big move so be kindest to yourself and enjoy your toast and tea! Thank you so much for the link.

sixty-five said...

You might get some insight and help from reading Ronni Bennet's blog, Time Goes By. She is in the process of moving from Portland ME to Portland OR. Several years ago she moved to Maine from Greenwich Village, which she adored, because it was no longer financially feasible for her to stay there. Her situation (and outlook) are not the same as yours. But you might admire her very practical approach. And note that she uses guest bloggers frequently; those posts begin with all caps.

Mary said...

there are many hands for the taking as you prepare to cross the threshold...and all are encouraging ;-)

be brave. there is nothing to lose, no matter what you choose. there is only more adventure...love to you.

Teri C said...

Beautifully said Suki.
thanks for the tea and toast-delicious.

patti said...

I just love raisin toast Suki - thankyou for sharing!

I'm on a threshold too Suki (deciding whether to move or not)and I have a husband to help give me a push or hold me back, but still it's hard to make such an important decision that effects us all.

Apparently they switched on the Hadron Collider again recently and it's possible that we have slipped into a parallel universe. We will never know because the other universe looks the same as this one. Ha Ha! Imagine crossing a threshold and not even knowing it?

I loved Blue Sky's paintings - thanks. Going back for another look.

ArtistUnplugged said...

Just the food I need, virtual. We all have our fears, what is so difficult to one, is great pleasure for another. Hang in there and don't beat yourself up, you are making progress, we can see it.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You can do it Suki. Make that leap.

Lynn said...

What a great quote that is!
I hope you find some comfort in the closeness of our on line community as we, who think of ourselves as your friend, have come forth to offer our words of advice, knowledge, experinece, and caring.

I am enjoying the book you sent me. Just wanted you to know. Reading it each night before falling to sleep. Love the history in it. So rich. Thanks again for thinking of me.

Anonymous said...

Suki, this is so true! I absolutely would never have taken the plunge and quit my job to pursue this calling of becoming a teacher if I hadn't had someone there holding my hand. In fact, I had so many people saying, "you can do it!" And like you said recently to me, even if it turns out that you weren't cut out for it, you need to try. That's what life is about, eh? I feel very grateful for my cheering section who are along on this ride with me. I have to go buy some raisin bread now. You've made me hungry.

ArtPropelled said...

Suki I know this feeling. You do write so well and I love the quote. I have another quote for you. It gave me courage for something I felt that I had to do. The quote helped take the pressure off the obvious reasons for doing it and made me focus on the lesson. Even though it all fell through I still learned something from the experience.

"The new home, the finished book, is not the goal of growth. But the process by which you create these things and the growth it gives you - the new skills you acquire, the insights, the opening of your heart when you love, the new appreciation for beauty your garden gives you when the flowers come up, the feelings that you have when you finish a project, the focus and concentration when you work - this is higher purpose, this is evolution." - Orin

This is nothing new but I found the words soothing.

Mim said...

Suki...you are special. just remember that.

what often get's me going is a thought "when I am 80, what will I wish I had done?" and that get's me up and out.

Julie said...

I'm a Libra also!!! Balance, balance, balance! Good God...sometimes I make mayself nuts!!!

You will do what is best for you. Bottom line.

Good tea and toast...I haven't had any raisin toast in years!!! It was delicious! Thanks!

sukipoet said...

thank you to all you virtual hand holders out there!! You have so much wisdom. So many ideas. So much experience.

Sixt-five: I did check out the weblog Time Goes By and enjoyed reading her journal pieces about moving. Wow. In just one short trip to Portland O she found and bought that gorgeous condo!!! Yes, wish I had some of her practicality. And what she says about leaving the place she loves, Greenwich Village, is good to read too. However, she's moving to Portland Oregon. Pretty fabulous place in it's own right. Anyway thanks for the heads up on her blog which is quite good.

Thanks for the quote Robin. I know i am learning lots in the process, both about the world and how it works, and about myself and what it is I truely want and can do.

My latest mid-morning snack: raisin toast. A change from donuts which i had been eating for awhile to try to gain weight but they seem to have too much sugar.