Sunday, April 11, 2010

collage workshop

Yesterday I attended a collage workshop at Maggie Cahoon's wonderful straw bale studio. Check out the link to see her beautiful art and photos of the studio. I love being inside it, so peaceful and beautiful.

The idea for this particular collage format came from Seena Frost. Check out her website here and read more about the process.

I made four cards.
We were a small group of three plus Maggie. A lovely afternoon.

At the end we did a "reading," seeking guidance on a question we were pondering. For the reading I brought along all my 32 cards. I turned them over so I saw only the blank back. I chose these three. My question was "What can I do to overcome my resistance to moving forward?"


studio lolo said...

I miss doing SoulCollages! These are wonderful. I haven't made enough to do readings yet, although I'm sure I could draw one card for each day. This makes me want to do more of them.

It looks like you drew the card that is the child in you. And the card with the 'third eye' as well as the cat's eye, interesting!Perhaps you should look at your situation with new eyes, the eyes of a younger Suki.

I'm going to check out her studio. I love seeing other people's creative spaces :)

Robin said...

Suki - these are truly WONDERFUL! Each one is full of life and very thought-provoking. The one with the child amid the roses looks like it might say "Think as a child - and smell those roses"!

You are clearly seeking - and wanting to find what you seek...

I think you will.

Love the studio - hay bales are so comforting to me. I love their smell.


♥ Robin ♥

Annie said...

To me these all say, open up, be free, like a child. All things in good time Suki. Relax, your house is out there. Perhaps you are making it complicated, when it could be simple? xoxo

Lynn said...

I notice you did not mention the word soul and I know why. I got the soul police coming to my blog too when I did it. Oy vey! Don't need that.
Your cards are all amazingly wonderful. So full of possiblities.
I wish you a productive reading and outcome!
(The book is so good!, thanks again, still reading)...

sukipoet said...

Lynn, yes those police they came to me too so i was almost afraid to post this!

Thanks Lolo for seeing all the eyes. I hadnt noticed, well i saw the cat eyes and the eyes of the woman and child but didnt connect to the other eyes in the other cards. today i thought maybe the child, a boy i think, is the assertive part of me, in my heart, that is still a baby and needs to grow up and take action.

sukipoet said...

Robin, the card w/the rose and baby is my favorite in the group of three. What this said to me was: remember wonderment, remember the baby inside you, feel the softness of the rose and the rose smell always with you. things will unfold.

Annie:card number one, the woman with the 3rd eye said to me: dont be so anxious, dont make things bigger than they are, relax and the answer will arrive. !! so you were right on there.

although the cards can say different things at different times.

Natalya Aikens said...

beautiful work!

patti said...

Agree with your interpretation Suki. I'm taking action today on the sale of my house - Yikes! At least you only have to worry about buying! And judging by your cards, you deifinitely want to be in a house near the water!

kj said...

i like patti's comment about a house near the water.

suki, you are learning so much about yourself. i think that is precious.

these cards inspire me. but the first one with the feet kind of frightened me in a cosmic sort of way.

Teri C said...

These have reached beyond amazing and into fantastic!!!

kikipotamus said...

Did you get any answers? Or any hints, even?

Mim said...

I love the baby and the rose one. don't know what they mean but I like them all.

Who are the soul police? I picture angels with big wings but have a feeling you don't mean that.

studio lolo said...

I didn't know you and Lynn had the "soul police' to your blogs. What happened? I think if you mention Seena Frost and spell SoulCollage as one word then you're covering the logisitics, no?
Good grief!

I hope neither of you were refering to me! I always think it's about me :-/

sukipoet said...

Lolo my dear no. Soul police refers to the blank collage organization sending an email to me when I did my first blank collage post and lecturing me as to how I did it improperly. Although I did mention Seena Frost and gave a link to her website and spelled blank collage correctly I did not put the little trademark sign after the blank collage words. I think that was the main thing I did wrong.

I replied that therefor i would never write about this process as I was not going to put the little thing there.

I have to say I have a special freekout about copyrighting things as i think people get too carried away with this. Maybe not visual artists, that's good and of course their images should not be used w/out permission. And ditto poems and writing.

But the thing is you cant copyright an idea and in talking about the blank collage process you are talking about an idea, a way of making and working with collages which is totally outlined in the book so why isnt just referring to the book and the website enough. but no, the soul police come, i expect them for this post that i recently did too, and lecture you. I guess I could put this on KJ's bitchday list.

studio lolo said...

That really does seem ridiculous to me. They should be glad the word is being passed along for goodness sakes!

The same thing happened regarding the term "shabby chic." Ebay folks and Etsy folks are not supposed to say anything is 'shabby chic' because some lady (Rachel...) trademarked the term! Again, craziness.

Yes, this would be a good example on KJ's blog!

Thanks for letting me know it wasn't me. I asked Lynn too, just to make sure. I'm so sensitive sometimes, ugh.

Kim said...

Suki, these are truly wonderful! I love the composition of them and think you are onto something with the need to stepping into the unknown or maybe the known, getting your feet dirty and grounding yourself!

It sounds like a lovely time and a beautiful spot for allowing your creativity and personal messages to flow!

You seem to be touching that special Suki will not let you down!

old pajamas said...


Brilliant, invigorating, imaginative work here. We spoke on the telephone about the process. Enough, to praise you once more.....pajamas

Mary said...

nicely done--and good heavens, soul police??? time for me to go back outside and stop thinking of such things...sheesh...i'm with you...people need to lighten up a bit ;-)