Thursday, April 22, 2010

the being and the doing

Die while alive,
Thoroughly die.
Then just do as you will,
And all is right.
Shido Bunan Zenji
from my Zen Calendar
That's what I've been doing. Dying. Letting go of my dreams and images of how I want my life to be. Letting go of the idea that life is a lump of clay which I can mold to my liking. There are more forces in the universe than just myself, all these energies and whirlings are part of what I do, shaping it, creating it, in fact a larger part than my simple will.

But if I can thoroughly die, then I can do what I will no matter what anyone else says or advises even that school marm within. Especially her. Because, as long as I do not knowingly create harm, who cares what I do or chose?


Teri C said...

Deep thoughts Suki, but very interesting.
The blooms are beautiful.

kj said...

True true true

wise wise wise

I love love love this suki

you have given me a giant gift


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Interesting way to look at "being" with what is. Wishing you good fruit from the compost of the little death Suki.

studio lolo said...

What a powerful way to say "let go."

Wise, profound.

Blessings to you Suki♥

Mary said...

this is just me smiling at your post--and thanks for stopping by--and yes, we have a tiny yard ;-)

Robin said...

Dear Wise Suki,

This is so beautiful - so true, ah, but so hard to do....

But, if one can do it - then one is really free to do as one wants.

This is a reachable goal for you - and maybe even for MOI!

Your flowers are GORGEOUS!


♥ Robin ♥

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Dear Sweet Suki-friend,

In my vocabulary/life I call this "dying to self."

Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. (John 12:24)

I practice this over and over again; daily seeking much fruit. The abundance in my life comes from this rule. Sadly, my reflex is to hold tight what I have for fear of losing it and being lost/alone/empty. My childhood spooked me forevermore . . . yet as wisdom from each day I live plants seeds in my heart, the security/freedom grows. I have learned that past experience need not be the predictor. Instead, it can be the impetus to "try fresh," "try new," "seek higher." After all, we do have a record in our heart of where those knee-jerk reactions have brought us -- to doubt, fear, paralysis in spirit.

I can say with true conviction: Each time I open my hands and "let go" I find myself showered with blessings I don't need to clutch . . . merely enJOY. The joys are everpresent and ongoing, but I was too self-absorbed (fearful) to notice. Thus, I let go and find that the empty fear turns out to be just that: EMPTY . . . untrue . . . of no worth. It is best to let it go without regret; but only your can decide and follow through.

[clapping, cheering,praying]
Open up! Let go! Die to self and let the worries go. AND START TO LIVE IN THIS MOMENT. Remember that little proverb:

Yesterday is History,
Tomorrow a Mystery,
Today is a Gift,
That's why it's called the Present"

And Emily Dickinson gives much to ponder in her delightful Poem #1292, Yesterday is History

Yesterday is History,
'tis so far away --
yesterday is Poetry,
'tis Philosophy --

Yesterday is Mystery --
Where it is today --
While we shrewdly speculate
Flutter both away.

You remain in my prayers, dear friend. I encourage you to be in the moment and enJOY the freedom. Suki without Schoolmarm deserves a chance . . .

Much Love,

p.s. my word verification is "relent" -- how appropriate.
; D

San said...

I have one of those dastardly school marms within. Her fingers are chalky and she's stingy with her gold stars.

How freeing to say: who cares?

patti said...

So true Suki and it's good for us to wrestle with this, cos it's what we let go of that sets us free, not what we hang onto so tightly.

Katiejane said...

Well, that and a little help from your friends. Patience, Grasshopper.

~Babs said...

I believe you are capable of doing more molding with that lump of clay than you might be imagining.
Don't give up your dreams, or give the 'ol school marm too much of your power.YOU can be in control of her, not the other way around.

Lynn said...

I hope the letting go lets in what you truly desire and is best for you.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Love the photos here. Very pretty spring there too.

Annie said...

Suki-Love where you are while going for your dreams. All the while being Care-Free. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

This is SO profound. It is exactly the sort of teaching that I read on the mat in the morning or before bed and then ponder. My head can only rarely, just barely begin to grasp...the truth of it. But when it sinks in even slightly, even for half a second, the feeling of freedom shakes me.

This is what came to me the other day when I realized that there is nothing to gain or lose here. No matter what, my energy goes back into the great pool when my body dies. Does the whole universe care about these things I am twisting myself into knots over? (Did I answer the interview questions well, will I get this job, the next job, any job, will I be homeless, will I be hit by a truck tomorrow...blah blah the spinning of the ego mind.) No matter which path I choose, it will all be okay when my journey is just the chiseled dash between two dates on a piece of granite.

Mim said...

Very interesting - we all come to realizations in different ways

Kim said...

Suki, being able to let go is a powerful tool in itself, however the challenge is knowing the difference in "letting go" and "giving up". Put your plans in place and allow the universe to guide you in the right direction to take at that point. Following your intuition is following the voice of a higher power...yours! Sometimes letting it be and allowing things to settle down a bit will bring the right answer.

Enjoy this time with yourself!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Dying takes courage and then what do you have to lose? Now you are free, the worst has happened so the fear has left you...enjoy whatever you do today!