Monday, December 14, 2009

suki's pages for Bab's and Lynne's Girlfriend's books

This is for Babs. I had a lot of trouble with this page as I wanted it to be a painting. But that didn't work out. Finally I tore some painted canvas into pieces and this collage kind of fell into place. Acrylic painted canvas, lace, painted twigs, handmade bead and "pearls,", mounted on bristol board.
Lynn liked the page I had done for Karen C. so I used a similar idea and theme here. This is called "Threads." Dressmaker's tissue, cloth, threads, needle threader, fake pearls, glitter, gold marker. I won't mail these books to Karen C. until after New Years per her request.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful pages Suki. They are so lively yet calm.

patti said...

So sorry the landlord is raising your rent Suki - try and hang in there until Spring, when new houses will be on the market. I guess that is all you can do for now.

I love your collage!

soulbrush said...

love the top one specially, it is like a window into the outdoors, great colours too. well done. didn't know about the rent, grrrrr i hate landlords, they should be aclled landasses!

Lynn said...

I love both of these pages each in it's own way. Mine of course sings to me and my love of threads and fabrics and things sewing. I appreciate your thoughtfulness to each of our likes and interests in creating our pages. Will wait patiently for the book to get to me so I can touch the textures here and see the sparkle close up.
Thank you Suki!

Annie said...

Wonderful pages!
Isn't your landlord your brother?
He should be ashamed.
Who ever he is he is a jerk and you have every right to be angry.
I am angry for you!
But stay calm, pay the money because it is too much to look for a house in the Winter. He will get his in the end.
Love and hugs.

~Babs said...

Great pages Suki!
I love twigs(!) and I'm glad to have some from your area on my page, thanks!
By this time next year, you'll have new things from your new area,,and we'll all celebrate with you!
Hang in,,,,

Lilacrobin said...

Suki, after reading your last few months of blogs, I fear Annie is right and that your "landlord" is a family member. How shameful....
my rent is going up next month and I have been out of work for 8 months - but my landlord is just that....not a kinsman.

Stay strong and let the anger go....he is not worth it.

Love your latest "Girlfriend Book" pages.... did you see the rest of "un Coeur en Hiver"?

Robin (from San Francisco)

Anonymous said...

These are shining bright, the first one is my favourite, I like the geometric shape of the painted canvas. Have a good week, Andrea

sukipoet said...

lilacrobin, I did see the end of the movie last night and it was very sad. Humans are so amazing and the French are very good at "getting" subtle emotions onto the screen. i loved seeing the young Emmanuel B. i have only just discovered her.

To all who wonder, yes my landlord is my brother. Yes, I need to pay of course for some of the expenses here, but personally I think he's charging too much. I actually have two different friends who each own two houses and both of them have let non-relatives live in their second house for free! I guess that is pretty unusual though. My thought is the bro will be away for the winter anywya and my presence here would protect the house and keep it unfrozen so why isnt HE paying ME to take care of the house and house sit???

sukipoet said...

ps lilacrobin, since you are new, (everyone else probably knows this) I will tell you I lived in San Francisco in 1967 first at 1146 Taylor on Nob Hill, then in the Filmore.

Annie said...

Suki, I am sorry I know he is your brother and I am so angry at him I could spit. My brothers would NEVER charge me for rent if I lived in their house unless they were very deperate. And he does this now in the middle of Winter, during the holidays! Plus that house should be half yours anyway.
Come Spring I would get out of there, and I personally would never speak to the man again.
There I vented, You must be red with anger! Big hugs!xoxo

Lilacrobin said...

Suki, I second Annie's comments....your "land-jerk" (lord is too good a word for him..) is cold and cruel...and, I know several people who live with family and do not have to pay rent.

Continue looking for your home in Spring - you will find it. Stay warm and content with your cats, your delicious meals (love that feature on your blog), your books and movies.

I adore E. lovely and a fine actress. And yes, the French really can express things on film that many of us cannot.... check out some of her other films...

I didn't know you were a "San Franciscan" - both neighbourhoods must have been wonderful places to live in the 60's! It still is lovely - but - very expensive.

Your new SF friend,


sukipoet said...

Thanks Annie and Robin. Part of my anger of course is for/about myself and the fact that i havent yet made a move/commitment to a new place. My own procrastination and reluctance or whatever it is. Ah well. Anger must be dissipated because the only person it messes up is myself and it does not promote peace either within me or without.

I adored my time in SF

katie jane said...

Oh, Suki, I really like both these pages. I'll get them posted right away. I guess I missed the part about the raised rent. I've been so busy. Sorry to hear that. Nasty landlord! Hope you can have a happy holiday in spite of that.

Annie said...

Suki, that is true, but don't stuff that anger at your brother, feel it and then let it go.
And let go of that anger at yourself, you are doing the best you can dear heart.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I was trying to find out where the mention of you being charged rent was here. Did I miss something?
But the collages you did are wonderful and they will love them.

sukipoet said...

Cris, I had a note in my sidebar under "The World According to Suki."

marianne said...

What lovely pages!
So dreamy and beautiful. Love those little branches you used and Lynn's is perfect with all those threads!