Thursday, February 26, 2009

Swans and cranberry fields and Romeo

Now that is a relaxed kitty. Romeo.

The marsh river. Click on photo to see the swans.

This almost looks like cherry blossoms in the spring. Just pretend though.

The cape is known for its cranberry fields from Pocasset to Harwich.

I love the color of the fields at this time of year. I have been under the weather and so stayed home except for a quick trip to the thrift store. Felt better lying down. Hope it passes quickly. Today was lovely for there was no wind. Been having a hard time commenting on posts either due to my computer or the internet connection, not sure which. Will do my best! Thanks for all your comments and followings.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh how cute is Romeo.
I have a Romeo too if you remember. :) I love the photos of the Cranberry fields. Its nice to see them without the water. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Such a waste to be stuck in side while you're only there for two weeks.

Honour said...

Wow, I've never seen cranberry fields before. I didn't know they grew like that. If there's an opportunity to take close up pictures, I'd love to see what the plant / shrub looks like.

The Crow said...

Am enjoying your posts, Suki, and your photos.

I echo the feel better wishes already given.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely title for your post - could become a poem, I guess. Sorry to hear you are under the weather but hope the rest and time away will help (are you able to rest?) The pics are lovely; wintry but spring will come.

~Barb~ said...

Love that lounging you lounge, too, so you get to feeling better.
Peace, Love & Art,

Cestandrea said...

More blue! And ocre, brown-red-orange-magenta hues, lovely, I didn't know what cranberry fields looked like, neither in winter nor in summer.
And Romeo oh, he is about the same size and width as my Oskar:)
I'm sorry you are under the weather, hope it goes away soon, with help of the good sea-air?

Mary said...

you've had a nice week to be here. hope you are feeling better soon. give me a call if you want.

Jude said...

That's another first forme, never seen a cranberry field!
Sorry you're not feeling too good,hope it goes away soon. And you have an invite, how lovely are people?? Go on, please!!It would be rude not to, wouldn't it??

Annie said...

Romeo looks so happy ;-). Lovely photos and those cranberry fields are beautiful. Feel better fast.

studio lolo said...

Well, first of all I hope you feel better soon. I know you need this time away. Sometimes we get sick as a part of our "restoration." Just another way of the body doing what it needs to do.

Romeo has the life!!! He looks like a happy tabby.

I love the photos today. The composition of the cranberry fields are wonderful! Would you mind if I did a painting inspired by them one day?

~be well~

~Babs said...

Pity, how mistreated that Romeo is!

Loved looking at the fields,,,and the one photo with the irrigation canal zagging through it really caught my attention.
Gosh, could the sky possibly be more blue there?
Feel better Suki!

Artist Unplugged said...

Romeo is darling...thanks for sharing another photo of him. I have never seen cranberry fields, really interesting and lovely. I sure hope you are feeling better soon, lots of sickness around here the last couple of weeks. Take care.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Sleeping all night! Sound like you are truly relaxing. Sorry about not feeling well. Did you find anything interesting at the thrift stores?
Your photos are so beautiful. Such blue skies!

Teri C said...

Romeo really has the hard life. sounds like you need to join him and recuperate.

Our cranberry fields look like this in Wisconsin.

m. heart said...

that romeo is a cutie!
i have never seen cranberry bogs - how spectacular!
i hope you feel better soon suki.

Kim said...

Romeo is quite the kitty!

I am so sorry you have not felt well, dear Suki! I think this is going around...I had something a few weeks ago and now my husband is dealing with it. Do what feels right to do and feel better soon!

Blogger has been acting up lately. Today, I couldn't even comment on my own blog! I have been having problems on other blogs, don't worry!

The main thing is to feel better soon...



willow said...

Wonderful pix of the cranberry fields. That's something we don't often see! Hope you're feeling better soon, Suki.

katie jane said...

Love those cranberry fields, (and cranberries, too). The fields are simply brilliant. Didn't know that they were red without the berries.
Hope you are feeling better soon. So awful to be down when one is away from home.

patti said...

Lovely pics! I hope you are feeling better soon Suki.

Anonymous said...

Once I had visited Nantucket in October, the cranberry bogs took my breath away. These ones you've posted are the most beautiful red.

Hey... where are the two guys in rubber boots selling cranberry juice? (giggle)

human being said...

such lively colors... hope they heal you and you feel much better soon...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That Romeo is so cute. He is so relaxed it makes me relaxed looking at him.

The cranberry bogs are interesting. I have only ever seen pictures of them.

San said...

I've heard of those cranberry fields and once represented an artist from the Cape who painted them. They look like a comforting place to be. As is Romeo's little corner of the world.

marianne said...

I thought I had already commented on this post... but probably just read it.
Love these pictures and here is the answer on the question i asked on the previous post!
Hope you are ok!