Monday, February 02, 2009

Gifts and Kindly notes

Look at this beautiful quilt Lynn made for me. She used the fabric she had won in the fabric giveaway. Fabric that had belonged to Mom. What a surprise and beautiful memorial to Mom.

There is Mom's red heart necklace! And her smiling face from her last photo, transferred onto cloth. The wonderful daisy at her feet.

and the green grass growing. A sign of spring and hope.

Here is the back showing all the wonderful stitching. Oh, if only Mom could see this. I love it and will cherish it as long as I live. It will be one of the first artworks I hang whenever I find a place to live. In fact now I am thinking to have a Mom wall, with all the beautiful paintings friends have sent me of hearts and Mom, memorializing her presence in the world. Thank you Lynn.

I also received this sweet and cheerful thank you note from Rachel, whose Mom Debbie won some fabric in my giveaway. She wanted the fabric for Rachel, who is very creative, to make things out of. Thank you dear Rachel. I am touched by your dear handwritten note, so rare to get "real" notes in the mail nowadays. Have fun with your fabric.

Elk sent me this beautiful handmade thank you note. She too won some of Mom's fabric and she has used a denim butterfly from the denim butterfly fabric for this card. Doesn't it look fabulous? Thank you Elk. I love it. TWO handwritten notes in one week. Wow.

Well, I lie. Here is #3. A handwritten note on Gwen John notepaper from a NYCity friend who saw the Gwen John show last year. Did she remember I love Gwen John? Or was she just connecting with the cat drawings--GJ did a lot of those and my friend too loves cats. My friend sent me this dear note last week too. A delightful surprise.

And for some time now, every once in awhile, I receive a sweet note from Rice Freeman-Zachary of Notes from the Voodoo Cafe blog. Last week I received the "Hi From Garfunkle" post card which just makes me smile. Thank you Rice.

So, I am feeling well remembered and cared for for sure. The world is such an amazing place, full of so many beautiful people. All these gifts, coming from the heart, help me to stay open. Namaste and much love to you all and many, many thanks. Blessings, suki


Annie said...

That quilt is something! How sweet and dear of Lynn to do that, people are sometimes too wonderful for words. All those lovely cards too. I feel like such a slacker, Suki, but know I am sending love and hugs.

Kim said...

My Sweet are so loved, because you love so much!

sukipoet said...

Annie, oh please do not feel you are a slacker. There is no need. I love all the words you send via comments and emails. I know you are out there...caring.

Kim, Thank you so much.

~Babs said...

Will you just look at that quilt!
Talk about a labor of love,,,,,,!!
And those notes,,,and great bird!

What a fun trip to your mailbox each day,,I DO hope you're not becoming spoiled!

(just kidding,,,enjoy it ALL)

Lynn said...

Suki its such fun to see my art on your blog! ;-) I'm so glad you like it! I did enjoy working with those beautiful fabrics, unlike the cottons I am used to, and had fun weaving them to make that piece. Our early connection involved me making a doll from your picture of a much loved doll, remember? So there needed to be a mom doll here too.
Did you realize that one of the fabrics is from California? Too funny. I'm honored to hear you will hang it in your new home.

All the handwritten cards and art cards you received are beautiful too and you deserve each and every thoughtful word and gift.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You certainly have been blessed Suki. It is such fun receiving snail mail. You know it is truly heart felt to go to the work to send it.

m. heart said...

that quilt! amazing! and it seems the fabric giveaway was so recent, to have been able to make a quilt like that so quickly is incredible.

you must look forward to going to the mailbox!

sukipoet said...

Babs, well last week I sure felt spoiled. Isnt the quit so beautiful. And it turned out the material I sent Lynn originally came from CA. Curious.

Lynn I had forgotten about the fact that some of the fabric came from CA. But i do remember the doll picture you made from my dear "real" doll here. You are so talented Lynn and kind and caring. Thank you, words can't express my gratitude.

sukipoet said...

Lisa, it is true. snail mail is so fun. I love it but dont send it out as often as I might.

m.heart, Lynn is super fast at making things. Yes, the mail box has turned fun!! I have always loved getting mail. Well, maybe everyone does.

Dianne said...

Dear Suki,
What a beautiful quilt Lyn made you. She must have been working night and day, cause these things take months to make.
You are very blessed to have so many caring friends.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

How cool is this quilt. I love that she made it out of the material that was your moms and put her picture on a doll on it. She is so clever and so fast. I knew she was doing something. You deserve it. Lovely cards you got too.

Teri C said...

Suki, you are indeed blessed! Each gift is so special and heartfelt. I am over the moon with your quilt from Lynn, it is pure awesomeness! She is SO creative!!!

Teri said...

What a wonderful "Memory" quilt. I can just imagine it will hold so much for you Suki, that just gazing at it and touching some remembered fabric will be so comforting and healing.

And for it to go with you into your new home, wherever that may be, makes it so much more special than mementos hidden away in a desk drawer or cupboard some place.

I think now of some of the clothes of Mike's that I gave to friends, and that I get pleasure knowing they will wear them with love. I also think of the clothes I donated to Vietnam Vets or Lupus Foundation and that I will not know what happened to those items.

You, in your giving of those fabrics to those who care about you, gave you back something amplified by those friends. There is nothing more sacred in life than that.

Love that quilt and touch it for me, as it feels healing all the way in Virginia!

sukipoet said...

Dianne, I do feel blessed for sure. No one is as fast as Lynn I think. I am so lucky to have this beautiful quilt.

thanks Cris. Lynn is so generous and so are all my blog friends. I feel lucky.

Teri C. Im over the moon to0!

Teri, it is interesting how clothes and fabrics can hold the sense of the person who wore them or used them. Lynn also created place mats for a friend whose husband died, out of his Hawaiian shirts! It is lovely that you shared some of Mike's clothes with folks who would wear them. In times past of course, people would use old clothes and clothes of people who had passed on to make quilts which held such numinous energy in them. I will touch my lovely quilt for you. Blessings, suki

katie jane said...

These are very touching gifts, Suki. I'd say you are well loved in the world. And that quilt! Well, I just don't know what to say! It truly is special. A very thoughtful gift, for sure.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Wow! I've never been on someone else's blog before. I am sure I will have a lot of fun with that fabric. It's all soft and colorful and I want to make something right now, but I have to go to bed.

Love, Rachel

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Suki, my sweet friend,

You are loved by so many. I am so amazed at the depth and friendly "neighborhoods' found in blogdom. When I started blogging it was just a lark to share with those I already knew (or so I thought). What a blessing to have flung wide my e-door and found so many delightful new friends stopping by for a chat and a smile. What a gift!

I see you have found a bounty of gifts at your doorway also.

Feeling blessed feels SO GOOD!

: D

studio lolo said...

What an amazing abundance of love and gifts from the heart!
You get back what you give Suki...

Claudia said...

Dear Suki,
Lynns quilt is sooo beautiful! A wonderful hommage for your mother! - I'm so sorry that you again have to live a very difficult time, worrying about your son and everything...Once I thought that I could become a great artist if only I had no more problems or things to worry about (I always do that). But then I realized that sorrows are an element of life and that I would wait in vain, hoping that one day all sorrows would disappear. So I do a little artist work now and then(like you do, too) between all my worries...
Love from

soulbrush said...

i missed this post and saw the quilt today on lynn's blog. it is absolutely magnificent and gives me a choking throat. wow, and yes a real treasure. omg it's so lovely choke! see my blog for a new award for you too. hugs.

sukipoet said...

Rachel, thanks for stopping by! What fun to hear from you. Yes, do have fun with the fabric. You are so creative I know you will spin a wonderful something out of it. Hope you had a good sleep! Be well, Suki

Katie Jane, thanks. I guess I should have said the quilt is a quiltlet as Lynn put it on her blog. Quilt or quiltlet it is magnificent. I cant wait to show my brother during our weekly chat.

Debbie: I blogged for a full year before I found blogland friends. It was purely for myself I guess but then there was a sort of breakthrough into the blogland hemisphere and it is so much more fun with friends reading and commenting and vice versa.

sukipoet said...

Laurel, namaste to you too. You know, I have used all the cards you sent me writing to friends. !! They were perfect and I know my friends enjoyed them too.

Claudia,thank you for your wise thoughts. It is true I sometimes think "when I get myself together I will make art" but really, life keeps happening and I just need to make the time within life's happenings. It makes for a richer life for sure.

sukipoet said...

soulbrush, it brought tears to my eyes too and a choke. Interesting you describe emotion that way. My throat chakra, blue, is often clogged. choked. Yesterday I was very full of a sort of sob that wouldnt come out. A sob/sadness, but it has passed today. OK I think I did see the award but I'll check agian. The scribbler?? I will post about it soon.

ELK said...

suki as i read of you "choke feeling" know that those will come and go as grief has it's own time table...go with the flow of it my dear...blessings from here ELK

glad you liked the card:))

Clevelandgirlie said...

What a lovely memory Lynn so aptly captured in fabric. It's just beautiful.

marianne said...

OMG the quilt is so gorgeous!
Can imagine how surprised and happy you must have been when you openened it!
Lynn has made 2 persons very happy with her wonderful gifts! (SB got such a wonderful gift as well)
Amazing what she can do with fabric.
love the red heart and you own a quilt know made with your mothers fabric made with love by a dear friend. What a treasure!
Cards and handwritten notes are wonderful te receive also!
Enjoy these tokens of love!