Monday, January 26, 2009

What are these objects?

As I sort through Mom's things I find items that I have no idea what they are. This is a kitchen item. There are four of them. Anyone know what they are for?

At one time Mom took gourmet cooking classes and was quite a fine cook. I assume she was inspired to buy some of these things from the classes.

Here is another kitchen item. The end is serrated as you can see.

Not a clue what it is for.

These felt pockets enclose three different sizes of these items. They are heavy. They were among Mom's sewing items if that helps.

There are four of each size. The exterior is metal, the interior like this with little spikes.

If anyone knows what these items are, let me know. !!!!! Thanks, Suki


willow said...

The first is a bread tube. You bake the dough, usually with a filling rolled up inside, then cut in pretty slices when baked.

larkspur said...

Suki, the black-handled utensil appears to be some sort of fruit corer...down thru the stem for removal of the core of, say, an apple.

The long cylindrical tubes look like something used to shape a type of cookie hot out of the oven! By wrapping a warm cookie around the tube, it will hold that shape when it cools and then can be filled. Just a guess.

larkspur said...

Suki, Listen to Willow-she knows. My bread tubes are bigger and fluted, but I can see it now. I will check back to see what others come up with. I am curious about the other items.

Annie said...

I am as in the dark as you are, sorry.

sukipoet said...

Willow, you may be right but I dont get how one would do it. Roll the dough around the tube, bake it then remove the tube? Then you fill it.??? Maybe that's it.

Larkspur, I think you are right about the black handled thing. I'll buy an apple and try it. As for the tube, they are quite small. Maybe more for a pastry delicacy?

Lynn said...

I am guessing here entirely.

1. a punch for biscuits,
2. okay, corer
3. it looks like a dope or cigarette paper roller (sorry, but it does... LOL)
4. parts for her sewing machine maybe???? the round discs with the spikes.

Like I said just guessing.

Karen said...

Could the sewing pieces be for making pom-poms? Seems like I've seen something like those before...

Anonymous said...

I am sure the cooking thingy with the serrated edge IS an apple corer - because I have one just like that, though yours is more fancy. It is useful for coring a cooking apple; you then fill the hole with sultanas and drizzle it with honey or golden syrup (not sure what you call that in the USA) and bake the apple till it is cooked and fluffy. Serve with cream or custard. Yummy .... (Ann from UK)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I have no clue of any of it but it is fun reading what everyone thinks they are. :)

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I could be all wrong but maybe the first could be vent for pie? Is it open on the other end? You have a gadget mystery?
I found an old button hook gadget for boots in my mother's drawer?

Judith said...

Hi Suki,

I have just search on google for your mystery items. The weight-mates are for sewing. dont know how you use them but it says they are better than pins. Someone was selling a set on ebay. I'm not sure about this but are the tube things for making cannoloni pasta? The other is an apple corer

Teri C said...

Well I knew some of these and was confirmed as I read through your responses. I even had some of these sewing weights at one time. You put them on the thin paper when cutting out a pattern.

Fun to see and hear about all these items.

sukipoet said...

Oh these answers are so great and at times funny.

Annie, I was with you this am, but now I feel i have a better handle on these things.

Lynn very funny. A roller for cigarette papers. I like that only it's big enough to make a cigar!

Karen, thanks for your suggestions. Could be but i think further down, the idea of holding down paper to create a pattern, may be right as Mom does have some patterns here she made herself. Although why she would need so many in differing weights and sized I dont know.

Oh ann your apple recipe sounds delicious. I have made those myself, baked apples with raisins and maple syrup maybe that is what you call golden syrup or honey. Yum. I am definitely sure we have the corer pegged correctly and now i know what it is I am inclined to keep it.

sukipoet said...

Cris, I agree. This is such a fun post to read the comments on. :)

BSD, oh I love those button hooks. The tube roll thing is open at both ends. Thanks for your thoughts!

Judith, you are so kind to google these items. I think you may be right about the sewing weights. This is the best sounding idea so far. I'll check out that google site if I can find it. I also thought of some kind of pasta maker for those roll things. Thanks so much.

Oh Teri C. Definitely. You had some of these weights. Wow. So you have the weights defined. Mom did cut out some of her own patterns too. Thanks eveybody

soulbrush said...

no idea but interesting comments. i love the pic of you in boston, do keep these 'young' photos coming.hugs.

marianne said...

I see a ravioli maker and the other one is to get the middle out of the apple, the rest are mysteries to me!

Take care
sending you one big cyber hug, hope you can feel it!

Karen Mowrey said...

The first is a cannoli form set the second is a apple corer but also great for making mini sandwiches for picky eaters!

The last thing I have no clue but I would use them to hold down fabric while I cute it out or something like that.

Karen Mowrey said...

Oh yay for Teri! Now I read the comments. That last one stumped me but guess I was close, minus the typo!

Mim said...

I'm with the cannolli maker crowd - and the sewing weights.

very interesting discussion - funny how things have changed

Jude said...

How amazing, I had no idea, but it's great to hear all the suggestions.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

The last item(s) are definitely sewing weights. You use these instead of pins to hold a pattern in place to cut out fabric from the pattern.
They save time as they are quicker to place on the pattern (thick and thin paper both).
The tacks prevent distortion as a flat heavier weight could wrinkle up the pattern.
You only need a few of them to hold a pattern piece in place, although I have 2 sets of them.
I still use mine and haven't pinned a pattern to cloth in over 30 years.
I believe the red beanbag looking items are also sewing pattern weights - home made.
Could be wrong on that one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suki,
They are all a puzzle to me and I enjoyed reading the comments as to what they are.