Friday, January 23, 2009

Johnny Jump Ups and dreams

Cris sent me these Johnny Jump Ups she picked and pressed. Aren't they wonderful?

I used some on this journal page. The words "A Dream" came from a music sheet, as did the picture of the woman on the right. These pages are not quite finished yet.

Acrylic paint, potato bag, glitter.

Acrylic paint, pressed flowers, paper scraps. Old post card.

Please note: Lynn has written that she still has 5 relaxation CD's to give away. If you would like to try this 15 minute relaxation technique send your snail mail address to Lynn at


Kim said...

Suki, for some reason your blog is not updating itself on my blog list, so I missed a few posts, I think. I will try to catch up here.

This business of visual journaling is really wonderful for you. I think you have found a good match the novelest meets the collager. :) This idea of the dream is truly intriguing. I like the addition of the potato bag which (to me) shows how the dreams in some way filter through a mesh.

I hope you are doing well, Sweet Suki!

Have a fun weekend!

willow said...

Pressed flowers are wonderful! I like to press them in a big old phone book. I have a set of nine small dried arrangements framed. The color of these Johnny Jump Ups is amazing!

Mary said...

really lovely pages! you're inspiring me to play with some collage again....

Artist Unplugged said...

Lovely pages, the pressed flowers are beautiful. The pages have an old romance look to me. Have a great weekend!

soulbrush said...

my art teacher would go crazy over your work, she luuuurrrvs collage. imagine, a potato bag, so inventive. and very lovely end product.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh these are lovely Suki. So happy you are getting to use the Pansies I sent you. or Violas. They are such a sweet flower. I might have to press some more and actually do something with them.:)) Altho I like the fact these are now in New Hamshire living. :)

Teri said...

Your collage is like the first flowers of spring. Love the colors. The potato bag...made me think there is a use for everything and I thought of all those patterned stockings I used to wear and threw away when they go runs in them. Of course, I'm not crafty or artistic, probably a good thing as my house would be filled with lots of things "I just might use some day", and I already do that enough with clothes and shoes!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance

Ps: the word verification is master...and you certainly are mastering this journal book and Iike seeing what you do each day :)

sukipoet said...

Kim, thanks I am having some fun with these pages. The potato bag idea is not original. I "stole" it from Natalya who all last year was making small journal quilts and would use all kinds of recycled materials like that.

Willow, I often use a phone book too. These are some Cris pressed and the colors did stay nice and bright. Pansies tend to stay bright too, though many other flowers seem to fade in color with the pressing.

Hi Mary. The colaging is good to do bits of here and there. I am not up to doing a painting right now I think.

sukipoet said...

Thanks Artist unplugged. The sheet music and the pressed flowers--guess they are sort of old fashioned in feel.

Cris, I am just so enjoying these beauties. Also the roses but havent used them yet, they are more for a wax collage I think.

Soulbrush, you are too kind. I should take a collage class to get more ideas methinks.

Teri, thank you so much. You know, I would have far less boxes of stuff to pack if I would give up collaging. I even have a large container of little bits of paper to use for collages.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Beautiful! I love the dreamy quality you evoke from bits and pieces that waft into your life. Johnny Jump Ups make me SMILE whenever I see them, in any fashion. My kids always gifted me with chubby fistfulls of the darlings and I still keep tiny vases for just that purpose.

What a smile your post brought to me on a day when I was struggling a bit to raise the corners of my mouth. : )

Miss Rachel is all smiles . . . her special parcel arrived from you. I have pics and hope to post them Monday. You're such a dear.

Have a blessed day of "dreaming."

Teri C said...

Those flowers are gorgeous!!! Such happy faces on them. Your jouranl pages are really fabulous Suki! The things you use are so interesting!!

Annie said...

Lovely pages...I love the photos of you and family on the side bar :-). Lynn is very nice indeed to give all those CD's away.

Lynn said...

I love the woman with head on, where do you find these wonderful FINDS/TREASURES?
And yes, Cris' flowers add so much to your work here. So pretty.
Love it all.

Thanks Suki, for sharing your own responses to using and enjoying my Relaxation CD and for spreading the word. I did get one more request today!

Dianne said...

Dear Suki,
Your visual journal is an inspiration! It makes me want to get collaging in mine. Do you write in your journal?
Love Dianne x x

Anonymous said...

What a lovely start to your dream collage, Suki - and the johnny jump ups (we call them violas) are just beautiful. I've noticed that blue and purple flowers tend to retain their colour really well, so long as they are totally dry when pressed. Looking forward to seeing the finished page. Ann

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Close to being done? It sure is lovely with the pressed flowers and the beautiful photo of the woman dreaming. This visual collaged journal has become a great expression...I look forward to more pages.

sukipoet said...

Debbie, wow that package moved along fast. Great. I'm glad the pictures made you smile, but sorry to hear you are glum today. I hope tomorrow dawns more light and cheerful.

Thanks Teri. Your words cheer me as often i think my pages are mundane.

Annie, thanks. those photos, i have so many more too but all in storage unit.

Lynn, glad you got another request for your CD. The woman is from an old sheet music thing which my brother gave to me. In fact he gave me a whole stack of old sheet music, most of it sort of ragged but good for collage.

Dianne, I spent many years in the past writing in journals, page after page. I had regular daily journals, dream journals and also sort of goals journals. On and on. Now, I dont write much anymore.

Ann thanks. Maybe that's it, the purples and blues dont fade as much. We call them violas here too actually but also, I think, Johnny jump ups.

katie jane said...

Oh you lucky girl! Aren't those Johnny Jump Ups beautiful! I have to plant some this spring and press them too. This page is so full of emotion and it's just lovely. Keep going.

patti said...

Johnny Jump Ups remind me of my mother, she used to love them.

I missed acouple of post too Suki. Not sure if this happens with everyone or just you. Or if you were too quick for me and I missed one!

Lynn said...

Suki, your package might be in a post box outside our house, the post person left a key but it would not open the box. DRATS!!!! I hope I can catch them tomorrow so I can get my package OUT....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate said...


I love the dream piece, its really nice.


marianne said...

Wonderful flowers! So nice you used them here in these beautiful pages! Do you have any pecial proces to make them keep their colors?
The pages are gorgeous!

Ps I will go to Rotterdam today and start a 5 day stand by period.
I hope my father will stay stable and will be able to recover . It will be a miracle. But miracles happen sometimes!
I don´t know what will happen and if I will be able to use the pc, otherwise see you next week!

Take care
love >M<

sukipoet said...

Thanks Katie Jane. Encouragement much needed to continue on.

Patti, Kim mentioned the same thing about missed posts. But i dont think it is just with me as I have logged on to other blogs and discovered missed posts too?

Lynn, oh, well I never heard of such an arrangement of locked boxes except maybe at condos??? Hope you get the key soon!

Kate, thanks and thanks for stopping by.

Hello Marianne. Sending prayers that whatever happens with your Dad, he will be in peace and free of pain. Cris pressed the flowers and I assume she did nothing special to retain the colors. I never do when I press. And someone commented that the blue and purple flowers retain their colors well.

studio lolo said...

I love these pages Suki! One of my favorite elements is the potato bag netting! You sure see beauty in everything and it shows in your work.
Johnny Jump Ups are one of my favorites too. I usually have a bunch in pots on the deck once the rains have stopped. I mostly do blues and purples in my yard with touches of pink.
Thanks for telling me that Lynn had more CDs to give away. I'm sending her a couple of my cards for one.
I'm struggling with what to paint for IF this week. Hmmmm.
Meanwhile, have yourself a lovely weekend!

sukipoet said...

Laurel, thanks. I got the potato bag idea from natalya's blog. I think you'll enjoy Lynn's CD. I do anyway. Hope you come up with something for IF. Good luck. You always do!

Charli said...

Hi Suki... Just found your blog today. I LOVE your art. This is a great blog. I look forward to exploring more! You make me want to get visual with my art again.