Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Wonderland

With another foot, at least, of snow falling on Sunday, we are really in a white wonderworld here today. I just got plowed out this afternoon.

This morning though I went out with my camera. I walked through thigh high drifts to get this picture of the well in the winter.

Up the road.
I spied this birds nest topped by a roof of snow.

Always a New England marvel.

No lights but plenty of white.


ELK said...

suki ~ i am here from m. hearts blog and just wanted to say how simple and lovely these images are...I know this will be a different holiday for you....ELK

Dianne said...

Dear Suki, your photo's are so beautiful! You really have a Winter Wonderland. How on earth did you find your well in all that snow? - would make a great abstract painting using Elis Cooke's indigo's. I have just completed pasting my painting onto canvas and it worked like a charm!
Love Dianne x x

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

oh such lovely photos. our little storm was nothing compared to this but it was just right for me. :))
Enjoy yoru winter wonderland.

Anonymous said...

Oh! There's ton's of snow in my neighborhood, but not many views that are pretty for photographing. (pout)

Lynn said...

Absolutely capture nature like none other.
Glad the well showed up and you did not have to trip over it. ;-)

I'm off to MN and snow in two days time. Packing my boots and all my gear. Today I took a walk at noon and dressed warm to practice being bundled up. Others must have thought me nuts in coat, scarf, hat, gloves! But sometimes you just need to bundle up. Sun is shining here and it's in the 50's.

Suki, be gentle with yourself this next few weeks.
I heard you talk about your sorting through moms things. This was a tearful time when I did it and did it right away too. I shipped a lot to my mother in law as she could wear the clothes. Other stuff went to Goodwill. But I still have lots and I like the memories. Forinstance, my son saw the photo of the Menorah I lit on Saturday night and first words were that it was good to see the Menorah he grew up with! And it was my mom's first. I can open a medicine cabinet and see mom's eye glasses...or a drawer and see her drivers licence. Why keep them?
Don't know, just did. Just recently 15 yrs after the fact I threw away all the condolence cards we got. They took up too much room. But at least three needlepoints frames adorn my walls which were her handiwork.

So do what you have to do...take your or's all apart of the grieving process.
Hugs Suki...
Grieving:IE Remembering

sukipoet said...

Hi Elk. Thanks for your comments. Yes, it feels very different and I'd most of all like to just stay in bed over the holiday but I will make the dinner and be a hostess to create a pleasant time for the others.

Dianne, oddly the well water was not frozen and any snow that might have been on top was melted. Now down at the pond, the pond is completely covered with snow and you cant see any water. Glad the pasting of paper to canvas worked well. Is that a technique you may continue with then?

Cris, I think your little storm would be just right for me too. I took two walks out into this before the driveway was plowed, moving through very deep snow, and it was very tiring. That's what I think winter is in general, tiring and it takes way more energy to do small things.

Chewy, that is one thing about being here--very beautiful.

Lynn, also glad I didnt fall into the well :) You gave me a chuckle to picture you walking around bundled up in 50 degree weather. Have a great trip and fun in the snow. Thanks for sharing and your kind words re: going through Mom's things. You know, I did wonder abt her glasses. They are so personal and intimate. Mom has a lot of stuff and it hasnt really been gone through for the 25 years she lived in this house. I talk to her while I do it and explain that I really love her things but cant keep all of them. I do have already quite a pile of things though to take to ????? wherever. Anyway I do appreciate hearing stories of how others have handled this sad and moving task. Be well, Suki

Annie said...

Stunning photos! Happy Christmas, Suki. HUGS.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Suki, These are such beautiful photos, the snow covered birds nest, the curve in the road and the blue of the well water!!!! Beautiful! The sky color, the blue shadows, WOW!

Mim said...

It's been quite the storm. But I agree about the tiredness - every day putting on the boots...and the down jacket...and a hat...yuck! But we did go snowshoeing this weekend and it was so beautiful.
Happy Christmas to you Suki and yes...take care of yourself

Jude said...

It looks like wonderland but I know, from living in Wales in my childhood, it sometimes is uncomfortable, to say the least!!
Stay warm

Cestandrea said...

Wow Suki! You really have a REAL winter there. I know that it means also a bit of concern, with storms forcing you to hide, but it looks so very beautiful. Thanks for sharing these pictures, they bring a bit of your snow-wonder here to snowless Paris...

m. heart said...

i love these photos, especially that gorgeous pine tree! if it's going to be cold, there might as well be plenty of snow. stay warm!

marianne said...

What beautiful pictures!
Winter isn´t bad like this!
A white christmas!
Take care!

soulbrush said...

what beauty, what pure natural unadulterated!!

studio lolo said...

beautiful photos, Suki! They show the quiet side of winter, the silent beauty of the snow. Just lovely.
Blessings to you.

Kim said...

Suki, I love your photography so much. You have a ton of snow up there. We have been hearing about it down here, too.

I can sure imagine you working on this wonderful well series. It is great you have these grand photos to show it in each season. Who knows where this is going to lead?