Sunday, December 21, 2008

Farewell and Good Luck to Esmiralda and Ermintrude.

I wanted to show you Ermintrude and Esmiralda's suitcase with their stickers of places visited. They confessed to me they have never had such fun as they did on this trip, visiting all these wonderful folks, and they hope to continue their travels next year.

Due to all the snow on the roads and more snow coming, Blaize is driving E and E down to Auntie Mim's in her 4 wheel drive Jeep. Goodbye my dears. I really enjoyed your visit. Come again, come again. Goodness, it is sad and lonely here now with all the chatter and laughter gone. Quiet descends.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh lovely photos of them leaving.
It is sad when they leave. But what a trip they are having and what stories they will be telling to Mike, Carole & Tiggy when they get home. It was nice of you to host them this visit.

~Babs said...

And a good time was had by all!

Fun drawings, Suki..what a good hostess you are!

kj said...

sometimes i wish i were a fly on the wall, or had enjoyed this back story back when. either way, the whole idea is charming. and i'm glad you enjoyed your company, suki.

ps thanks again for your advice. i am breathing as you recommended and my heart appreciates the effort..


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Such fun and your drawings err photos are so charming! Happy Winter Solstice Suki!
Mary Ann

Lynn said...

I love the suitcase with all the stickers and they look a bit sad saying goodbye to you out the window of the car. I wish them a safe trip in the snowy weather there...I'm sure Mim is in for a great treat as were we all who got to host those two furry lambs.

Now you'll need time to rest and regroup...hugs to you Suki as I know you are still processing so much...I was glad to read you are wearing mom's red heart still...keeping her next to your heart. ;-) I keep you both in mine.

sukipoet said...

Cris, having the dear sheep here was a fun spot in this holiday. Not only stories, but these girls have shopped everywhere they went. Piles of gifts shall follow them home!

Thanks Babs. I did my best. Now I am bound in by more snow. It sure is quiet here.

KJ.. I think this all started with Mike drawing these sheep and saying they were pestering him so andrea said they could come and visit her in Paris and she'd keep them out of his hair. But n ot sure really how the USA tour began, I guess with Lynn. And it grew from there. Tis fun. Actually I'm glad myself to be reminded of Tonglen meditation which I too have been doing this week.

Thanks Blue Sky. And a merry holiday to you too.

Thank you for your kind words Lynn. At times, yes it seems so much. Going through Mom's things is hard not just because they were mom's but this is what I call small motor skill stuff which I am not good at. Besides I have spent the last 4 years or so downsizing my own minutia. I do love family history ephemera and so of course will keep all of that. I am trying to go slowly too and not become too overwhelmed by the largeness of the task. And of course, mom and dad too speak out from all these objects they lived with for years. Anyway, thanks for your kind thoughts. Namaste, Suki

Annie said...

Lots of hugs to get you through the sadness of them leaving...XOXO

marianne said...

These were fun posts!
Lovely drawings!
you are having a white X-mas!

Hope you will have a good time with your family there, a first Christmas without a loved one is hard.
Take care and stay warm!

Dianne said...

Dear Suki, I have so enjoyed the escapades of Esmi and Ermi, what fun their travels have been, from blog to blog! Your two pics are quite poignant.
You have so many wonderful blog friends who really care for you. I'm glad you are going to keep all the ephemera of your family history, maybe another book might come from this in time?
I see on CNN the States have been hit by many storms recently and I think of you up there in the North, keep warm and stock up with plenty of food.
Love Dianne x

katie jane said...

This is a cute little game you all played. I shall miss everyone. Hope they have a safe trip home.

Cestandrea said...

Oh Suki, I love the suitcase, what a wonderful idea to put on stickers of all the places they have gone:)
And they look happy in the jeep, sad to leave but happy to have been with you!
Sure it must be too quiet now, but perhaps you will receive other visitors soon?:)

sukipoet said...

Annie thanks for the hugs. And a big hug back to you and wishes for a wonderful holiday.

Marianne, it was snowing when I woke up this morning and it is still snowing at 5:30 pm. Thank goodness there is a snow plow man who does the long driveway and the sidewalk too. Definitely a white christmas.

Dianne, it has been a fun diversion to play Esme and Esmiralda with everyone and draw these little drawings which are the only artwork I've done since Mom died (if you can call them art :)) I do have a lot of lovely blogland friends. It is miraculous. I am so thankful.

We are having a big storm right now. I stocked up on friday and the store was packed believe me with others doing the same.

Katie Jane, it was a fun game, for sure. Be well, suki

Cynthia said...

Going through the history of a person's life by looking at what's left behind is a huge task. When your finished, it never seems so.[What about practicing detatchment?] I frequently find myself revisiting the objects left behind by my mother after her death. Not to say all of the objects are here with me actually,they are with me mentally and emotionally. Photographs are great to save and some people I know scan and catalog them on their computer. I like the real photo. Sometimes we can get stuck and not realize that the object is not the person. You know that when it burns, breaks, or gets damaged and again you relive the loss of your loved one. May your own house sorting be peaceful.

Karen Mowrey said...

Suki, you are just so much fun to come visit. I have been enjoying these posts so much. E & E were lucky to have such a great hostess!

sukipoet said...

cynthia, thanks for all those good thoughts about the sorting process of other people's things. Of course, some things are easy to decide I want to keep, such as stuff from my childhood. Sometimes I wonder what Mom intended me to do with it all though. I talk to her as I sort and tell her it's not that I dont love her things and respect them, it's just that I've already downsized my own precious things and can't take on a whole lot of hers.

Karen, glad you have had fun with the two sheep. I have had several friends email me or call me thinking I really had some visitors and was just referring to them as sheep to keep their identity secret!! So cute.

Mim said...

Suki- I don't envy you the task of cleaning out mom's stuff. To me, it would be almost impossible. I would have to keep everything until it lost whatever of mom's personality stuck to it. I dread the day...

that said, I saw a lovely post somewhere by a person who makes quilts from a loved ones clothes.. quite the idea

Jude said...

Wow, what an adventure!
I don't envy you sorting out of your mother's belongings, I'd be drowning in it, I'd make excuses to keep every small memory. But you know she lives all around you. Take it easy,
peace and hapiness

Anonymous said...

Delightful illustrations of E & E's visit.

soulbrush said...

these are too precious for words. ha ha what fun, and i missed it all.

Kim said...

I just love your E&E drawings, Suki. The best part is all the fun you had with them. By now, they are chatting up Mike and Carole, don't you think?