Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two Hearts

I gave Mom her red glass heart from Glitz Glass the other day. I think she likes it. Two hearts, one of glass and one that needs daily nitroglycerin.

When I showed Mom this picture she said: "It doesn't look like me."

ME: "Who does it look like?"

MOM: Pause. "Like you."

ME: excited. "At last. All these years you've been saying we don't look alike!! And we do."

Mom has always said I look like Dad's mom, plus she claims I have more genes from Dad's family. If that is even possible or if she could even possibly know without a DNA test. So it seems quite an event that she can accept me as looking like herself too. Now, I am not taking offense at the fact that she thinks I look like a 90 year old woman! I'm just looking at the positive aspect. :)


Kim said...

Oh Suki, this is so special (tears of joy). Of course the heart necklace is special and is kind of symbolic of many things there resting against your mother's beating heart to protect her with your love. Look at the smile on your mother's face. Suki, I do see similar features between you and your mother. I am certain when you had lunch together some weeks ago people were acknowledging a daughter had brought her mother out for lunch and how special that was. You are a very special person, Suki, look at the peaceful, happy look on your mother's sweet face.

Thank you so much for sharing such a special moment here, Suki! You have deeply touched my heart this morning.

Annie said...

Your mom is beautiful and so are you :-). What a lovely post.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

What a sweet post today & photo. Your mother doesnt seem to have that many lines in her face for being 90.
What a special moment in your lives together. A beautiful picture of Love pouring out from one to the other.

willow said...

Aww, I love this picture of your mother wearing her glass heart necklace. Priceless. And yes, I can see that you are her daughter. Two beautiful ladies.

soulbrush said...

aaaaawwwww, i knew she would love it. isn't she a spry lady for her age? a real beauty. happy birthday mom.

Teri C said...

What a wonderful post! Your commentary is priceless.

CHEWY said...

I have to comment that your header photos are always striking... I don't recall if I've said so before.
A beautiful necklace on a beautiful woman who has a beautiful daughter. Counting you, I'd say there are 3 hearts in this post.

sukipoet said...

Hi Kim. Oh thanks for your kind and thoughtful comments. I didnt think about the significance of the heart really till I saw it there on her chest. I know Mom's eyes and mine are similar and a lot like her Mom's. They have a slight slant, almond shape.

Thanks Annie.

Cris, indeed mom's skin has remained pretty wrinkle free. Something in the genes or body chemistry as she says her Mom was the same. Hope I take after her in that respect.

thanks for your lovely words Willow.

Soulbrush, she's quite a woman, for sure. Y'day she did not feel well at all, hardly ate and had a hard time walking. Every night I wonder if she will be there in the morning. But so far, she is.

Teri, thanks.

Oh Chewy, that's so sweet. Three hearts and maybe even more for there are all you guys out there with caring hearts too, unseen but present. And thanks for the comments on my header photos. A friend of mine is trying to encourage me to print out some of my NH photos and make a calendar. I am quite touched when anyone comments on my photos.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

BEAUTIFUL! Poetic. I chuckle and then laugh aloud. You're mom sounds like a sparkler. (And she looks like a million bucks!) Celebrate the DNA, my friend.

You were my first stop of the blogdom today -- I wanted sweetness and beauty to begin my day. I am launched joyfully, and may just sign off now and save myself from accidentally encountering something less uplifting. ; )

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful heart!
I wish I still had a mother to give one to.
I will write an e-mail about writing soon - sorry for the delay.
All best wishes from New York.

sukipoet said...

Thanks Debbie. My mom and I have come to an entirely new relationship now that she is 90. It is so interesting and rewarding.

Elizabeth, hope you are having a good time in NY. Look fwd to hearing from you whenever you are so moved. Be well, suki

Lynn said...

This is the quiet woman, but look at her eyes! Wow...she is seeing the world around her and looking right at you taking her picture.
The heart is beating love from you to her and from her to you. A lovely gift you have given her, a lovely gift you give every day being there Suki. You are a good good daughter.
and YES, I do believe you have inherited the beautiful skin as well. ;-)

Kim said...

Suki...a calendar now and a book later! I think you should absolutely consider something special for your NH photos...they are exceptional - just like you!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Suki, A beautiful gift and the photo is also beautiful. She has a lovely smile. The two of you are so fortunate to have one another and to be able to form a sweet bond here in her last years.

katie jane said...

I do see similarities. Maybe in another thirty years..... Love the red heart. I think she looks like she likes it. Now, what are we getting her for Christmas?


Aah, and doesn't she look pretty!
Her eyes are still so blue,,, and sparkly too.
What's not to love about that beautiful heart,,,,and yes, blessed you are to be able to put it around her neck!
I hope she wears it every day,,not saving it for 'special',,,my Mom always did that. I've started having my orange juice in my good crystal glasses, as every day IS special!
Really nice post. I feel the love,,,it's a fine thing, being a daughter.

m. heart said...

oh gosh, this is so sweet. i'm glad you decided to give your mom the heart early rather than wait. i definitely see the family resemblance as well.
my mom never allows us to take her photo, so i have very few of her. she would never sit and look so directly and honestly into the camera as your mom is doing so confidently here!

glitz said...

Hi Suki,

Kim gave me the "heads up" that you had given your mother her gift early.
What a beautiful piece you wrote about the giving - these relationships are so complex, aren't they?
I think you do look a little alike, though not in the shape of your faces.
I'm really touched by your words and so thrilled to have been a small part of the gift. I thank you for that!
Arohanui to you and your Mom,

marianne said...

What a moving post!
Good that you gave her the heart! Life is short, now she can enjoy your beautiful gift longer!
So sweet that after all these years she recognize herself in you!

love >M<

Mary said...

this is too cute for words ;-)

funny how the lines we've drawn in the sand between ourselves and our moms for years become so hazy as they get older and we step in to care for them, isn't it?

Mim said...

Suki - the minute I saw your mom's picture my thought was "there is a Suki version". Its not that you actually "look" alike but there is something in the direct look, a peaceful face - something in the soul captured in this picture that reminded me of you.
And the red heart resting on her chest is just fantastic.

sukipoet said...

Lynn, I think my MOm sparkles when she gets attention such as someone wanting to take her picture. Although when a bit younger she did not seem to like her picture taken.
Thanks for the kind words and reflections this photo aroused in you. Eloquent.

KIm thanks. Will have to dwell on that photo usage thing. There are so many lovely photos out there.

Blue sky dreaming, it is an unexpected gift to have this time with Mom in which we each appreciate the other rather than as in the past having resentments .

Katie Jane, I had to laugh at yr question re: Christmas. It is very hard to buy gifts for elderly people. She does like Romance novels so I could buy a few of those and maybe some flowers.

Babs, mom has worn the heart every day since I gave it to her! I agree with you 100 %. Use the beautiful crystal jewels sheets clothes NOW. Enjoy your crystal encased orange juice.

m.heart as mentioned above MOm didnt used to like her picture taken. I think she forgot she didnt like it or something. She did perk up when I said I would take it. Plus maybe it is easier to take them when you live right there. I dont know. But i do have about half a dozen of mom i have made into hard copies to give to MOm, my brother and my son at Christmas.

sukipoet said...

Hi Lesley. Yes, the heart gift is a resounding sucess. It is so beautiful and looks so beautiful around MOm's neck. Thank you so much for your wonderful talent which you so beautifully share with others.Arohanui to you too.

Marianne, your right. I didnt think of that: that now she can enjoy the heart longer. She wears it every day. I know I will go thru life a different person from having lived with mom for this past year and receiving from her her love.

Mary, I think those of use who can resee their mom's later in life are lucky. Many folks' mom's die before they can come to some peace between them. So I feel luck as said.

Mim, thanks for your beautiful words. Mom's face does look peaceful, at last. She had such a hard life as a child that I am glad she has reached a point of peace. As for me, I am more peaceful that in previous years though still at times filled with angst, an edge. But that's my inward thoughts. Others have said they find me peaceful and )when I had a home) they found my home peaceful too. So thank you.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Your mother looks beautiful, so vivid and full of life!

sukipoet said...

Thanks Britt-arnhild

Flying Colors said...

Well I would say you are alike!
Your photo and hers are staring directly into the camera, eyes wide open, the same smile...
these are some of the links between these 2 hearts, really 3.

And then so many hearts checking this out... and on and on...

Wonderful blog!