Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spots of color in a browning world

The burning bush of cherry leaves. Identified thanks to Mary

The red winterberry. Thanks Mary for the name.

The blue

Reindeer Lichen. Again thanks to Mary for the name.

Still mild here and lovely though with a crisp wind that cuts right through you. Time to get out the long underwear.


Mary said...

love the subdued colors against the brighter highlights of the red winterberry and the still yellow cherry leaves this time of year, don't you? the reindeer lichen (see the tiny antlers?) is still very bright light green here. makes a great crunch underfoot. thanks for sharing your lovely pictures with us!

Annie said...

Beautiful photos. I have always wanted to visit vermont, you have the best trees :-).

Lynn said...

Good job of observation live in such beautiful surroundings Suki. Keep warm!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Lovely pictures. How can it LOOK so warm with all those flaming colors yet FEEL so cold?

Teri C said...

Even in the brown season Mother Nature gives us gifts of color. And you found them!

sukipoet said...

Oh Mary thanks for that name. I love it: reindeer lichen. I like to pick it too to make little decorations. also, thanks re: red winterberry. Hmm, I suppose I should look these things up before posting!

Thanks annie. There are some great trees here.

Lynn, it is fun to walk around the land and see what I can find now that plantlife is dying down.

Cris, you've got a good question there. Some days when the sun is shinning I think its warm outside and then I get out into the wind. Yikes.

Kim said...

Suki, you find the most incredible things in your environment up there. I need to do better. I love the winterberry a lot. Is that the plant which makes beautiful wreaths?

You always bring a beautiful element of surprise when you post.

Thanks Suki!



Great (as always) shots.

Isn't it interesting,,,,our lives are like the landscape. However 'brown' life becomes, there's always a spot of color,,however small it might be.

sukipoet said...

Kim, I'm not sure if that is useable for wreaths. I'll go back and look at it as Ive been wanting some red for my windowbox. some of these berried vines have thorns.

Wow Babs. I bow to you and your wisdom and metaphorical talent. You are so right. There is always a spot of color to be found.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Thank you for your kindly visits to my blog to lift me up with words of encouragement. I am floating peacefully without a schedule for the day -- what a delight! I shall simply BE for the day. My children gather me up in warm hugs and laughter, the color-suffused outdoors cry to be noticed, and the cottage sits tidy without need of my attention. So I play . . . : )

soulbrush said...

i agree, you do live in such lovely surroundings. somehow the colours look so much better in a rural surrounding than in a large ugly city! hugs.

farmlady said...

I found you by your comment on Wisteria and Roses, liked what you said and checked out your Blog.
Love the photos, the drawings and artwork and what you say.
I will be returning to see what you wish to tell the world.

Here's to red winterberries and Raindeer lichen.

marianne said...

Lovely colors.........the las ones
Enjoy them Suki!

sukipoet said...

Debbie, glad you have a day in which you can be free and play. such days can be so uplifting and refreshing. be well, Suki

Soulbrush, thanks, although cities have much to recommend them too. were I rich, I would have an apt in the city and a cabin the in woods, both.!

Farmlady thanks for stopping by. Great to hear from new voices.

Marianne, the good thing about the trees up here is some stay green all year round and counterbalance the bare limbs and brown ground.

Mary said...

suki--red winterberry is an american holly-one of the only ones that loses its leaves! i don't think the berries will last too long--the birds and squirrels love them but they are beautiful so go ahead and try them in your window boxes. i don't think they're thorny like the litte rose hips and barberry.

sukipoet said...

thanks Mary. I went out and clipped some branches with the red berries for the windowbox and they add a nice touch. I wish there was some bittersweet around here but i havent seen any. Thanks for all the info!!!