Sunday, November 16, 2008

seven odd things

Marianne tagged me to write seven odd things about myself.

l. I am allergic to curry

2.I tend to be highly sensitive to my environment: sights, sounds, smells, conversations, activities. I often have to rest after interactions with people.

3.I almost died when I was about 5. Several days after a tonsillectomy, I began to hemorrhage from my nose. Luckily we lived across the street from the hospital. I was saved.

4. I lived in San Francisco in 1967, "The Summer of Love." I saw Janis Joplin at the Avalon Ballroom, the Grateful Dead in the park. I saw Richard Brautigan in North Beach and Joan Baez in the Coffee gallery. I lived with a friend in a little Nob Hill apartment. If you stood on the windowsill you could see the bay.

5 .I was accepted in Graduate School when I was a college Senior. Out in Colorado for a Masters in Library Science. My folks said they had to pay for my brother's college (he was 4 years younger than I) and so I didn't go. I got a second chance when I was hired as a children's librarian at Cleveland Public Library. They would have paid half of my fees for an MLS degree. But I discovered the job was very boring and so I didn't take up that advantage.

6. I did go to graduate school later though for a Masters in Fine Arts Degree in Writing. Wally Lamb was a student during the same time. He is the most widely famous graduate of that program.

7. I love ice cream. Mom tells the story of me as a little kid. We were walking past the ice cream store and I asked for a cone. Mom said no. I screamed, fell on the ground kicking. Or something like that. An elderly woman walked by and said, "Oh let her have the ice cream." No Way. Now, I can't eat ice cream as the sugar causes me health problems. Moral: eat your ice cream while you may.

I invite anyone who wants to to write 7 curious things about themselves. I havent listed the rules here nor done links.

I don't know what's going on with Mom. She didn't eat dinner last night. She did eat the cukes and tomatoes though. Today, whereas she usually fixes her breakfast herself she asked me to fix it and then didnt eat it. She did get dressed though. It's sort of a threshold area where you aren't sure if she will go backwards or forwards. She only weights 100 pounds so she can't sustain too many missed meals I would think.

I glued up some books y'day though a few came out crooked. I will show them soon. Worked a bit on the well also.

On "Speaking of Faith" they interviewed Studds Terkel who died Oct 31st of this year at 96 or something. His last book will be published soon. He wrote and published 4 books while in his 90's. He talked quite a bit about death in this interview. Very good and appropriate to this time in my life.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday.


marianne said...

Hi Suki

Cool odd things! I really love this flower power time but I was too young then to really remember. I know that parents of a friend of mine were hippies and slept on the dam (in Amsterdam) My mother didn't aprove at all, I thought it was nice......

I once made a post and published it later but it shows up the date and time you have created it.
To change this:

Difficult to explain as all of this is in Dutch at my pc and I really don"t know all these technical terms in English..........but I will try

If you click on the post in your dashboard you can choose to adjust your post
- here you can change text and pictures
- at the bottom on the left side you see a blue link with options
- click on that and on the right side you can change date and/or time
- if you do that the post will appear where and when you want.

Hope this make sense :(

Doesn't sound good that your mother skips meals ....... Hope it is only something temporary. I know you come a day when we have to let go but still I think it will be very hard.

Take care Suki

Kim said...

Hi Suki,

I love your seven special things. Summer of Love...oh yeah! And loving ice cream story is are right, enjoy what you love when you can. :) Isn't it amazing how things unfolded in our lives as they were meant to be even though we thought it was the wrong choice when we were in the middle of it (your grad school experience). Although Wally Lamb was a part of your MFA program, you have also written an incredible novel, too.

I can hear your mother is concerning you a lot these last few days. I clearly do not profess to put myself in your place with all of this, however we will keep focusing on a positive change with your mother.

Sending you virtual Hug, Suki!

Annie said...

I don't find any of those things odd though they are interesting :-). My posts have sometimes ended up on the wrong day, I think it is a blogger error, not something you did. I hope your mom is back to normal soon...
It looks like we just missed each other in SF. I went there in 1979.

Lynn said...

We were both in CA when you were in SF. Wish we could have met then.
Decisions about schooling are interesting. Maybe I'll post mine, as my climb was slow and bumpy too.
Hard to believe I have also given up ice cream. It was a huge LOVE of mine, but along with all other sugars it no longer makes me happy.

Maybe it would be good to offer your mom some Ensure, the product with nutriants to drink for added nutrition? And or make her some smoothies with added protien mix?
Perhaps her doctor can suggest something for improved appetite?
Or are you thinking she is winding down? I'd try to help with appetite. Good luck with this.

sukipoet said...

Thanks for the advice Marianne about the post and I have corrected it so it is posted on the correct day. I knew what you meant right away.

thanks for you comments Kim. I dont want to be boring, but yet it is good to have this resource for updates on Mom. Thanks.

Annie, guess we did just miss each other in SF. Sometimes I wish I didnt leave so soon.

Thanks for the Ensure tip. Mom was drinking it a few months ago, then stopped. I also have some other powdered stuff that she likes to drink mixed with milk. She does drink a lot of milk. It is hard right now to tell if the appetite thing is temporary or a winding down. After my bro and I talked this morning w/mom she made a point of eating a ham sandwich at lunchtime. But one doesnt want to "force" her to eat even if it is psychological "force." Or persuasion. I was just tlaking about her eating w/ my brother as noticing a change. Not really in terms of she must eat more. Though that would be good too. It is hard to tell what would tempt her appetite as I had cooked mashed potatoes last night which she usually loves but she didnt eat them. I guess, like a painting, it is a work in progress.


"if you're goin to san francisco,,,be sure to wear some flowers in your hair,,,"
Ah,,,,thanks for the memories. I'd loved to have been there in that era,part of me would have loved to be a real hippie,,,but then there was the part that was so much stronger,,,,like responsibility, working,,it won out, and I'm glad. I could have never been into the drug scene either,,,very scarey,,,,so I just tripped on the music.
JANIS and JOAN,,,,oh, now I'm REAL jealous!
Very interesting Suki,,,(and hugs for Mom)

Teri C said...

It is so fun to read more about people we blog with everyday and yours are fun! And interesting.

Hope your Mom gets back to her normal self.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Intesting 7 things. An original Flower Girl. Loved the music. Think I was married during that time. What year was that? It all blurs into each each other now. :))

Yes try the Encure. When we get older we lose our taste buds and appetite. They say older people dont know they are hungry. so we need to let them know they are. Good she ate. She will sleep more if she isnt eating. and it can mess up the diabeties too.
Thanks for keeping us posted.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Suki, Interesting odd things,..I feel I know you better. I left SF in 1966 to get married in New York...we just missed one another?!
I will give this challenge a try myself...I'm more odd than interesting.
Hope your mom regains her desire to eat, she must be fragile at only 100 lbs. My warmest blessings to both of you.

willow said...

Curry?! Who would guess? It was fun getting to know you a bit better. Hope all is well with your mother.

soulbrush said...

your number 1 and 2 are similar to me.i like reading these as they give me more of a picture of you, and we have lots in common.

sukipoet said...

Babs, that was probably the most interesting time of my life. I wasnt into the drug scene either though. And there are times I wish I'd been more responsible and done the MLS degree and become a librarian.

Thanks teri. Mom is trying harder today to eat. But she needs to let me know what would tempt her appetite and she refuses to answer such questions.

Cris, thanks for your thoughts re:Mom. I am doing my best but I never was very good at persuading people to do anything. My past all blurs into itself now too. Although I know i was in SF in 67-68.

Thanks Blue Sky Dreaming. It would be fun to read your list. Well, I too weigh 100 pounds. I've lost ten pounds since being up here. But I eat a lot more than Mom. She made an attempt today. But she was in bed an awful lot of the day too. These changes indicate something I think but i could be overreacting.

Willow, hi. Yes, I think it is a particular spice in curry. But it does not sit well with me. Hard to tell whats going on with mom. I guess that is the nature of the situation. I myself like things to be figured out and clear but that doesnt happen when a person is this old and ill.

Hey Soulbrush. Yes, these lists are fun and do reveal aspects of ourselves. Interesting.

Natalya said...

i just got tagged the other day and was going to tag you when i post... oh well, you beat me to it. very interesting, hope i can come up with something good. hope your mom is just going through a phase and all will be better soon!

patti said...

San Francisco - I'm so envious! It's one of my 'places to go' I love the bay, the old houses, the hills, the art scene... Joan Baez & Janis Joplin! - you were clearly a very cool hippie chick! - and you haven't changed much by all accounts! :)

My mom went through this not eating thing, and she always rallied, even though she was so frail. I know how worrying this is, but there is little we can do, other than continue to offer food.

Good that you're taking care of yourself x

human being said...

they made me love you seven times more...
very interesting...

best wishes for mom...
my grandma sometimes behaved liked that... we understood she just wants more time with others...
old people are mosly like kids... they need more attention...

sukipoet said...

Natalya, thanks for thinking of me for the tag. Hard to tell what's happening w/Mom. Time will tell.

Patti, thanks for saying "there's little we can do." I keep thinking I should be trying to figure out what to do. In a sense you see, I feel the desire not to eat is okay. ( If I dont feel like eating, I dont.) I just bring it up w/mom as a noticing a change kind of thing. I dont believe in forcing people to eat.

human being you may be right. Mom might need more attention. I am not good at giving that other than just being here doing my own thing along with the chores. Coupled with not eating though is more heart pain and weakness and tiredness. So, I dont think it is an isolated thing.

Cestandrea said...

suki, thanks for sharing those 7 (and more!) special things about you, and I love the photograph. Just a little hello to say thank you for your comment and will soon be back for more:) hope your mom eats today!

Mary said...

I love learning these things about you. In 1967 I longed to do all the things you did but I was too young and my mother wouldn't let me ;-) By the time I was old enough it was too late ;-(

Love to you and your mom....stay close by....

sukipoet said...

Thanks for stopping by Andrea! I am thinking of you over there in Germany and hoping you are having a glorious time. You are missed!

Thanks Mary. I am sure you had interesting adventures of your own.