Saturday, November 15, 2008

Drops of Rain

Errands run yesterday and a visit to my son and his Dad. Still relatively warm here. Rain, not snow. Mom seems to get more tired each day, more frail. Kitties want to go outside but hunting season is beginning. Gun hunting that is. So not a good idea I guess.

Thank you all for your comments on my Mom's red heart. At the very top of the heart is a small crystal that catches the light and sparkles like a rain drop. Today, I must do lots of yoga as I haven't been sleeping well. Also, take a walk. Am doing laundry and maybe will paint a bit. Not sure. What plans do you have for your weeknd?


soulbrush said...

our autumn leaves are lying by the waysides just like yours, sad views they are now, with their glory fading, being trampled underfoot....
i have a busy weekend, son moved out to his own place, so must clean up now...and maybe some art (silly me, of course some art). your mom would be frail at 90, but she is marvellous for her age.

marianne said...

Sorry it is raining over there, I know how you love sunshine!
I'm sending some your way!
Sorry your mom is getting more frail and tired.
And please keep the kitty inside I sometimes have the idea hunters shoot just about at anything moving........
Iĺl be here for the weekend.
Had my massage and reiki, feel good. Have to work as well (going to give a workshop next Saturday!) but I have difficulty concentrating on the task.
Finding it hard to work at a small laptop also.
Take care Suki, have a nice walk!
love >M<

willow said...

Lots of rain here, so our outdoor clean up day is cancelled. We are putting the finishing touches on the former boys' bedroom, over the garage, we fondly call "the bat cave". New plaster, paint all around.

Now I am craving cheese popcorn!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Well I read this earlier and forgot to comment. Guess I was contemplating what I was going to do. LOL
we have a heavy cold fog this morning. so much for the nice sunny warm day we were to have. Con built us a fire. :))
Think we did enough cleaning up of leaves for a few days now. so some rest is in order. UNLESS... something comes up which always does. :)))
Enjoy your weekend and hope you get some relief from not sleeping.

Kim said...

Hi Suki, the roads look similar here, too. They are wet with the leaves bunched up. The little town here vacuums leaves up (we live in the county 1/2 block from the town limits), so many people have them piled at the curb.

You know, I can imagine it is very challenging to be so aware and watch your mother each day. In the photos she looks wonderful. I know she is so pleased you are there with her, too.

I think you are smart to keep your kitties indoors!

My weekend is so far rather calm which I really love. Hopefully, while my boys are watching football, I can get into the studio to do a few things (I don't like the sound of sports on TV).

Hugs Suki!

Lynn said...

No rain in sight here...just sun and more sun. All is yellow green and purple out my window over my computer screen. Lush and pretty.
I slept long and hard...night before last was the dream of Henry V the cat sliding on seran wrap in the bathroom, then getting all wrapped up in it so he looked like a sausage with see through skin.
Then he was floating in the air without the wrap...funny dreams.
today I'll see if I can get my hearing aid fixed and do more sewing and creating on this latest art quilt of mine for SIL.
Our M (my MIL) will be 90 soon too.
and my aunt and uncle will be 90 in Jan. and May. Nice to know we can live a long, long time yet.
I hope I can still sew then or draw at least. ;-)
enjoy your yogaing.

My word verification is bedart. How about that?

Annie said...

Love the rain...I am getting ready to add a few things to my Esty shop and do some art! Finally after two weeks. Have a wonderful weekend.

Britt-Arnhild said...

It is raining cats and dogs here today. A perfect day for reading and quilting.....and a house full for the night's pizzas.

sukipoet said...

Soulbrush, that is big, isnt it? son moving out. Both wonderful to see him independent and grown up, and sad and interesting perhaps to go through this transition for all involved. I imagine Snuffles has something to say about it all.

Marianne, I have the same idea abt hunters, that they will shoot anything that moves. Oh, my computer is a laptop and for some reason I like it as opposed to a desktop. I dont know why. Lucky you in the sun. Enjoy.

Willow, sounds like a busy time renovating the room, the bat cave. But it'll be nice when done I imagine. Ah, rain in Ohio too.

Cris, glad to hear you are taking a break from all those leaves. Zounds. How nice to sit beside the fire. I have the pretend fire fueled by gas, but it looks like a fireplace so that makes it nice. Be well, suki

sukipoet said...

Kim, hope you made it into the studio. Man do I dislike sports on Tv. Actually, I do not watch tv at all. I do watch DVD's on the tv screen though. Kim it is challenging to be here w/mom. For example today she lay down in her room several times more than ususal. and at dinner all she ate was her salad, no potatoes, peas or turkey loaf. That is worrisome. My bro says when habits change it is an indicator.

Lynn, I guess you and Marianne have all the sunshine. Funny cat dream. Saran wrap. That's a lot of 90 year old's. My mom's mom lived to be 94 as did my other gram. Hope you got yr chores done so you could sew sew sew.

Annie, are you having rain there?? Glad you now see an opening toward making art again. Hope all went well.

Britt-Arnhild, rain way across the earth in Norway too. Have fun with the pizza crowd. Hope you got some good reading in and quilting too.


SUki,,,I think being a caregiver is so hard,,,sometimes it is just so hard to watch them having one of the 'not so good' days. My sister had both our parents with her for about 4 years. Very hard,,,I truly applaud you, (as I did her) We watched Mom have days like this,,,and then the next day she'd be bounced right back,,hungry, chipper.Every day is different. It must be hard to be that age also,,,Mom did a lot of pretending that she felt better than she really did,,,,so as not to worry us. God bless you both!


And I can't tolerate t.v. sports either.
Very little tv goes on here,,,we read.

Mary said...

i realized yesterday almost all the leaves have fallen and the landscape is a changed one. hope you had a nice visit.

the weekend is half over but i'm having a nice mix of work and relaxation. at this time of year there is no real day off for me but it's great to have orders so i'm not complaining.

sukipoet said...

Babs, it is hard being a caregiver. Wow, your sister is an angel with both parents there for so long. Yes, hard to tell if one meal not eaten means anything except she also did not eat breakfast the am. Hard to know what anything means, except that with someone so thin and frail two meals missed is a lot. For a hearty generally healthy person with the flu and not eating for even three days it is not a worrisome thing. But with MOm I tend to think it is a bit. You are right, each day is different and I just have to keep my eyes open. I think my mom also does a lot of pretending. When I ask how she is she says well I'm okay as long as I dont have to run a race.

Mary. a visit with my ex and son is always draining. Ex is also ill w/cancer and they both are so poor it is sad. I end up exhausted after a visit.

Glad you are busy in the way you like.