Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Putney Craft Tour

On Saturday I visited 6 artists studios on the craft tour. It took 3 hours (including lunch and a stop at the health food store) despite the fact that I "hurried" not wanting to leave Mom for longer than that. I had seen Maggie Lake's beautiful pressed botanicals last year and have longed for one since. I too press flowers, but I think her special vision comes through in the way she arranges them on the paper. These are ferns. I especially liked the frame too, most of her frames are plain wood.

I returned to this jewelry studio where I had purchased a ring last year. Very nice woman and lovely silver jewelry. I am partial to silver.

These earring by Susan Samitz are made of polymer clay. I had seen her work at the NH craftsman's fair this summer.

Margot Torrey, in Putney center, does lovely woodcuts. I bought reproductions in the form of cards and a calendar.

I took this shot of a "ruin" for M. Heart. I only took one shot as the home appeared both abandoned and lived in so I didn't want to intrude if someone still lived there. One upstairs window was a gaping hole. There were 4 wrecked cars in the yard. But also, this ceramic mask. (click to enlarge. Mask is leaning against the tree). Very odd.

This church served 7 different kinds of soup, corn bread and dessert. I ate my lunch here. As I did last year.

So many similar churches throughout Vermont and NH.

I wish to thank everyone who responded to my yesterday's post about Mom. So many good suggestions and ideas and warm caring. I will be making phone calls on Monday. Meanwhile, after I had a talk with Mom Saturday morning about the changes in her that I had observed, she has been sitting up in the chair more and even walked down the hall a few times to keep herself moving. So, that is good news. Also, moving around helps with her coloring, which seems more vibrant. And her spirits I should think.


~Babs said...

What a nice day you had.
I would be/am so fascinated by this old house. The mask is intriguing, and look at that collage? Montage? on the side of the house! Would definitely want to see that up close,,,(but of course wouldn't)
Makes me think someone very artsy lives (ed) there,,,,I'd want to know them.
Glad your Mom is up & about a little more, has to make you both feel better.

Annie said...

It sounds like your mom was giving up a bit and then after your talk she perked up her spirits. Perhaps it was just her attitude. I am glad she is better.
Glad you had a fun day, you bought a lot of nice stuff and supported some artists!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

So happy you were able to leave and go to this art tour...wonderful artists, wonderful earrings, wonderful postcards and lunch sounds warm and nourishing.I've done a little woodblock printing and I am in awe of such beautiful work. Good to be out in the world with new sights,conversations.
Also glad your mom has taken on a little more movement.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Looks like a nice day you had even if it wasnt long. You need to take care of YOU too.
Some nice things there.
Sometimes people stay in bed when depressed of feeling off. But making her aware of it was a good idea. They she can see what she is doing. Her getting up and about it good. Hope it keeps up but getting some professional advice would be good idea. Glad to hear you will be doing some tomorrow.
We are here for you to talk to about it. Makes you feel like you are not so alone in it all.

willow said...

Ooooh! Such wonderful woodcuts! I do have a "thing" for them! And I love, love your photo of the "ruin" with the random mask.

Didn't Rod McKuen do some stuff with Henry Mancini?

sukipoet said...

Babs, I would have taken more pictures as I said, but when I saw a table and chairs through one window I hestitated. I am sure they were interesting folks. Perhaps there was a fire in the upstairs? There was a few shreds of that yellow police tape tied to a fence. I too was intrigued by the ceramics on the wall by the door. Course, there are tons of eccentric folks like these in the hills up here. It does make me feel better to see Mom is up a bit and trying to take better care of herself.

Annie, I think it was a mix of both attitude and physical issues. I think she is scared when her heart feels strange pressures and pains. I think she thinks she is going to die. But that is all just projection on my part. maybe I have to accept that each day is different and one day she's more perky and the next looks close to death.

Blue Sky Dreaming, the woodblock person was elderly and had been woodblocking for many years. I thought her trees especially just incredible. When I had my first job in high school the first thing I bought was a wood carving set. Well, I tell you, I thought that was incredibly difficult and never pursued it further after my first few tries. But I too love woodcuts. It was good to chat with the artists and see their studios. Filled me with hope.

Cris, thanks a lot re: being there to listen whilst I talk about MOm. I really appreciate that but I dont talk often as i dont want to be always presenting difficult situations. I am sure mom is depressed with all her illnesses plus now the holiday season, her second without Dad. And also winter being here.

Willow, I love woodcuts too. Probably I should have bought one from this woman, who said she only opens shop this one time a year. They were all printed on rice paper. I know. I'd love to have that big mask for my garden. I don't know abt Rod McKuen and Henri Mancini. It's possible I guess. Be well, Suki

Lynn said...

Oh I do hope you bought yourself all these goodies. They are all especially wonderful. I love the framed ferns. Will they hold their color do you think? Just beautiful and beautifully framed as well.

the old house is interesting. An artist lived or lives there...look at the collage of masks on the OUTER WALL of the house!

Good that mom is up and moving a bit more. May she have many many more good days.

Kim said...

Suki, this is a wonderful tour and I am glad you were able to get out for a little Suki time. I am also partial to silver.

It is good to hear your mother is doing better today. I honestly cannot imagine how it is for you right now. Apparently it takes a bit of nudging from you from time to time to keep her going.

I hope things continue to go well and you can find a bit more time for yourself here and there.

katie jane said...

Like Babs, I too would love to see the tiles on the side of that old house. Very fascinating. And that huge mask! What's up with that, I wonder.

So glad you mom is doing better. I hope it lasts. Kind of reminds me of our dogs when they got old. If we started talking of putting them down, they perked up and got a new burst of energy, as if they knew. Not that you're talking of putting her down, of course! Glad you had a fun day out. You deserve it.

Teri C said...

Sounds like a great day for great finds.

I love old houses like that also.

Glad to hear Mom is doing a bit better.

patti said...

Very odd and intriguing house. The story surrounding it would be interesting to know. Maybe you need to pose as a journalist :) Well, you do publish a blog!

soulbrush said...

i really like that white church, so different to anything we have here. isn't it amazing how we can 'push a button' and get others to react. obviously you said the right thing to mom, but you should still go ahead and research all your options.

Mim said...

Glad to hear about your mom, and glad you managed to get away for a afternoon in Vt. Must have been COLD up there. That abandoned house is great fodder for thought - I'm still working on the little story about your abandoned house, some will be ready for prime time soon.

Jude said...

What a lovely tour and lunch, thank you.
Please keep talking about your mum, I know we can only listen but I hope writing eases the pain.

Natalya said...

glad your mom is doing better.. what a lovely day. i just came back from Vermont and did a tour of a craft fair too..

m. heart said...

how i love putney. and it is very ironic that you took that photo with me in mind because i know exactly where that is! it used to be a wonderful general store of some sort, and when j and i were in putney this summer i saw that it had burned. and i desperately wanted to stop and look at/photograph the ceramic collage on the side of the building but we were running late. i've been thinking about taking a road trip up there by myself ever since then. thank you for reminding me of it.

human being said...

what a rewarding tour... thanks for taking us with you...
i especially love the cards... they're awesome.