Friday, October 03, 2008

Big Draw day #3

Pencil. Self portrait from memory. Humph, look sort of grim I think.


Karen said...

What a great idea!

Do you look grim? I can't imagine you do.

Kim said...

Suki, I love YOU! This is a wonderful drawing...and I don't think you look grim! No, I think you are very contemplative and have captured that in this drawing!

Hey! You have changed the twinkle toes heading photo. I was really loving your toes in the sand, but this tree is also very beautiful!

Thank You, Suki!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

NO you dont look grim. Determined maybe. :)
I too love the new header picture of the Tree.. wonderful colors.

BelleEnchanted said...

What a wonderful idea, doing a self-portrait from memory. I don't think you look grim - more contemplative, like Kim said above!

sukipoet said...

Hi Karen. Maybe my lips just look funny to m e.

Kim, thanks for your enthusiasm. I like contemplative better than grim. I loved the toes too but it seems sort of summery.

Hi Cris. Well, determined is good too. I am that. Isnt autumn lovely.

thanks belle enchanted. and welcome.

Rowena said...

Self portraits are the hardest thing. I used to do a self portrait every year on my birthday, but i dropped that habit somewhere.

Maybe I should try some self portrait action soon.

Lynn said...

another brave endeavor to draw oneself.
Well done me thinks.

I miss your feet in the sand, however the fall leaves are awesome to behold.

soulbrush said...

this doesn't look at all like you, but a great illo.
oh and i just adore that autumnal header!!!

sukipoet said...

Lynn I liked those feets too.

Soulbrush, I guess to me a portrait doesnt have to look so much like the persons visage, but more their inner self so I never worry abt making them look exactly like the person.