Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big Draw Day 15

I took a picture of my hands holding a camera so I could see how the hands went for my angel painting, which I'm still working on.

Micron Pen. Then, looking at the photo, I tried to capture the hands. Why is it so hard?

Pencil Notice that I have put that pinky finger down instead of raised as it is in the photo and I think it makes it easier to draw.
Charcoal. Sensing drawing.


willow said...

Fun! I really like the micron pen drawing.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Very good. you took it to all extremes. I think hands and fingers are hard to draw because they arent something structured. they are all different in size and shapes & wrinkles & take form with lights and darks. If that makes sense.

Annie said...

You have very nice hands :-). Hands are hard to draw, for everyone. Don't give up.

Lynn said...

I admire how you explore your art and drawing Suki. I think you captured hands well in many of these. Love all your pretty rings too! ;-)

Teri C said...

You are doing a wonderful job on these exercises and I am so happy you are sharing them with us....we can always learn something. And I know how difficult hands can be.


I'm always in awe when I see hands beautifully painted or drawn,,as has been said, they're not easy. You're very brave,,,I've given up on them. Probably one of the reasons I am so drawn to the abstract,,,you can draw the IDEA of hands,leave the viewer to fill in the blanks, so to speak.

Cestandrea said...

Suki, I agree, you have beautiful hands, and the rings look so nice on them. OH hands, they are a real challenge, don't give up and I like the charcoal study a lot ... I remember an exercise in Betty Edward's book, where you close one eye while drawing the hand, someone here did this last week for the big draw but I don't remember who, and it was well proportioned. perhaps it's worth reading this chapter again...
I'm struggling with hands too at the moment, for the drawing of a girl for a book, and can't get the proportions right, but heck, we will not give up, no:)


Kim said...

I agree with everyone else...hands are brutal. The best hands I ever drew were from a picture...and I turned the picture upside down so I only followed the lines and not the image. I think it was the only way I got through it!

I love how you are exploring and experimenting with this photograph, too. I think you are really getting this hands things least it looks like that from where I sit. You have some super techniques going...I better be careful visiting this blog you will have me doing all kinds of things, Suki!

Thanks...and I can't wait to see those hands on the painting!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Suki, Your two charcoal pieces are wonderful...really capture the weight of the camera. Will you be matting your favorites?
Mary Ann

sukipoet said...

Thanks Willow.

Cris,I think you are right. Hands are not sturctured although there are underlying shapes. I think the problem here is that I cant really use my own hands as they would be turned away from me, In other words when I myself hold the camera I am looking at the back of the camera and the back of my hands.

Annie, well ulitmately I need to paint the hands which is so different from drawing them actually. Painting has mass incorporated in the medium I think.

Thanks Lynn.

Teri I have no shame. I'll share anything!

Babs, I think it might be harder to draw hands than to paint them in the way you are saying. An impression and let the viewer fill in. Still, I just want to get the general shape and feel of the hands holding the camera.

sukipoet said...

Andrea thanks for your encouragement. I will continue on and in fact was working on the hands in the actual painting this afternoon.

KIm, I did work on the painted hands today and found my drawings a help. But then I thought, why not just look at the original photo on my computer whilst painting. I may do that tomorrow. It is hard to be my own model.

Mary ann, these drawings are all just experiments and practice and unless someone wants one (Annie mentioned she'd like one) they will just stay in my notebook.

marianne said...

Nice to see these studies!
hands are difficult, I always avoid them.....
Love the picture you took of your hands, gave my a glimps again of your beautiful rings. You have beautiful hands, they look young and I like nails short like that, I have the same short nails.
have a nice day!

soulbrush said...

i don't know what to say...i bow down to you in awe...and your hands are lovely, and your header is great...respect oh great one.

sukipoet said...

Marianne, my nails have been short ever since I was in high school and took piano lessons. One must have short nails for piano. Not that i can play a note now. I am glad some part of me looks young. The rest....not so good. :)

soulbrush you are sooo funny. If you do bow down to me in awe you would be the first!!!!! And I return the bow to you, oh brave woman.