Tuesday, October 14, 2008

big draw day 14

micron pen branch with pine cones
charcoal sensing drawing
charcoal first drawing after "sensing" drawing


Cestandrea said...

Suki, these are very interesting, I love the different intensities of the hues of the last one, and the way you painted tuffs of leafes!

Teri C said...

That last drawing is really wonderful.
Happy Big Draw!

Lynn said...

The third drawing has a Japanese feel to it to me Suki. Really nice this one.


The third is a terrific finish.
Love the imaginative way you've used the charcoal, Suki,,, On end,,on edge, and flat.
This drawing is frame-worthy!

Kim said...

Suki, I love these. I know I have spoken of your wonderful line drawings, however it seems as though you are moving around a bit and some contour work is springing forth. I am really drawn to all of them, because they all bring something special to the whole. Maybe I am not seeing them as they are intended or as other people are seeing them...they all have such a beautiful quality.

You have a beautiful way with both ink and charcoal!

By-the-way, I have not said how much I love your new header photo! It is exceptional and so very New England! When I see it, I want you to tell me a story... :)

Mary Richmond said...

love, love, love the last one--so simple and asian in feeling. very nice!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I couldnt see the last drawing. So had to enlarge it and then it came up. Oh I like that one too. It is asian looking. You are really having fun with this method of drawing.

sukipoet said...

Thanks Andrea. It is still surprising that the third time of drawing seems to elicit something with more passion or soul.

Teri Thanks.

Lynn, I thought so too. I did once take Chinese brush painting which was agony and also using brush and ink but I am sure some of that movement flow translates to soft charcoal.

Babs, you are too kind. Frameworthy! Yes, I consciously turned the charcoal (a rounded stick)this way and that and tore it up into smaller pieces too so I could maneuver it better.

KIm, I think you are right. That lovely white house amongst the trees and near the pond seems to hold a story within it. Hmmm.... Thanks re; the drawings. I too much like them all, the first I think line drawing is a favorite of mine. The second this new "sensing" sort of drawing just keeps surprising me to do this sensing thing. And the third I dont even know how i did it, a sort of combo of the first two maybe.

thanks Mary.

Cris, I think I am learning new things about myself doing these drawings.

Elizabeth said...

Love your drawings, these and the onions. Also the tour of your new indoor studio. Thank you!

totally awesome view in the banner photo... do people really have such locations in live in?
Jealously yours, E ;-)

willow said...

Don't you love the texture of charcoal drawing? It's been ages since I've used it, but always enjoyed it. Nice...especially the last one!

fiorobbo said...

Lovely marks, I especially like the last one.

mermaid said...

Delicate, yet lasting is what strikes me most of those leaves on their branches.

Anonymous said...

oooo, I love that third drawing - it captures the branches so very will with so little - excellant!

sukipoet said...

Thanks elizabeth, I cant help but think your neck of the world is beautiful also.

thanks, Willow. I do love charcoal. It hides a lot of mistakes. :)

thanks fiorobo

Mermaid thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.

difference, thanks for your comment

Karen Mowrey said...

I am jumping all over the place here looking at your line/closed/sensing/etc and it is a really neat concept. I have to wrap crow up soon...more of the big doodle story then the big draw. Want to try some fun drawing exercises as well

sukipoet said...

karen somehow it has helped me with doing a drawing a day to have an experiment (as Siegel calls them) to pursue.

Rowena said...

Lovely. I love the way the first two exercises come together into the last one, which as everyone agrees, is amazing.

What is this "sensing" technigque that you are talking about?

Anonymous said...

The last one is very Asian in appearance, reminds me of Japanese prints.