Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Such bounty

Such bounty I have received from the garden of my blogland friends. I thank all of you for your kind and thoughtful words and shared stories as I and my family traveled the week of N.'s last days and death. The garden of friends has been planted, the heartvesting begun. The fruits of it all will provide nourishment and sustenance throughout the long cold winter to come.

Please accept my small thanks, this rich red heartful tomato, to be divided like the loaves and fishes amongst all of you. The seeds to plant for next year's crop. Namaste, Suki


Quiche said...

What a fabulous tomato! Stopped by to wish you Infinite Blessings and Namaste!

Annie said...

Love you Suki, you are such a wonderful spirit.


What a beautiful post, Suki.

The comparison of the loaves & fishes is priceless!
Thank you so much for this wonderful scarlett gift, straight from your heart. This bounty you speak of must be the reason God created blogging. (He did,,,I'm almost certain of it) Smile,,,,

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Suki, You have crossed my mind so many times this week. I hope you will be able to get that massage and or get into the studio. My best thoughts.
Mary Ann

sukipoet said...

Quiche, thank you for the blessings and wishes. I'll have even more tomatoes if the sun will shine for a few days, as it is supposed to.

Annie, thank you and you too. I wish you a wonderful, relaxed and creative weekend.

Babs, thank you. You make me laugh, god created blogging. Well, he/she probably is keeping up with the newest in computers and software right? ;)

Marianne, thank you. Yesterday I puttered with some of the "art money" which felt good, not too challenging, just playing. And the next few days are to be sunny and warm, two things that go a long way to help me heal. Still have to make that massage appointment though. Blessings, suki

sukipoet said...

oops sorry for spelling your name wrong Mary Ann

Lynn said...

Dear Suki,
You reap what you sow. And as you have planted many seeds in this particular garden and grown many good friends, it is now definitely the time to harvest and enjoy the benefits of having done so. You are well liked and loved and respected and cared about. When we suffer loss we need to call upon our garden of friends to support us. It is what you deserve. Nothing less than the beauty of the red ripe tomato made into a lovely soup of friends to hug and warm and support you.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wow.. great post. Everyone said what I feel too so ditto on it all. I hope you do get that massage and get some sunshine back in your lives now. I hope your Brother comes to terms with his loss in time. I know it took my Dad a while to do so when my Mom died. I think I grieved for my Mom and my Dad at the same time so it took me awhile to get thru it.
Our tomatoes are NOT doing well all over our whole area. and here your getting all that rain and no sunshine & look at yours. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Bab's comment made me chuckle. God's network is totally wireless. He/She is way ahead of our technology.

I'm envisioning all the tomato/garden imagery of this post and comments.

Kim said...

That is one beautiful, beautiful tomato placed in some very lovely and capable hands!

My friend, you are an amazing writer!

Hugs to you....

sukipoet said...

Lynn, thank you so much. I love your carrying the metaphor even further into a soup of friends. !! I am blessed.

Cris lots of rain but now two days of sun and more to come. Usually if the tomatoes arent ripe by September 1 I figure they are a loss. But that's on the Cape where suddenly it turns cold in Sept.

Cris thanks for sharing both your dad's grieving pattern and your own.
The grieving process goes differently for different folks. I think Mom was quite depressed really with the fact of Dad's death when I moved up here (she had lived alone for a year at that point), but she seems a little chirpier now. Still she is someone who won't "admit" to her emotions. My brother doesnt talk a lot about his feelings, but he obviously mourned during this week. My feeling is it will take him awhile to work through his sorrow.

Chewy, Babs is such a cut up sometimes. so clever. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have some tomatoes too.

Thank you Kim. It felt so good to hold that tomato in my hands too. So lush and rich with juices and tomatoness. It just fit in there, between my hands. Be well, Suki

mermaid said...

It's a heart with many possibilities.

soulbrush said...

this post made me well up thinking of your sil, sigh.
we lost 12 people in our family in the 4 years from 1980-1984, and this makes me remember it all.
anyway... we planted tomatoes this year and they rae all still green, mind you what can one expect in england when the sunshine is rare?

sukipoet said...

Mermaid, a heart with many possibilities. I like that. It speaks of hope for the future. Namaste, Suki

Soulbrush, I'm sorry you went through so many deaths in such a short time. That must have been overwhelming. I have had a number of friends die in the past ten years plus my dad and I agree with you that another's death brings to mind all those previous deaths one has experienced. As the daughter of a pathologist who dealt with death in part, I have always been aware of death dancing on my shoulder so to speak. The Buddhists contemplate their own death as a meditative practice. But none of that prepares a person for the actual event of having a loved one die.

I think the fact that you still plant the tomatoes despite the London rains speaks to your optimism. How is your son doing?? Blessings, Suki

marianne said...

Thanks for this tomatoe Suki!
Beautiful symbolism!
I have tried to answer twice but both my comments disappeared.....lost in cyber space.
My funeral was beautiful, first a ceremony in (also) the Catholic church which was beautiful (exept the speech of the pastor, which was too long .....)but the words his wife, sister and daughter spoke were very moving!
When we went to the graveyard it was raining and when we left him there the sun came through. (that is what my poem was about with the sunflower) .
Good to read your farewell of SIL was a good and worthy one.
Love >M<

sukipoet said...

Marianne, oh it sounds like a lovely ceremony too for your friend. With the sun coming at the end. Thank you for sharing. Be well, Suki

human being said...

what a beautiful and poetic analogy, Suki... i should say you are a good gardener and all your friends thrive in your presence... like this juicy tomato... namaste!

thanks a lot for your offering...

sukipoet said...

Hello Human Being. Thank you for your good words. Enjoy your tomato.